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Sitara 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Ma saves Viraj from Surili

Sitara 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sitara is looking for Diya. She hears her voice again and also notices a shadow. What’s happening? She hears Diya’s laughter again. Diya is in a storeroom. She opens a trunk. Sitara enters in the storeroom following her voice and finds her locked in a trunk. She picks Diya in her arms. Who locked her here? She calms down Diya.

Surili is keeping an eye on Viraj.

Sitara again feels dizzy. She stops outside Vrinda’s door and hears them talking about Viraj. Sitara gets curious as to where Surili is. I can only hear her voice. Surili tells Vrinda she is ready for her next move. Sitara wonders what they are up to now. She recalls Rani Sa telling Viraj to take Surili with him.

Surili takes Sitara’s avatar.

Sitara asks Rani Sa about the temple where Viraj has gone to. Rani Sa

keeps quiet. Sitara requests her to tell her. Rani Sa taunts her for not giving birth to her own baby but taking care of someone else’s baby.

Surili pats at Viraj’s shoulder surprising him. She tells him she was missing him very much so she came here. I know I have hurt you a lot. Please forgive me. I thought a lot about what you said. She hugs him. I am ready. Our family needs us right now. He tells her they will talk about this at home. She tells him she will be with him tonight.

Sitara tells Rani Sa Viraj’s life is in danger. Tell me where he is. I beg you. Rani Sa tells her Viraj is in no danger till the time he is away from you! I don’t doubt it even for a second!

Sitara is trying Viraj’s number but is unable to reach him. He is in a very big danger. Rani Ma is not telling me about that temple. No one apart from her knows about it. She turns to Devi Ma. Now only you can help me. You have been my support in my every decision and have helped me in every problem. Please help me save Viraj. He will die if Surili Massi tries to form a relation with him tonight. I cannot go there but you are everywhere. Help me Ma. Bring my husband home safely.

Surili turns into Sitara once again. The room is decorated with candles and rose petals. She hugs him from behind. How did you like the decor? He says it is nice. How did you come here though? You said Ma wont like it. She tells him she isn’t interested in all this tonight. I want to make this night very special for both of us. She moves closer to him.

Sitara is ringing the bell in temple.

Viraj suggests sleeping as they have to go in aarti at 4 am. She tells him to forget all that. We have more important things than that. He reasons that they have come here for the sake of their family. I want us to come close too but I want peace in our house first of all. Surili nods.

Sitara rings the bell nonstop.

Surili blindfolds Viraj. She comes in her real avatar. Viraj tries telling her against it but she leans closer to him.

Sitara’s hand is dripping blood by now. It falls right on the thaal filled with vermilion.

Surili opens her mouth and is about to bite Viraj when there is a knock on the door. She turns into Sitara once again. Viraj sits up in confusion. Surili tells him the person will go away but he is sure it is something important. A lady asks Viraj to save her from the goons. She enters inside the room. Viraj looks outside but there is no one. The lady requests them to let her stay here tonight. Surili denies. We don’t even know you. How can we let a stranger stay here? The lady can see Surili’s real avatar. Viraj is surprised by her reaction. You help everyone. How did you say no today? He tells the lady to stay here tonight. Nothing will happen to you.

Vrinda looks on at Sitara.

Viraj sends Surili to bring water for the lady. Surili decides to send that woman away asap. She heads inside. The lady tells Viraj what you see with eyes is not necessarily true. Learn to see with your heart.

Vrinda tells Sitara that no one can save Viraj today but Sitara has faith on Devi Ma. Nothing can happen to him till the time Devi Ma is with us. Vrinda says your Viraj is with my sister right now. She is eager to make him her own and has taken your avatar. How will your Viraj hold himself back? Sitara touches her mangalsutra. I trust my husband and our relation. Anyone can take my avatar but they cannot take my soul. Viraj can see the difference between right and wrong as Devi Ma wont let anything go wrong.

Surili gives water to the woman. There is another knock on the door. Viraj is surprised to see Inspector. Surili has called him here to file a report for the lady. Till when will she stay with us? Police will catch the goons and take the lady home safely. Viraj nods. He tells the lady not to worry. The lady tells Surili that the one who has God’s support cannot be harmed. Remember this very well. She leaves with the Inspector. Surili notices her footprints on the floor and realises it was no ordinary woman. It was Devi Ma’s avatar.

Arjun comes to his room and finds it decorated with candles. He recalls Yamini’s words and is panicked. Albeli closes the door from inside and makes him face her. She falls on top of him. He tells her she is mistaken. I have no interest in you. I only respect you. Forget the deal that my foolish wife has made with you. Forget it as nothing like that will happen. She tells him he looks very cute when he is angry. The atmosphere is set. Please let me come closer to you. We will live this moment together. He tries getting up but she does not let him go. I wont give you a chance to complain. He agrees to do whatever she wants. Can you bring me a glass of water? She agrees. Lights go off. Arjun goes out of the room as Albeli pours water for him.

Next morning, Sitara is still trying Viraj’s number but in vain. She comforts Diya as she starts crying. She prays that Viraj comes home soon. I cannot wait anymore. A servant informs her that Viraj is here. Sitara runs outside telling her to take care of Diya.

Viraj is hurt. Sitara feeds him water. Are you alright? What happened? He speaks of the farmhouse. I was fine when you left farmhouse but my health worsened when I reached temple. She wonders if Surili took advantage of him last night. She asks Viraj if anything happened between them last night. He gets dizzy. She takes him inside and asks him if something happened between them last night. He says you ask as if you weren’t there. How come you don’t remember? Sitara says I want to hear it from you. He gives in. Once the woman left, it was time for aarti. You wanted to be home before Ma wakes up and left. Nothing happened! Sitara thanks Devi Ma. Viraj asks her why she is behaving so strange. She denies. How did you fell ill? He says it might be heatstroke. I am not used to it. Diya starts crying. Viraj picks her instead and Sitara goes to bring milk for her. He holds Diya’s hand. The powers inside Diya hit him hard. He passes out on the floor.

Vrinda reprimands her sisters for losing another golden chance. Albeli and Surili tell her how their plan got foiled at the last minute. Sitara says you could have closed the door if you wanted to hold a discussion in your real avatar. What if someone saw you this way? She closes the door from inside. You dint succeed once again in your plan. Try well next time. Have halwa. Sweet gives mental satisfaction and reduces the pain. Your daughter has made it with love. Vrinda agrees to taste it. Sitara keeps it on her palm but it burns Vrinda’s palm. You have a strange style of showing your love. Sitara replies that she can do this much for her if she can surely show her love to her in her style. Albeli wonders how halwa can harm Didi. Surili says it can happen only when. Sitara shares it is Devi Ma’s Prasad. You challenged her last night. You may sway from your words but I wont. I will face everything head on. This was just the effect of her Prasad. What if she comes to save me herself? It is your Rajya-abhishek today. This is my gift to you today. This will remind you always to return asap or my Devi Ma can even destroy your existence! Vishkanya’s glare at her as she leaves.

Precap: Vrinda shows her right on the royal room. The sooner you clear it the better! Viraj refuses but Vrinda tells him they have no other option but to comply. He breaks a vase angrily. Ma wont give her room! He passes out right then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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