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Chandragupta Maurya 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Nishumbi Doubts Arjun/Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya in Jagatjala’s court thinks whom Dhananand has sent, what is his motto, if he wants to kill his whole team or just Chandragupta. Jagatjala asks Chanakya/advisor to express his opinion regarding Bandi villagers’ revolt. Chanakya says he should ask the person who is with him since years and knows about the problem deeply, his son Martand. Jagatjala jokes that his son is fit for nothing, even now he will blabber rubbish. Martand says they should speak to Bandi villagers and asks why they revolted against them and supported rivals, what they can do to regain their loyalty. Jagatjala says he spoke rubbish. Chanakya says Martand said right. Chandragupta walks in and informs Jagatjala that a jyotishya baba wants to meet him. Jagatjala says he does not have time for any fake

babas. Chandragupta says it is inauspicious to send back any holy man without meeting. Chanakya says servant is right. Jagatjala permits. Sthulbhadra enters as mouni baba and Baldev as his assistant. Baldev praises mouni baba’s knowledge. Durgam Dugu asks baba to greet pranth pramukh/chief. Sthul greets Martand. Durgam shouts he greeted wrong man. Baldev says baba is precting future. People praise that baba is so knowledged that he is predicting future. Jagatjala calls maid and orders to make arrangements for baba’s stay. Nishumbha enters as maid and takes baba along. Chandragupta thinks who this new maid is.

Durgam Dugu misbehaves with Mura. Mura tries to avoid him, but in vain. She gets nervous seeing Chandragupta passing by and thinks if Chandragupta sees this and reacts, their whole team may be caught. She walks to Chandragupta scolding him that his duty is to be with prince Martand and not roaming around, he should perform his duty properly. Chandragupta informs that Durgam has left, but she continues scolding him nervously. He shakes him and asks what happened to her. She says she is fine.

Chanakya meets Sthul baba and asks to predict his future. Chandragupta also reaches there. Nishumbi brings food for baba. Chandragupta clashes with maid, and maid drops fruit bowl in air. Chandragupta picks bowl and collects fruits in bowl. Nishumbi also catches fruits with him. Chanakya and Chandragupta are amused to see that. They both walk out, and Chandragupta informs Chanakya about Mura’s nervousness. Chanakya says his mother is a brave woman and can protect himself, he should stay away from new maid as seeing his act, she does not seem to be a maid and has entered palace with a motto. Dahak and Nishumba take servants who helped them to jungle. Servants plead to spare their families, they will go far away from this place. Dahak shows their families trapped around snakes and warns to continue obeying them, else be ready to lose their families. Once they leave, Nishumbi informs Dahak about servant Arjun/Chandragupta’s special skills and says he does not seem to be a servant. Dahak says she must be right and should find out who he is.

Nishumbi walks to Mura and in lieu of helping her asks who servant Arjun is as he does not seem to be a common man. Mura asks what does she mean. Nishumbi shows Jagatjala teaching archery to Martand and scolding him for failing repeatedly. Once Jagatjala moves aside, Chandragupta teaches him archery. Martand his bulls’ eye and excitedly informs his father that he did it. Jagatjala says Martand is not as incompetent as he thought. Nishumbi tells Mura that Arjun is special, she is curious to know about him further. Mura thinks this maid also entered palace recently and wants to know about Chandragupta, she needs to inform Chanakya and Chandragupta.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows gold coin stack and says if he picks one from top, stack will not fall, but if he takes coin from bottom, it falls down easily; similarly one has to find out enemy’s weak point and attack it.

Precap: Mura informs Chanakya and Chandragupta about the new maid in palace. Dhananand reads Jagatjala’s letter that tomorrow he will find all traitors’ dead bodies in a garden.

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