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Udaan 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor leaves Sameer’s house

Udaan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjor dragging Chakor out of the house. Sameer comes there and holds Chakor. He looks on shocked. Chakor cries. They come home. Sameer asks how can they blame you for murder, rich people have black hearts, I knew they will do something wrong with you, I m sure that Anjor is trapping you. Chakor thinks of Anjor’s words. Jaya thinks how will we manage house if Chakor loses the job. She says Chakor is helpless, Anjy is doing this, how can a daughter do this with a mum, its better to stay childless. Sameer and Manoj get shocked. Sameer asks whose daughter. Chakor worries.

Anjor ruins her room in anger. She cries and apologizes to Jatin and Poonam. They console Anjor. Anjor says Chakor has done magic on Sameer and his family, I will go and tell them her truth. She leaves. Sameer

asks Chakor what’s happening. Jaya says Anjor is Chakor’s daughter, she broke your heart first and now she wants to ruin Chakor’s life by blaming her. Sameer asks how can Anjor do this. Chakor says she didn’t do anything, you came here to find Anjy, does Anjy know that you are her mum. Jaya says yes, when she saw Chakor first, she knew it.

Sameer says he did wrong, I will talk to Anjy. Chakor asks Sameer to stop. Anjor says Chakor shouldn’t be in anyone’s life. Chakor rushes to stop Sameer and tells him that Anjor hates her, that’s why she is doing this. Anjor comes to meet Sameer and scolds Jaya. Jaya scolds her for not trusting her real mother. She says Chakor has done a lot to find you, she faced many difficulties. Anjor says you will face difficulties if you didn’t stop favoring her, will you support her knowing she was in jail for ten years for a murder. Chakor says Anjor thinks I m a murderer. She tells her past to Sameer.

Sameer says I will talk to Anjor. Chakor says no, stop for my sake, she hates me, she has everything, she doesn’t need even a mother. Jatin apologizes to Poonam. He asks why are you tensed now, Chakor is gone. She says Anjor is still after Sameer. Jatin says she is my daughter, she won’t do anything wrong. He says we can’t let her break down, don’t fire Sameer from job, we have to make him away from her life. He asks her not to worry. She says I trust you. He goes.

Sameer asks Chakor to take care. She says you took take care. He leaves. Jaya apologizes to Chakor. She says we wanted to help you and gave you a place in our house, without thinking your past, now we know your truth, we don’t want to be related to you, you lied to us. Chakor says I didn’t get time to share my past, I have spent punishment in jail for ten years, I didn’t commit any crime, there is no point in explaining this, you have done many favors on me, thanks.

Sameer comes to Jatin and gives his resignation letter. Jatin says stop, you have signed the agreement, you have to give one month notice before leaving the job, you can give ten lakhs and enjoy, its better you work, I don’t like your face, I m sending you away, work hard for a month, its a secret work, no one should know about it, you will become a star if you do this work well, I hope you work sincerely. Sameer leaves. Jatin says good boy Sameer, those people hate media, you won’t come back alive, all the best. Sameer reaches Aazaadgunj. He looks on.

Chakor asks can we find Sameer’s location. Prakash says he is in Aazaadgunj. She gets shocked and scolds Jatin. Anjor worries for Sameer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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