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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana tries to lift kailash.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dashanand Ravan saying mahadev give me a promise you will fulfill my wish. Mahadev says I promise you ravana, I will fulfill your wish as you are my param bhakt. Mahadev says what do you want
? ravana says mahadev, suddenly ravana looks at mata parvati and he sees her immense beauty and divya tej, Ravana says such immense beauty, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe. Mahadev says what do you want ravana? Ask for it. dashanand says mahadev, as a boon from you I want her. Mahadev and parvati are shocked. Parvati says what? Ravana says you cannot deny now, you promised me mahadev. Ravana says I want to take mata parvati to lanka with me. mahadev is shocked, but he is forced and he says okay dashanand as you wish.
Ganesh says how could father let you

go? why did he agree to this wish? Parvati says sons, mahadev was sad too but for him his disciples come before everything and mahadev knew that he and I are one! We are one form of ardh nareshwar, so nothing could separate us. Parvati says ravana failed to understand that I am mata adishakti, and so I am his mother too and the mother of all universe.
Ravana there says devi, come with me now in my pushpak viman to lanka. Parvati goes with ravana sad, she comes to his flying chariot pushpak viman. Ravana says devi, come in my chariot. parvati says I had to protect myself now because mahadev had done his duty by fulfilling his dharma towards his disciple. Parvati says to dashanand, no ravana I cannot come on this pushpak viman! I wish to walk to lanka from the west direction so that I can see the beauty of nature. Ravana says okay devi, as you wish. Ravana sends his pushpak viman and he walks with parvati. As they come in a beautiful forest. Parvati looks at a frog and thinks this demon did a sin as he thought of beauty and asked for his wish, I will teach him a lesson and also save myself. Parvati uses her power on the frog and it is turned into a beautiful woman who starts playing veena and praying to mahadev. Ravana hears the prayer and says who is singing so beautiful to my prabhu mahadev? Ravana turns back to see but parvati says we should go now, you can call pushpak viman too so that we reach quickly to lanka. Ravana thinks why this change of mind? There must be some secret behind it.
Ravana walks towards the beautiful voice of the woman. Ravana sees the woman and he says who are you? so beautiful, singing a prayer to my prabhu with her sweet voice, who are you lady? Parvati says who cares? She isn’t parvati, I am and you wanted to take me to lanka. Ravana thinks why did she say before the lady told her name? maybe she is not parvati, she planned this all and this beautiful woman is parvati because no one has such beauty as parvati has. Ravana says who are you? the woman says my name is Mandodari. Ravana says mahadev has cheated with me, that is why he let you come with me so easily but I shall take mandodari with me because she is the real devi parvati. Ravana says devi mandodari, I ask you to come with me to lanka and marry me, you shall be the queen of lanka by my side. Mandodari says I look at you the same way you look at me, I shall accept you and marry you. parvati says what will I do then? Mahadev gave me to you as a boon. Ravana says no, he cheated with me and you are not parvati but she is, so go back to prabhu. Ravana goes with mandodari. Parvati says ravana, you shall die because of this in this life, you will be killed because of your obsession with beauty and your entire vansh shall be destroyed.
Ravana reaches lanka with mandodari and says see mata whom I brought with me. ravana’s mother comes and says my swami, my mahadev has come. She then sees ravana married with a woman and says where is mahadev? Who is she? Ravana says she is something better, she is devi parvati. Mother falls at her legs and says mata parvati, trilok swamini I do pranam. mandodari says no, I am not parvati or trilok swamini, I am just a normal woman. Ravana says what? Don’t lie. Mandodari says no I am not lying, I am the daughter of mayasura and was cursed to be a frog, but mata parvati freed from the curse today and then you married me. mother says you are a fool ravana, who will say you are so knowledgeable and the master of so many powers and mystic arts and weapons. Ravana gets angry and says I will go now and bring mahadev this time otherwise I wont come back here.
Parvati says so now ravana has come again to take mahadev. Ravana comes and starts lifting the entire Kailash, he says mahadev today I will take you with me to Kailash and I wont be fooled this time. Kartikeya says mother, this demon has to be stopped and I shall go and stop him. parvati says no kartikeya, ravana is a disciple of mahadev and we cannot come in between and god and his disciple. Mahadev will himself teach ravana a lesson. Kailash tremors as ravana tries to lift Kailash. Laxmi says this evil demon is trying to lift Kailash. Saraswati says if he succeeds in lifting Kailash and taking to lanka, he will become victorious and immortal, even lord vishnu’s Ram avatar wont be able to do anything and his purpose will be a fail.
Ravana tries to lift Kailash and the ground cracks, he says har har mahadev. Ravana lifts Kailash and says I have succeeded, I will take Kailash to lanka. A boulder falls on lanka and Kailash is back on ground. Ravana tries again as mahadev is still meditating. As ravana tries lifting Kailash, mahadev opens his eyes in anger. Mahadev gets immensely angry.

Precap: mahadev says dashanand, ask whatever you want from me. ravana says I want your aatma ling prabhu. Mahadev says okay, I shall give you my aatma ling. Ganesh says if ravana takes the aatma ling of mahadev, there will be a huge problem. Adishakti takes her form and says ravana doesn’t know I can destroy him as he has crossed all limits of a disciple.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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