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Ladies Special 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna To Dismiss Jyoti From Job?

Ladies Special 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mandar confronts Meghna for her over-practical thinking and thinking of replacing Jyoti from finance department. Babita says her company is growing at a fast pace and she needs a more qualified and competent person. Mandar reminds that Jyoti supported her from the beginning even before her company was started and this is what she will give her in return, she knows Jyoti needs this job most. Jyoti enters and hears their conversation. Meghna says she cannot ignore her company for anyone. Jyoti walks away teary eyed. Meghna continues that she she will give supervisor’s job to Jyoti. Mandar reminds Khadar bhai is supervisor. Meghna says she created security officer’s job for Khadar and will create some other post for Jyoti, she knows how to take care of anyone. Mandar warns that with

her over-practicality and fast pace, she will leave behind all her dear ones.

Puneeth with Prarthana drives car towards Meghna’s house for gudi padwa celebrations and reminisces his mother yelling that he is useless without job. Prarthana reminisces Viraaj lying her. Bindu gets ready and hopes Amar accompanies her. Amar walks in speaking over phone wearing Bindu’s gifted kurta pajama and telling he will job hospital tomorrow and not today. Mota pappa and mamma say Bindu that they told Amar would accompany her. Bindu rejoices. At Meghna’s house, Meghna and Mandar’s silent fight continues. Baba notices them and scolds them to solve their differences within a minute as guests will be coming soon. Meghna smiles and does gudi padwa celebration decoration. Jyoti enters and wishes happy guddi padwa to Mandar. He wishes back. Meghna wishes and hugs her. Prarthana and Puneeth enter wishing them. Bindu and Amar walk in next. Jyoti walks away silently.

Meghna performs gudi padwa pooja with Mandar while all guest stand behind. Bindu feels sad reminiscing Amar speaking to Mani and asking what gift he should buy for Bindu and Kangana. Mani asks if Mota pappa accepted Kangana. Amar says yes and describes whole story, he says god wants him to be with Kangana. Bindu gets sad hearing their conversation. Out of flashback, Amar tells Bindu that he is going on some work. Bindu asks if he is going to meet Kangana. He says yes, she can go home by cab and he will also take a cab. Prarthana hears their conversation and says Puneeth will drop Amar and insists. Puneeth thinks she has become driver for everyone. After sometime, Prarthana tries to leave. Bindu gets tensed that she has to stop her till Viraaj comes and keeps her busy with her chitchat.

Meghna takes Mandar out and meets a finance department candidate who came on Puneeth’s referral. Mandar says today is holiday, so he can come tomorrow. Candidate impresses Meghna saying he does not waste time and wants to work everyday. Meghna takes him to factory asking Mandar not to inform Jyoti. Jyoti hearing their conversation follows them. In factory, candidate explains how to send proposal to client, etc., and says with her new big contract, she has to slash employees’ salary by half and pay them per dress piece. Jyoti enters and confronts that they don’t do all this in their company and treat employees like family. Mandar walks in next. Candidate asks Meghna if Jyoti is her partner or employee. Jyoti warns him to mind his business and asks Meghna to explain this all does not happen in their company. Meghna says candidate is right to some extent and taking her out yells why she pokes her nose in every matter, candidate is well educated and knows business. Jyoti reverts back and asks to frankly tell if she needs her in her business or not.

Precap: Bindu winks at Meghna and asks her to tell where she kept Prarthana’s purse. Meghna says in that room. Prarthana walks into room and searches her purse. Someone enters room.

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