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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop worried about Shamsher

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
In panchayat, Jigna says to Manish that you are other man for me now, we will never meet or talk, she gives him ring back. Roop says you all got what you wanted, I want my father’s respect back, stop this practice where people are beaten. Shamsher says yes end this. Panchayat says we wont punish anyone like this now.

Himani sits on a road. A man tries to flirt with her but she points gun at him and looks in his truck, she finds illegal wine there.

Roop comes home. Shamsher says to Ishika that Roop had to bear punishment for you, Ishika says let me apply balm on him. Roop says you have given those wounds, I dont need anything, Ishika leaves.

Roop comes in room. Ishika makes him sit down. She gives him medicine but he throws it away. She keeps giving

him, he finally takes it. She shows him cream. Roop takes off his shirt and lies down. Ishika applies balm and recalls their moments together. She thinks what kind of love is this where you punish and you bear that punishment too. She blows on his wounds and cries. She sleeps in sitting position only.

In morning, Shamsher reads news that Himani arrested wine seller. Roop checks the news. Shamsher leaves. Ishika comes to Roop and says you think what happened with Jigna was right, can she leave live with Dinesh?

Dinesh comes to Jigna, she is scared. He takes his phone and says I will not raise hand on you again. He thinks that if I do anything then your brother will send me to jail.

Roop says to Ishika that you dont have to worry about my sister. Ishika says you give pain but try to bear it too?

Himani comes to Shamsher and says I wanted to take your blessing with my success. She tries to touch his feet but he moves away and says go away.

Roop says to Ishika that you have given me so many wounds.

All media reporters come to Shamsher and asks how do you feel about your daughter doing that brave act? are you proud? He says I dont want to say anything and leaves. Reporter asks Himanshu if he feel jealous? He says no, I am proud of her. Roop thinks that now papa will be stressed. Roop says we are all proud of Himani, she is an inspiration. Shamsher hears it and closes door on Roop. Roop says to reporters that please leave us alone so we can celebrate, all leave. Himanshu says to Kamla that I have kept a party for Himani, I want to invite you all. Roop says we will not come, you both can leave. Himani says please, you can request Shamsher. Ishika says we should be part of her happiness. Roop says this is your problem, you are always against me. Himanshu says I dont know why you are doing this, its useless to talk to you, he leaves with Himani. Roop gets message from somone and leaves.

Roop meets a reporter. He says you are Parag? Parag hugs him and says you have become a reporter? Parag says I got a tip, she took some big don’s alcohol in custody, they asked to give you message that she is in danger, if she doesnt leave this case then she will lose her life, her life is in your hands. He leaves.

Scene 2
Roop comes to Shamsher and sees him drunk. Shamsher says I couldnt stop anyone. She is going to destroy my dream. Roop says what dream?

Ishika calls Himanshu that they cant deny their son in law so ask them to come. He says great idea.

Shamsher shows medals to Roop and says they used to praise me for my cases, I proudly announced that soon my son will win these medals but now that girl will get these medals and they will become dirty for me, he throws them away. Roop looks on.

Roop comes to his room and sees his alter image. Alter image that are you happy to see your father sad? you did so much but what happened? just a small medal of Himani will destroy his happiness. Roop says I am proud of Himani and her achievements. Alter image says what about your father? If you have got these medals then he would be happy but you always made him angry.

PRECAP- In party, Ishika dances with Roop.
Himani says I will not handle dangerous cases from now on. Ishika says what are you saying? You cant deny this breavery medal. Roop looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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