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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhutis obsession for Laila Majnu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori gardening, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, and asks whats the nood today, Angoori says i like Laila Majnu so these song,and i watch lot of shows and plays. Vibhu why do you like them so much, Angoori says they love each other unconditional, vibhu asks do you also wish that you have Majnu in your life, Angoori says tiwari doenst like these characters so. vibhu says i wish to be her Majnu.

Tiwari on call about business says i won’t compromise on quality. Angoori gets him tea and asks whats wrong, Tiwari says some client giving me fake products. Tikka malkan walk in and start crying, they fall in tiwaris feet and tell they are very hungry and haven’t had food for days, malkan asks angoori for food, tiwari says you are responsible for your this state,tikka says nobody

gives us work, Angoori asks why is that,malkan says people abuse us when we ask for,angoori says im here, Tiwari asks what will you give, Angoori says can’t you see i manage whole house alone, i need help, malkan and tikka thank her, tikka says i will be your watchman,malkan says i will be your house help.
Tiwari says no need and scolds angoori, angoori calls amaji, tiwrai agrees.

Vibhu sees Saxena reading a book and asks what are you reading, Saxena says a book on Laila Majnu, Majnu hinself has written it,and its a magical book, this book says if you love someone read this book and majnus soul will travel into yours, the first person you see after reading this book you will see your laila, vibhu thinks inwill use it for bhabhiji and says its rubbish, Saxena says read it and try it.

Vibhu sees malkan in kitchen and insults him, says you dont deserve it, Angoori says stop it he is my helper,vibhu says ask him to leave, Angoori says go press clothes, Vibhu says bhabhi look Novel on laila majnu. Angoori says tomorrow see you at 6.30 in pooja.

Vibhu starts reading the novel,and has Angoori on his mind. Angoori watching laila majnu and crying, Tiwari walks to her, Angoori says what unconditional love, Tiwari says what nonsense is this, everyday you do this nonsense, Angoori says it’s not and even i want to see my Majnu in you, Tiwari scolds her, Angoori gets call from amaji, amaji tells her pandit Rampal has asked you will perform pooja every morning now. Tiwari says okay.

Tiwari comes out to perform Tulsi pooja, he wakes up teeka, teeka says i shall go washroom and come back. vibhu comes out thinking of angoori, he sees his laila in tiwari, he starts imagining tiwari as his Laila.Vibhu walks to him,and holds his hand, and imagines laila flirting with him, where instead Tiwari insulting him for starring at him, Vibhu says i see lord in you,i love you, Tiwari gets scared and runs away.

pre cap : malkan and teeka throwing vibhu away, Vibhuti imagines Tiwari stopping him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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