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Kesari Nandan 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanumant blames Kesari

Kesari Nandan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kesari and everyone cheering Jagat. Hanumant asks Madhavi to take Kesari home, he will get Jagat. Kesari goes and meets her friends. She says dad will get Jagat home, why didn’t you go to school. Kripa says my parents asked me not to go. Kesari says we can’t lose, else those people will win in stopping us, we shouldn’t get back. Kripa says we can’t go to school. Zoravar organizes a wrestling match at home and makes people bid. Madhavi comes home and gets shocked seeing the crowd. She asks Zoravar what’s all this. Zoravar says you can see it. She asks don’t you have any shame. Hanumant comes and slaps Zoravar. He asks everyone to just leave. Everyone goes. Hanumant asks are you gambling in my Akhada. Zoravar asks what wrong am I doing. Hanumant says its our house,

our temple, are you not ashamed. Zoravar says I will stop this, you think of answering Aatmaram, check Jagat’s hospital bill, you get ready to stay on the roads, Aatmaram will lock the Akhada, I m doing this for family. Hanumant says this is a place of worship.

Zoravar says fulfilling house responsibility is also a worship, this is my house too, if you can’t keep your responsibility, you have no right to stop me. Hanumant and Madhavi go. Zoravar says I have to earn lots of money, this is the easiest way. Kesari is with Jagat. He says I couldn’t go to play the match, why did this happen. Kesari jokes to cheer him up. He laughs. Madhavi says Kesari is making Jagat laugh. Doctor comes home to give reports. Hanumant checks the reports. He asks what’s all this. Jagat tries to bend down and pick the chilli. He falls down the bed. Kesari shouts. She asks how did you fall. Jagat says my legs aren’t working. Madhavi and Hanumant come to him. He says my legs aren’t moving, see. Hanumant asks him to get up. Doctor says no, he can’t get up, I m sorry, Jagat lost the strength in his legs. They get shocked. Jagat says but I have to win Bharat kesari. Doctor says no, you can’t wrestle now. Hanumant checks Jagat and asks doctor to do something. Doctor says there is no cure for this. Madhavi cries. Jagat asks why are you crying, I got saved. She says you are very brave. He asks Kesari to take Madhavi. He cries.

Kesari asks Madhavi not to worry, Jagat will get fine. Hanumant shouts Jagat won’t be able to stand on his feet, he won’t fight Dangal. Zoravar looks on. Hanumant scolds Kesari. He blames her for Jagat’s state. He says you did a lot for us, stop it now. Kesari apologizes. Hanumant says I had requested her, to just stay as a girl, but no, she wanted to fight like a boy. He says the village is against us now, Madhavi she doesn’t care for any traditions and values. She requests Kesari to stop it now, Jagat is handicapped now. Madhavi asks him to stop saying this. He says beg to Kesari, else she won’t let us live, I have decided, she won’t stay here now, she has to go from this house for our good, she has to leave this village. Kesari gets shocked. Zoravar smiles. He asks Madhavi to prepare for her departure. Kesari hugs Madhavi. She recalls Hanumant’s words. She hears a sound and goes to see. Jagat thinks I have become a burden on everyone now. He goes to commit suicide by falling down the terrace. Kesari comes there and sees him.

Jagat stops Kesari. Kesari says I will also jump down. He asks her to hold his hand. He falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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