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Part 30 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki AABMDK

Part 30 08/04/2019

Mehak woke up and sees Shaurya is still in deep sleep. Last night they got back to their hotel quiet late after the city tour and supper, they immediately hit the pillow and slept. She quietly gets up and went to fresh up. She came back to the room as she walks in detangling her hair she walked to the balcony see the beautiful morning , the city has already busy buzzing with tourist and guest in the hotel walking around the courtyard located near to their room. Some are busy snapping pictures posing around the garden especially the huge water fountain. She get back in the room and walked to see Shaurya is still in his deep slumber his wavy unruly hair was covering his forehead, she walked to the window near to her side and open the curtains letting in the sunlight. Today she supposed to go to the other bazaars and he is not getting up. She decided to wake him and walk to his side and poke him with a finger on his forearm. He didn’t move and she decided to bend a bit and pat his chest slowly calling his name twice.

Never has she known when Shaurya’s strong arm came around her and made her fall on him. She squirmed on him but his hold on her was not loosen. Her wet tresses fall on his face, where Mehak slowly push back and slowly Shaurya opens his eyes to see the sight before him. He takes a deep breath inhaling her fresh scent of her shampoo and soap. She smells like flower and he is addictive scent all the time. She stop squirming as she look at him, though he just woke up from sleep he looks hot with the messy hair and handsome as ever. She wanted to pinch and see whtr she is dreaming or is it real that she is in that awkward position. He smiled hazily as he looked deep into her orb, she blink twice as she feeling shy. Her tendril fell on her face and it was bothering his view so he pushed them gently as he tuck them her ears. He whispered good morning in his raspy voice and her voice died in her. She was just like that in his hold not fighting not upset as she looked at him blankly. Her tummy was doing summersault as her heart rate increased tremendously. He asked, are you trying to seduce me which made her eye popped out in surprise and her mouth open wide. She manage to shake her head in no. His fore finger caressing the hairline especially near the forehead towards her cheekbone and to her jawline. He slowly turn his body placing her on the mattress, so tell me what you were doing while I was sleeping he asked in his coarse voice. She swallowed her saliva and stuttered and calmly said I came to wake you up as it’s already morning that’s why I came closer to wake you up not to do anything, I Promise..

Just then their moment interrupted with a buzzing noise, it was Shaurya’s mobile which is on silent mode with vibration turned ON, he moved away from her to answer his mobile. Mehak get up from the bed and went to the balcony. Meanwhile Shaurya answered the call and head to shower and get ready for the day.


Mehak stayed quite mostly since the morning wakeup moment, he just look at her once in a while but just in the moment as how her beautiful face remain calm despite her eyes shows she is very much disturbed with his naughtiness. So to break the quite moment he asked so where are we going today and what’s the plan before stuffing the dosa piece into his mouth. Her eyes immediately looked at him as he looked at his food but he was seeing her from corner of his eyes. She replied lets go and see these havelis nearby the lake and walk around the bazaar because tomorrow you will be busy and don’t know when this is Sonal coming here. He nodded and said okay eat first lets go.


Instead of taking the rental car, both decide to walk and go around the bazaar. It was very colorful bazaar and not to forget crowded with foreign and local tourist. Couple of times Mehak was almost got lost but Shaurya hold to her securely as she walks around the street. They end up in the street of many historical, yet very grand mansion. They went in passing through the large entrance door which can allow an elephant to pass thorough without any difficulty. Slowly they walked noticing the fresco drawings on the wall, checking out the olden ladies kitchen and Mehak pretend as if blowing to get the fire started for cooking which made Shaurya to laugh at her as he snaps her pictures. Later they see the well at the backyard. Though the water inside has dried out but the well still looks good. She climbed to sit on the well edge and seeing the surrounding with many trees. As she was carelessly moving her legs at the well edge she was about to trip back inside the empty well, but Shaurya manage to pull her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and her arms was on his chest. She gasped for breath when his grip was getting intense. Her gaze was still on his chest trailing to his neck then to his eyes. She saw his eyes was looking at her sharply. She avoided his gaze as her lips quivered as his sharp piercing look. He release his hold on her and she straighten herself. He asked her whtr they can proceed to check the other floors in the haveli. She didn’t wait to answer him but she started to climb the stairs. He followed her climbing the narrow stairs. The first level was all the rooms and with many windows then proceeded to the other floor which is open terrace. The view was beautiful as they see people buzzing around the street and also they saw many cafes from their terrace. These were the havelis which turned into modern cafes, downstairs are some space to sit around and the terrace also converted to sitting places to attract guests into their restaurants and cafes. Mehak sees them and asked can we go there later. He rested his arms on the terrace baluster as he looked around and asked you have something for food right? She looked at him and pouted at him, she wants to say something but she kept mum and enjoyed the view from the terrace.


