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Muskaan 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal makes a wicked plan

Muskaan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Muskaan asking Ronak about her dress. He says its a really bad dress, I m your friend and have to be honest. He smiles and teases her. He asks did you order cake. She says yes, princess cake. He asks about decorations and joker. She says I forgot. He pats her head and says you forgot it. He asks how did you pat. He says this happens in friendship, order a pizza for me. She says you aren’t my boss to order. He says I m saying please as a friend, please order it, I will just come. He goes. Lovely gets a friend’s call. She asks Bunty to manage Kajal. Bunty sees a girl and smiles. Kajal calls her aunty. The girl scolds her. Bunty says sorry, her mental state isn’t fine, her treatment is going on. Kajal says Bunty uncle is so good, sweet and caring. The girl Ananya says you are so

sweet, thanks for help. Kajal sees Bunty and Lovely busy and goes.

Ronak comes and asks where is pizza. Muskaan says I had eaten it, this happens in friendship. He says good. She says I have a pizza for you also. He likes it and eats. Kajal buys some black coat. Muskaan says Kajal has gone to market with Lovely and Bunty. He worries. She says don’t worry, they will be coming back now. Lovely asks Bunty where is Kajal. They argue. Ronak calls Bunty. Bunty doesn’t answer. Ronak says I feel something is wrong. Lovely and Bunty find Kajal. Kajal says you don’t care for me, I will tell your name to family. Lovely says there will be an issue if she tells anyone. Bunty says don’t tell anyone, I will get new toys for you. Lovely asks for chocolates. Ronak and Muskaan come there running and attend Kajal. Ronak asks are you fine. Kajal nods. Ronak scolds Bunty. Kajal says they got me good chocolates.

Muskaan says so many chocolates isn’t good for you. Lovely says Kajal asked for one thing, what problem do you have. Ronak says its fine, come home now. Ronak takes Kajal home. Bua misses Sir ji. Muskaan gets Kajal in the party and asks her to enjoy well. Kajal thinks to kill Muskaan. Ronak keeps a fake knife and explains his plan to Hanumant. Hanumant says I understood. Kajal asks Bunty where is the joker. Bunty says its nonsense. Kajal says if you don’t call joker, I will tell Gayatri that you lost me in market. Bunty says I will become joker, don’t tell anyone. She smiles.

A man packs joker clothes. Kajal goes there and ties him up. Kajal comes in the party. She says we will play games later, we will first dance. Gayatri asks Hanumant to just do as Kajal tells them, since party is kept for her. Everyone dances on Abhi toh party shuru hui…. Kajal asks DJ to play other song. Kamariya….plays… Muskaan worries. Gayatri recalls Muskaan’s dance. Bua says Ronak got a dancer home, she is dancing even here. The man says joker is on the way. Bunty says party started, call the joker fast. Kajal thinks Muskaan dance and show your status to everyone. Ronak dances with Muskaan. They smile. Kajal and everyone get shocked. Kajal shouts stop, enough of dancing, we will now play games. Ronak thinks I want the same, you have to get exposed.

Ronak says we will play the games in pairing. Kajal goes to stab Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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