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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 38

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‘Happyday sanskruti’

All says at once in sanskruti’s room.

Sans: thanku mom, thanku papa.

Sanskar goes to her kisses her forehead.

San: god bless u dear. May all ur dreams come true.

Sans: thanku papa. And where’s my gift?

Sank: Di, there’s a surprise party in the evng.

Nit: sanket. U spoiled surprise.

Sank: making faces. Wat I did mom. I just told.

San smilingly: it’s ok. Don’t worry. After party my sweety Wil get her gift.

Sans: love u papa.

San: love u too. Get ready now. We will go to temple first. Then we will buy new dress and evng party. Sanket, u also get ready.

Sank: ok papa.

Nitya and sanskar come to hall.

Nit: don’t think much sanskar. I’ll do all arrangements. U go and get fresh.

San: ok. Milan will help u.

Just then Milan comes.

Mil: of course sir, I’ll do arrangements for my little princess. And sis…

He stopped. Nitya looks on.

Mil: ma’am. Tel me if something needed.

Nit: thanku bhaiya.

He left from there. Sanskar also goes to get fresh.


All reached temple.

San: pandit ji. Today my daughter’s birthday. So do pooja on her name.

Pan: ok. Wats the name?

San: sanskruti.

Other side a lady in temple to pandit ji.

Lady: sanskruti and satwik.

Both side pooja done. Sanskar left for mall with all.

Other side

Pan: whenever u do pooja u’ll do with two names. But I always saw u with ur son only. I always ask this question but u never answered me Ragini.

That lady is Ragini.

Rag: she’s my daughter pandit ji. But she’s not living with me now. Both r twins.

Tear escaped from her eye.

Pan: stop beta. I don’t want any answer which makes u cry. Today’s Thier bday. Be happy with him.

Ragini sees satwik playing out of temple. She calls him. Both take blessings and left to home

Ragini enters home with satwik. Satwik runs to lady for giving prasad.

Sat: naani (sharda from swabhiman). Take this prasad.

Shar: thanku. happy birthday my golu.

Sat: thanku naani. I’ll go to my friends and I’ll invite them for evng party.

He runs out without listening both.

Shar: he’s so happy today. I pray God to keep both of u happy always.

Ragini goes to her and places her head on sharda’s lap.

Rag: thanku so much maa.

Shar: for wat?

Rag: whatever u did for us. No one can do this much to any unknown.

Shar: get up. (Fake anger) unknown rite. Then don’t talk to me. Behave like stranger with me.

Rag: sry maa. But m really very thankful to u.

Shar: I don’t have any child and u don’t have mother. God made us to meet so that u can get mother love and myself both daughter and grandson love. M thinking to record this sentence. Coz whenever u get emotional u’ll repeat same lines and as answer I’ll also tell same lines. M tired of this. So I’ll record it and whenever u repeat I’ll on the recording.

Ragini smiles and hugs her.

Rag: my lovely maa.


@maheshwari mansion

Everything is decorated beautifully. All children and guests arrived. Sanskar makes sanskruti ready with her dress.

Nit: all r waiting for bday girl. Come soon both of u.

they celebrated bday. All had much fun and played games. Both kids enjoyed. Nitya also joins them. She drags sanskar to join them. First he denied but after seeing sanskruti he joined.

Other side Ragini also celebrated satwik’s bday. Not much grandly. In simple way. Satwik was happy with that.



Sanskar goes to backyard garden and sits on a bench. He looks at moon which was shining brightly.

San: Ragini, y did u leave me.? U know today’s our kids bday. Sanskruti is very happy. I wish I cud have celebrate satwik’s bday also with u. But it’s my bad luck that I lost u both.


San to police: pls search her everywhere. She must be somewhere here only.

Pol: sir we searched everywhere. But we didn’t get anything.

San: pls officer. For my sake pls search once again.

Police agreed.

After two days.

Pol: sir we searched everywhere. We used every possible way to find. But nothing we got. U shud accept the truth that they are no more.

San shouts: stop it.

Laksh comes and hugs sanskar.

Lak: calm down. They’re no more sanskar.

San: laksh? U also?

Lak: it’s truth only. U have to accept it.

Doctor comes that time. He tell that sanskruti got conscious.

San: sanskruti. Get up. See ur papa is here.

Sans slowly sits and looks continuously sanskar.

San: r u alright?

She didn’t answer.

San: doctor wat happened to her? Y she’s not talking?

Doc: let her take rest. U come to my cabin.

Sanlak goes to cabin.

Doc: Mr sanskar. In accident she got injured and get hit on her head. So she lost her memory. Not fully but she needs time to gain her memory back. Till that don’t give her stress to remember anything. As time passed she’ll get her memory back. Now whatever u’ll Tel that’s only truth for her.

Sanlak get shocked. They go to sanskruti.

San: beta. Ur name is sanskruti. M ur papa.

Sans: papa? Where’s is mumma then?

San got ready eyed and abt to say something but laksh interrupts.

Lak: she had gone out of India. She’ll come soon.

Sans: ok. Papa. Let’s go home. I don’t like to be here.

San: ok dear.

Sanlak come out of her room.

San: y did u lie?

Lak: now she’s very sensitive. She shud not get any shocking news. Let her be like this. When rite time comes, we will tell her.

Sanskar stood silent.

Lak: u erase everything related to Ragini and satwik. She shud not know anything or else she’ll ask questions and her mind gets stress.

San: wat r u saying? They’re my life.

Lak: but now u have to think abt sanskruti also.

FB ends.

San: she dint even know that her mother name is Ragini. She considers nitya as her mother. She doesn’t know that she had a brother called satwik. I kept all ur memories in a room where only I go. I cudnt erase ur memories. U r alive in me. U r hearing me na RAGINI.

Otherside Ragini looks at moon. She felt like someone called her.

Sat: mom wat r u doing? Always looking at moon. It’s late. Come let’s sleep. U have to tell me story. Naani already slept. Come now.

Rag: how much do u talk.? Coming. I’ll keep these things inside u go till then.

Sat: come fast. Lazy mom.

Rag: satwik.

She smiles at his words and again looks at moon.

Hope u liked it.

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