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Raja Beta 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi gets caught in Sanju’s room

Raja Beta 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ramesh telling Purva that Vedant had killed his first child. Purva is shocked and asks him not to accuse him big. Dadi asks Ramesh to stop it. Gomti asks why is he digging the past and asks him to end the matter. Ramesh says Gudadi lal is as dirty as that day for me. Manjula breaks down and cries. Purva asks Dadi if this is lie? She says if someone dies in his hospital then he feels that it is his defeat. Gomti says you might think him as the God, but he is a murderer. Dadi says it was just an accident. Purva asks him to tell everything. Dadi says when Vedant’s Dada ji brought him home, he was everyone’s favorite. Manjula used to take care of him. A fb is shown, Ramesh melts down after few days and accepted Vedant. He takes little Vedant in his lap and hugs him. Manjula and Dadi

are happy. Soon Manjula got pregnant and delivered a baby boy. Ramesh and Manjula’s family was completed. She says the first three years after baby’s birth, they were very happy. The baby boy Bittu falls down from the stairs and dies. Ramesh sees Vedant standing behind and beats him badly. He calls him inauspicious and asks him to be in the corner. Dadi says Ramesh’s hatred increased with time. Gomti tells that Vedant did a big sin and tells that Ramesh is great to let him stay here. Purva says Vedant will get love and support from her. Dadi asks Purva to give him love not for sympathy. She asks her not to talk to him about this.

Purva thinks Vedant forgets everything and forgives his family. She gets his message that he has to go to Mumbai for an emergency. She then calls Pankhudi and asks what is she doing? Pankhudi says she is alone. Purva says I will come there to stay with you. Pankhudi says no and asks her to be there. Purva says she is very scared about that drugs incident. Pankhudi says she is fine and ends the call. She checks her baggage and thinks where did she forget the medicine/drugs. She thinks to get that drugs anyhow, else she will be caught.

Sumiti is walking and collides with Purva in the night. She says I thought to find out from where did that drugs come in the house. Purva says she will find out. She thinks she didn’t think from where it came? She goes to Sanju’s room and checks for the drugs bottle. Pankhudi silently comes to Sanjeevani Sadan. Her phone beeps. Sumiti gets alerted and thinks what was that sound. Pankhudi hides behind the sofa. Purva checks drugs in Sanju’s room. Pankhudi silently runs and goes to her room. Sumiti thinks there must be drugs dealer or thief. Pankhudi thinks where did she keep the medicine/drugs. Purva thinks she couldn’t get anything in Sanju’s room, and thinks to check in Pankhudi’s room. Pankhudi gets the packet and thinks to destroy it. Purva comes just then and checks in the drawer. She thinks she shall check in every corner. Pankhudi runs out of room and sees Gomti. She runs and hides in Sanju’s room. She thinks to hide the medicine in his room and thinks his destiny is bad. Ramesh, Gomti, Dadi and others come outside Sanju’s room. Pankhudi falls on Sanju. Sanju wakes up and gets happy.

Pankhudi runs to bathroom. Dadi, Ramesh and others come inside. Gomti says thief entered your room. Sanju says Pankhudi came to meet me, and tells that she also can’t leave without each other and will marry soon. Purva is shocked. Sanju knocks on the door and asks her to come out. Purva asks if she is here, and asks her to come out. Pankhudi thinks what to do with the drugs and makes the tablets go in the wash basin drain. Purva gives her swear and asks her to come out. Pankhudi comes out. Everyone is shocked to see her.

Precap: Purva asks Pankhudi why did she come here and asks if she came with her wish. Pankhudi is silent. Purva is about to slap her. Sanju holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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