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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira to stay at Akhilesh’s house for Mishri

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The pheras are complete. Akhilesh and Kunika sit down. Akhilesh makes Kunika wear mangalsutra. Bhavik, Mishri and Vansh are unhappy. Akhilesh fills vermilion in Kunika’s hairline. Mishri requests God to do something. No one can come between my Mapu and Bapu. Pundit ji announces them as husband and wife. Kunika turns to Pushpa. I finally became your DIL. They seek blessings of Pushpa when Ira tells her why she is wasting her blessing. The kids smile in relief. They run to Ira.

Ira tells Pushpa that Kunika is not her DIL. Akhilesh walks up to her. Why are you here? Leave or I will call police. She tells him to go ahead. I will also tell them that you are already married. This is illegal. Everyone is taken aback. Akhilesh asks Ira if she forgot signing divorce papers herself. Pushpa and

Devina second him. Ira acts forgetful. It will be right if you guys are saying so. Show me the papers.

Akhilesh cannot find the papers in his room. He returns empty handed and tells his mother the papers aren’t there. Devina and Pushpa ask him where they must be. Ira shows them the papers. They have not been submitted in the court yet which means we are not divorced legally. I am your legal wife even today! Kunika fumes. Ira adds that what he did with Kunika just now is illegal. Akhilesh asks her how she got hold of the papers. Bhavik smiles. Flashback shows Bhavik stealing the divorce papers from Akhilesh’s room and giving them to Ira. Devina tells Ira to stop smiling. There isn’t anything funny going on here. I am sure one of the family members has helped you steal this. Ira tells her to leave that behind. What matters is that I have the papers! I am still Akhilesh’s lawfully wedded wife! Kunika tells Akhilesh to submit these papers in court right away. Ira asks Akhilesh if he wants these papers. She holds them out towards Akhilesh but drops them in havan kund shocking Akhilesh’s family. Devina tries to take them out but it is too late. Mishri stands next to her mother. Devina tells Pushpa to do something. She thinks she cannot let her dreams of crores burn away. Ira says sadly they are burnt. Akhilesh says I know you did it intentionally. She accepts it. Pushpa says people are burnt more seeing their loved ones happy rather than getting burnt because of fire. I know you cannot see Akhilesh happy. He was about to start a new life but you couldn’t let him be happy. Ira tells her she is mistaken. I have no intention of being a thorn in his path. I have come here only for my daughter. Akhilesh may write someone else’s name on his heart but Mishri’s mother will also be Ira Pandey. Mishri becomes complete with the halves of each of us. I wont let anyone snatch the half part of me from Mishri! Kunika tells her to shut up. I am Akhilesh’s wife and Mishri’s mother after today! You came late. This marriage has happened already. Ira laughs. Let me remind you again. Whatever happened just now was illegal!

Akhilesh asks Ira what she wants in return of this drama. She asks for her daughter. I am not interested in a single penny of yours and never had any! I will stay with Mishri if Mishri cannot stay with me. I have decided that I will stay in this very house from today onwards! Everyone is stunned except the kids. Pushpa asks Ira if she has lost her mind. The doors of this house will remain closed for you forever! Devina seconds her. You are confusing us Ira. On one hand you say that you are not interested in any luxury while on the other hand you want to stay in this house! Ira denies. I don’t want any luxury. My daughter is my real fortune. I have only decided to stay here but I wont even drink water from this house. I have to just protect my daughter from the ill intentions of a few evil people. I have decided to stay here for the same reason. I will file a case for Mishri’s custody if you have any objection to it. I will also file a case for him marrying again when he was already married. You guys wont be able to do anything! Pushpa tells her they aren’t afraid of her. Do whatever you want. Devina decides to hire the best lawyer and shows Ira her place. Ira tells her they will see that in court. Devina argues but Akhilesh tells everyone that Ira will stay here only. Pushpa and Devina tell her not to fall in Ira’s words again. We wont be able to adjust with Ira for anything. Akhilesh tells them they wont have to adjust. He shifts his family on the other side of the kund and creates a line between them using vermilion. Ira will stay here only but she wont stay with us. That part of the house will belong to Ira and we will stay on this side. No member will try to cross this line to meet Ira and vice versa. Mishri will be right in front of your eyes but you wont come to this side ever to meet her. Our happiness and Kunika and my love will be right in front of your eyes throughout the time. I hope you will be able to bear it. Welcome to your new home. he heads upstairs. Everyone else leaves one by one as well except the kids and Bhavik. The kids hug Ira. Mishri tells Ira not to take Bapu’s words to heart. He says anything whenever he is angry. You guys will patch up soon. I am glad that you will stay with us from now onwards. Bhavik suggests feeding her sweets to welcome her. Ira tells the kids to freshen up and change.

Kunika comes back to taunt / challenge Ira. Understand one thing clearly. No one can separate my husband from me. Ira says I was very happy that Akhilesh has finally moved on his life and is about to settle down. It is true that I still love him and will be hurt seeing you both together. I was a little relieved thinking someone is there to take care of him but after seeing your true colours, I cannot let his and Mishri’s life be ruined. I will bring out your truth in front of everyone one day for sure! Let me remind you again. Whatever happened just now is illegal. This is nothing. Akhilesh was, is and will always remain my husband!

Precap: Akhilesh tells Kunika they aren’t married. We only took 6 pheras. Akhilesh opens the door and a guy (Kunal) comes to meet Ira. Ira comes there wearing a beautiful saree. Kunal compliments her and they hug.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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