They walked out from the haveli headed to the other cafe with located on a terrace of another haveli. It served local dishes with modern setup and plating which is attractive and the taste has not been altered. They went and sat down to enjoy their lunch. Later they headed to the busy bazaar to continue with their shopping. Mehak checked out few shops as she grabs whatever she wants as Shaurya follows her. Then they stopped at a store selling handwork Kurtis and she picked a few and went to the fitting room to try out the Kurtis while Shaurya waited for her outside the shop. While she was trying her Kurtis, she heard few girls also there in the trial rooms. She heard one of them saying, Nithu did you saw a guy he look smoking hot and dashing too. Then another girl replied which one yaar, then the first girl said the guy was standing outside of the shop, very fair in color and tall with short boxed beard, he looks like Greek god hunk. For this kind of guy I will give up everything and anything in my life she drools. Mehak was listening to their conversations and making funny faces as how they drooling about some random guy they just met less than 10minutes ago. The third girl said then let’s go out faster and see is he still there let’s try to communicate with him and find out more about him, if he is single and ready to mingle. These days we can’t expect boys to make their first step, girls have to make their first step too. Mehak was slipping in her top and zipping it when the first girl said I am very shy yaar hopefully he is not married or he have any girlfriends etc. or else I am doomed. That’s when it strikes at Mehak. When she came into try these Kurtis only Shaurya was there and their description like tall, fair, and good looking it fits precisely on Shaurya. She tucked her hair behind her ears collecting her clothes and her bag as she rush out from the trial room and walk to the shop entrance, Shaurya was still there talking to someone in his mobile. He turned and saw Mehak who standing near the cashier to pay for her clothes. He raised his eyebrows and Mehak signed him that with her thumbs up sign as all okay, she paid for her stuffs as the 3 girls came to the cashier too. Mehak took her shopping bag from the cashier when the girls saying that’s the guy he looks dashing hot though he is talking in his mobile, he looks like the model for the mobile now. Look at him, he must be really rich as he is using the latest IPhone and he looks super stylish too. Mehak’s jaw open wide hearing all these open drooling and praises towards her man. She closed her eyes and takes a deep breath in order not to create a scene there that also in front of Shaurya.


She goes down the stairs at the entrance of the shop as she held Shaurya left arm possessively. Her action taken Shaurya into shock and he looked at her in disbelief, and asked is everything alright? She looked at him and smiled saying everything is alright. He took her shopping bag from her hand as she cling to his arm and both ready to step away from there. At that moment, Mehak slowly turn her head to the back to check out the girl’s reaction. Their face was not less than shocked to see the view in front of him. One of the girl was upset and started to cry loudly seeing it and the other two tries to calm her down. Mehak signed at them with her index finger that he is mine and she will finish them if they try to mess with her. This even infuriated them and all three stomped their feet in anger.


Mehak didn’t know why she reacted in such way, but when the moment all drooling and talking about Shaurya she didn’t feel good and she get the pang of jealousy out of sudden. She have many issues and misunderstandings with Shaurya but she doesn’t want to see him with another girl. Though she wished he moved on when she went disappeared for 1 year but deep in her heart she doesn’t want him to do that, she will die if he ever did that as she believes in the wedding vows that both belongs to each other for all the 7 lives and if there is any beyond that she always wants to be Shaurya’s Mehak. This new found happiness made her to smile automatically and she didn’t realize that her cheeks are warm and it turned to red hue. She brush off the unnecessary thoughts as they proceed to check out other places at the bazaar.

The suddenness in Mehak when she came to embrace his arm made Shaurya shocked or surprised both words are understatement for the emotions that he is feeling right now. They have been walking for quiet sometimes and she didn’t let go her grip around his arm and he didn’t want her to let go him too. A sudden feeling of emotions bubbling into him and he didn’t want this to end and he wants this to remain as it is. The crowded bazaar was not annoying anymore to him as his most important piece is back with him. They got back to their hotel after dinner and Mehak went to freshen up, she came back and brushed her hair as she looked around the hotel from their balcony. Shaurya freshen up and saw her at the balcony. He took out his MacBook and started to reply his emails. She came back to the room and place her brush on the dresser and headed to the bed. She adjusted herself and rested on the bed as she pull the duvet over her. Shaurya came to the bed after finish his work and sees she already in deep sleep he smiled at her turn off the lights before going to sleep.


