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Shakti 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chaddha tries to mislead the court

Shakti 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaddha asking Rajat if he went to Kinnar’s house. Rajat says yes. Chaddha shows the photos and tells that he went to kinnars’ house, and gets pic clicked on their saying, but look at the pics clearly. He says Rajat was hesitant to stand with kinnars, as if he is feeling disgusted to stand with them. He gets the pics distributed to everyone present in the court. Saya recalls Rajat asking them to stand close to them, and tells judge that Rajat asked them to stand near, but they only kept distance with him. Chaddha asks Rajat why did he refuse to have tea. Rajat says I don’t have time to drink tea, I had to go to Soumya’s village. Chaddha says he was not having time to drink tea, but had time to get the pic clicked. Rajat says it is your thinking. Chaddha asks him to swear on

his wife, whom he used to love a lot and tell that he don’t feel disgusted. Rajat asks Chaddha not to interfere in his personal life and tells Judge that when they asked him for tea, he was hesitant to drink tea for a moment, but at the other moment, he questioned his mind for his upbringing. He says why we are brought up with such mindset and says that’s why I am saying, it is not just about Soumya, but of every kinnars’ identity. Chaddha asks Rajat to come out. He tells that Rajat gives lecture to misguide people and tells that he is a hypocrite who doesn’t want to drink tea by kinnars’ hand and talks about their rights. Rajat tries to clarify. Judge tells that court is adjourned for the next hearing. Sukha and Varun smirks.

Saya slaps the kinnar who clicked that pic and asks who asked you to get the pic clicked with Rajat, and when he asked everyone to get closer, then why you don’t let him stay close. The kinnar tells that Soumya is getting everything, and became wife and mother, but their destiny is not like her, and they have to clap for their earning and hear people taunts. She tells that she wants Soumya to lose the case and come to kinnars house.

Soumya thanks Rajat and tells that they are sure to win the case. Rajat says he will change the thinking of people. Chaddha gives the money to the kinnar, who was slapped by Saya, and he asks her to do his work like he said. Preeto tells Harak Singh that it is our mistake that Chaddha is saying all that to us, he wouldn’t have told this, if we had accepted Soumya long back. Harak Singh says it was just time mistake and asks her to have patience. Soumya thinks of Chaddha’s words, and asks Harman if he feels disgusted by her. Harman asks do you feel disgusted when I gets drunk and says don’t know how you bear me. Soumya says you are the best husband. Harman says you have accepted me the way I am, and I love you, says you bears me a lot. Soumya hugs him.

Rajat looks at his wife’s pic in his wallet and thinks even today her love doesn’t let him take fake swear. A fb is shown, his wife smiles when he comes home. She checks him and says you didn’t drink. Rajat tells that he drank due to Sharma ji and then chewed chewing gum to get off the smell. His wife tells that he is the only honest husband. Fb ends. Rajat thinks today I am drinking and not answerable to anyone.

Soumya tries to wake up Harman. Harman asks her to let him sleep. Soumya keeps his finger in the tea and he wakes up. Soumya laughs. Harman says I can take bath daily with this hot tea to see your smile. Just then his phone rings. Harman picks the call. Rajat asks him to get all stuff of Surbhi and says I will come there. Harman says ok. Rajat comes home and checks Surbhi’s stuff. He asks about Sumit. Soumya tells him about Sumit. Rajat says we have to go to his house immediately. They go to Sumit’s house. His mother opens the door. Rajat tells that he wants to meet Sumit. Sumit’s mother tells that he went to UK. Rajat tells Soumya is Surbhi’s sister. Sumit’s mother tells how can I help you, Sumit is not here. They leave. Rajat says we shall think some other way now. Sumit’s mum calls them asking to stop and shows the letter which Surbhi wrote to Sumit, and says after this letter, he left India. She asks them to read it. Rajat reads the letter. Soumya asks what is written in this letter? Rajat says may be this letter returns your son to you. Soumya gets hopeful.

Precap: Soumya asks Harman why is he here in the temple early morning. Harman says he is praying for her victory and tells that today he will win.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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