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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa summons 4 demons.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in mathura. mata danu says kansa, kuvalyapida is the first trap you laid for kanha but know this, Vishnu is too powerful and he has already found a way to kill kuvalyapida or give him salvation, so you have to be ready with another plan. Kansa says mata danu, I have laid five traps for kanha and the 2nd trap will be even more dangerous for him because he cannot go past the 2nd trap. Mata danu says what are you planning kansa? Kansa laughs and says even Vishnu cannot fight the 4 demons that I have called because these demons have boons, kanha wont be able to fight them and he will be killed because Vishnu cannot defeat these demons. Kansa summons the 4 demons, the demons appear and kansa says they shall be at the 2nd trap. The demons say Vishnu has cheated with

all demons since the start, he tricked us as well and now we wait for revenge. Vishnu’s avatar of kanha wont be safe anymore, because he cannot defeat us.
Narad muni says what is this prabhu? Is this true? Kansa has planned the 2nd trap with these 4 demons. Lord Vishnu says what kansa has said is true, these 4 demons, are namely Kut, Shar, Kaushal and mushtik. They were killed by my avatar’s in the previous life and have been waiting for revenge since then, kanha will have a tough time fighting these 4 demons. Narad muni says what will happen now prabhu? Lord Vishnu says you have to see kanha’s leela for that devrishi. Lord Vishnu says these demons are capable of defeating kanha. Narad muni says then this will be a problem for param avatar Krishna.
Kanha and balram are learning their lesson from rishi sandeepani. Rishi says kanha and balram, this is the 2nd lesson of the 16 sanskriti’s that I will teach you. kanha and balram learn from rishi sandeepani. Rishi sandeepani takes kanha out of the ashram as he takes him to teach to focus his divya Shakti. Kanha and rishi sandeepani sit to learn the technique and rishi sandeepani transfers some positive energy from his mind into the body of kanha, kanha learns the way to channel his powers into his divya form. As kanha is progressively learning, kansa plans to send the 4 demons to kill kanha in ujjaini.
Kanha learns to gain dharam Shakti from his powers as rishi sandeepani transfers the energy from his mind into kanha’s body. The 4 demons, kut, shar, mushtik and Kaushal are sent by kansa to ujjaini to kill kanha and anyone who tries to protect kanha. As the demons reach near the ashram, they see kanha learning from rishi sandeepani the 16 kala’s. the demons say kanha, now your time has come to an end! Vishnu we will have our revenge, kanha will die. The demons laugh.

Precap: Kanha and balram fight the 4 demons. Kansa plans to set the next 2 traps for kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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