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Krishna Chali London 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sunaina learns about Radhe’s death

Krishna Chali London 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shuklain asking Shukla will he have food. He smiles and goes to sleep. She thinks what is he upto now. Veer recalls Radhe’s death and wakes up shouting that he killed him, he is dead. Krishna asks him to relax, its a dream. Sunaina comes and calms him. He says I have to tell everything to Krishna. Sunaina says enough, listen to me, you don’t have to tell her anything, I have told her everything, it was just an accident, you tried your best, but it happens in operation theatre, you wanted to save the patient. Veer looks at her.

Sunaina says there is no water here, Krishna go and get water. She asks Veer to forget everything, Nayani has gone today, so maybe he is upset. Krishna goes to get water. Veer says the story you told is a lie, I will surely tell the truth

to Krishna. Sunaina says fine, there is a time for it, this is not the right time, what all happened, Krishna had married you, what will she think, we are weird, give her some time to settle, then tell her, it was an accident, you are not responsible.

Its morning, Veer says I will go to hospital today to resolve everything. Krishna says fine, I will come in some time. Sunaina asks Veer to go out and enjoy. She asks him to drop her to market. Krishna gets Lali’s call and asks now? Fine, I will be there. She disconnects the call. Krishna meets Lali and Shuklain in the market. She cries and greets Shuklain. Shuklain gifts her gold bangles and says its for your marriage, are you fine. Krishna hugs her and cries. She says I will still call you mummy ji, no matter how much you fight with me. Shuklain smiles and says yes, you also fight with me now, listen to me, be a good bahu, don’t argue with anyone.

Lali smiles. Shukain says I don’t know, why I ill treated you, I feel bad. Krishna says I don’t remember anything, I only remember the good times spent with you. Shuklain signs Lali. Lali says actually, mum is a bit worried. Shuklain says well, I wanted to tell you that you must take care of yourself, not everyone is happy with Veer and your marriage. Krishna says you are talking about Shukla right, what happened. Shuklain says I thought of warning you, stay alert. Shuklain and Lali leave. Krishna comes home. Sunaina asks her to close her eyes. She gives her honeymoon tickets. She says Veer feels there is no good place in Kanpur, I thought to do something for him.

Krishna says Shuklain wanted to meet me, she looked very upset, she gave this gift to me. Sunaina smiles. Krishna says she asked me to stay alert, I don’t know why, when will Shukla end his anger, why is he doing this. Sunaina says don’t be upset, try to forget it. Krishna says it wasn’t my mistake, Radhe met with an accident, I wanted to get help for him. Sunaina asks what, Radhe met with an accident in London, I thought something happened to him here. Krishna says he wanted to surprise me, I was on the way when a car had hit him, the man who hit him chose to flee. Sunaina recalls the accident. She gets shocked. She asks when did this take place. Krishna says when you were going back to India, I tried my best and took Radhe to hospital, I tried to contact Veer but it got too late, I was helpless, I didn’t know how to break this news to Radhe’s parents, don’t know why this happened, Radhe was a good human being, he never wished back for anyone, he helped me a lot and….

Sunaina cries. Krishna asks what happened, are you okay, sorry, I just kept talking and didn’t think of you, thanks for the surprise, I will go and finish my packing. She goes. Sunaina sits in shock. She says that night, Veer told me that he wants to save the dying man, he was Radhe, no…… I have committed a big sin, no…. Krishna and Veer know about this, else there will be a rift in between them. Shukla calls the lawyer and asks him to get to work, and give him good news soon. Shuklain comes to give him prasad. He asks her to go and do her work. He sends her. Lali asks did you find anything. Shuklain says I don’t know whom was he talking to, he is upto something, what to do now.

Krishna asks what’s all these. Lawyer says its transfer papers, I need your sign. She gets Shukla’s call. He asks her to sign the papers. Lawyer adds some other papers. Krishna signs the papers. Shukla smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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