The next few days was a busy days for Shaurya as the opening of his hotel is tomorrow. All his VIP guests and partners all around the world are arriving for his opening. He is rushing his team to complete the touch ups and finalizing the testing. His team has confirmed all working in order and they are ready for opening. He left from there get into his rental car heading back to his hotel. Mehak has been just in the hotel room these two days as he is occupied with his work. He closed his eyes as he massaged his temple as the driver drives out. He felt guilty as he couldn’t spend time with her. So today he decided to leave early as tomorrow is the opening and he wants to have dinner with Mehak too. Since the day from the bazaar Mehak has been acting differently and her eyes has soften towards him. He wants her to talk and now he thinks that after the opening he will try to talk or sees how’s things goes between them. He didn’t realize that he have reached the hotel as the driver calls him slowly. He opens his eyes and told him to come the same time and gets down from the car as the driver wished him good night sir and Shaurya replied him good night heading back to his room. He stride to his room with a smile played on his lips. He reached to his room and insert the keycard opening the door slowly to see what is she doing? The song Saans me teri, was playing in the TV and he heard a loud humming and Mehak singing along as she lying on the bed on her tummy as her both legs dancing in the air. She was wearing the Rajasthani skirt with a cotton top with a messy hair bun. Her creamy leg made him to stop and watch them intently. His heart skip a beat at the sight and the song playing at the background is not being good to him. He heard Mehak singing kab tak hosh sambhale koi, hosh ude to ud jaane do….He runs his hand behind his neck and he cracked his neck to right and left to release the tension building up in him. Unbeknownst he let out a groan which made Mehak to turned and see him there. She quickly dropped her legs down and pull the skirt down covering her legs. She gets off from the bed and looked at him and asked when did he came. He walked passing her and put his mobile on the table and taking his watch off from his wrist. She asked then why you didn’t call me when you are back in the room. He turned to look at her and takes a deep breath. You were busy singing with the TV was loud too so you didn’t hear me he justified and went to remove his jacket. What to do you were busy singing like Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhosle so how to interrupt you that’s why not my fault you see? Mehak folded her arms on her chest and looked at him with her eyebrows furrowed. Ohh okay, so today morning you were screaming something in the bathroom what was that? Shaurya stopped as he takes off the button on the wrist he shuts his eyes and remember what happen in the morning. He was in shower and he was singing unknowingly but he didn’t know that he was loud enough to be heard by Mehak. No wonder during breakfast time she was smiling at him one kind and he didn’t know why was she smiling like that at him. He turned to look at her who is now smiling widely with a victorious smile he could say for getting back at him. At least my voice is like Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhosle to compare yours were not close to anyone to compare. I was literally jumped off from the couch hearing your voice and came to hear by the door is it you or the noise comes from somewhere else then I confirmed it was you. You need vocal practice to sing, saying that she walked out in pride from there leaving him clueless. He smiled at her cuteness and headed to shower.

When he came out from shower, he could smell food aroma in the room, he walked with his wet hair to the living area and food bowls were on the center table. Mehak said you might be tired that’s why I ordered room service so can eat and watch TV and sleep early so tomorrow you can go for your opening on time, he smiled and nodded to reply her. She called him Shaurya, he stop and sees her, please wipe your hair, you will get cold. He started to wipe his hair and joined her for dinner as they sit on the couch watching TV. Soon both retired to bed.




Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Music: A R Rahman

Lyrics: Gulzar

Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal


Saans mein teri saans mili to

mujhe saans aayi..

when your breath mixed in my breath,

I was able to breathe..


rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,

tu jo paas aayi..

soul touched the body’s fragrance,

when you came nearby..


kab tak hosh sambhale koi,

hosh ude to ud jaane do..

dil kab seedhi raah chala hai

raah mude to mud jaane do

tere khayal mein doob ke aksar

achchi lage tanhaai..

how long can one remain in control,

when consciousness goes, let it go..

when has the heart gone on a straight path,

if the path turns, let it turn..

when I am in your thoughts,

loneliness feels good..


raat teri baahon mein kate to,

subaha badi halki lagti hai

aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum,

kyon chhalki chhalki lagti hai

mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo

meri kasam kya khaayi..

when the night goes in your arms,

morning looks very light,

have you started living in my eyes,

it keeps spilling..

touch me again and say,

have you sweared on me..


Saans mein teri saans mili to

mujhe saans aayi..

rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,

tu jo paas aayi..

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