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Gathbandhan 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak leaves her IPS position

Gathbandhan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Raghu dances with Neelu’s daughter in law. Dhanak comes there and dances with him too. Raghu smiles at her. It turns out to be his dream. Neelu whistles for her daughter in law.

Neelu says to Mai that you have to start speech, go ahead. Mai says its difficult to praise her. Mai comes on stage, she says today something special will happen, my daughter in law is great, she is our pride. Raghu says what happened to her? Dhanak says is she pretending? Raghu says dont worry, I will handle her. Inspector arrives there. Mai says all mother in laws should get Dhanak, she will take my business ahead within law limits, I thought nobody could catch me but she passed me, she uses law to fool people, she put her husband in jail but keep stolen money to herself, she does illegal things but

use law to keep them under wrap. All are shocked. Dhanak sees inspector there. Mai says now we will extort money in police vans. Raghu runs to Mai and asks what she is saying? Mai says dont worry Neelu will handle everything. She welcomes the commissioner and calls him on stage. He comes there. Mai calls Dhanak there too. Mai says I will make my daughter in law have a medal. She makes her wear it. All look on. Dhanak asks what she is doing? Mai says we have this much love, keep going in police, our business will flourish as you corrupt police. Raghu asks what she is saying? Mai says let me be. Mai says to officer that I am thankful you made her become an IPS officer even if she is don’s wife, she gives him money and says this just a tip, we will steal and give you more commission. Commissioner gets angry and throws money. Neelu comes to him and introduces herself, she says I am MLA’s wife, I used to live here, things changed here, Savitri and Raghu have become big dons, I dont know Dhanak but how can she live with dons and be loyal with her uniform? She will become sinner too. Dhanak says no. Neelu says she will adapt to their ways, you have heard about code of conduct then how did you allow her to become an IPS when she is don’s wife? check her background otherwise your position will be in danger, I dont people like her in police. Mai smirks at Neelu. Dhanak says to commissioner that trust me, this is my dream, I can never be disloyal to my country, my husband did wrong but he is changing, please give me a chance, I wont disappoint you. Raghu thinks Mai played dirty game. Dhanak cries. Commissioner says you can get full training but what about code of conduct certificate? they will never give you that as you have don’s beackground, if you want to become an IPS officer then break this relation, choose between your husband and IPS. Mahindra asks Dhanak what she is thinking? He is a burden, he forced you to marry him, we can take care of you, its your dream, break this relation. Raghu says he is right, your happiness matters more, break this relation, your dream matters most. Mai says break this relation, you can follow your dream. Raghu says break this relation, I will not go anywhere, follow your dream. Dhanak looks at her medal and then at her mangalsutra. She cries and takes off her medal. Mai is stunned. Dhanak cries and gives it to commissioner. She salutes him and oes to Raghu. Dhanak says I choose my family leaving my IPS dream. All are stunned. Commissioner leaves. Mai is angry.

Scene 2
Raghu is tensed. Mai is dancing in house. Mai asks Dhanak to come inside. She says you did great today, it needs gut to leave your dream for your family, you made place in my heart, I will do your aarti today, sit down. Dhanak sits down. Raghu says what are you doing? Mai says let me do it. Mai sings and does Dhanak’s aarti. Raghu thinks she is wrong. Mai says now she became my daughter in law, you left your dream and now you are welcome here. Now you will be part of our business.

PRECAP- Raghu asys to Dhanak that I want to see in IPS uniform, there must be some way. Dhanak says only way is to make Mai follow right path. Raghu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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