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Twinj Rab Miliya S2 Episode ~45


Episode 45 ..
2 months later …
The Episode starts with twinkle and kunj sleeping together in their room tightly cuddling each other when both wakes up and looks at each other …

I am gonna take bath first twinkle said and was going from there when kunj pulled her and she landed on him …he tucked her hairs behind and bite her ear lobe …

Huh I have a idea twinkle he said while she looked at him confused ????
What kunj ??? She asked blinking continuously while he smiled ..

We will take bath together daily and sees our time will be saved and we will not fight too he said lovingly caressing her cheeks while she moves closer to him ..he started moving back on bed she was completely upon him and kissed on his cheeks he closed his eyes feeling her touch while she got up quickly and Ran from there and stands infront of washroom door while kunj opened his eyes and looked at her with annoyance ..

You cheater 😏 he said while twinkle laughed…
Better luck next time Mr Sarna she said giving her 440 smile and entered taking her clothes ..while kunj smiled ..

One day she will be death of mine for sure hmm wait why one day no no only today it’s gonna be so special for us I’ll end all the distances between us twinkle just wait he said smiling while after sometime went in another washroom and got dressed up soon he came back and sees her already went downstairs to help usha
While he was getting ready he felt her backhugging him while he smiled and smirked at the same time …

Now what you want ? 😕 He asked in fake anger while she smiled and turned him …now don’t be angry with me Mr sadu sarna she said and pulled his cheeks while he maintained his sadu look she cleared the roof of dressing table and made him sat making him wear his tie while he smiled ..and she sat on lap he pulled her more closer ..

Why are you so worried ??? He asked while she looks at him with cute pout ..
Kunj it’s Bhai wedding and I don’t have anything good to wear 😮 she said while he laughed …

So ? Call the designer home and take what you want he said smiling while she frowned ..
Arey sadu Sarna I wanna spend time with you before going to TM for Bhai wedding she said while kunj laughed ..

So it was the thing okay I have a small meeting you have 2 hours after than I am all yours so plan what you want to do he said while she smiled and pecked his lips …
Now come and go back soon she said excitedly ..

It’s go and come back soon twinkle he said smiling while she looked at him whatever go now she said and they went and kunj had his breakfast and left for office ….

{ It had been 2 months since Rohan alliance was fixed the wedding mahurat was after 2 months and twinkle came back to Sarna mansion after his roka she and kunj started getting more closer to each other even twinkle started to forget everything and was gelling up well with Leela and RT and kunj too with them like Twinkle was with usha and Manohar ..}

Soon twinkle was sitting with usha and Bebe the designer with his team was at home as they decided to take necessary and was happily seeing the things sanaya n her family too joined them ..

Come come bhabhi twinkle said making her blush while all smiled …
.{ sarnas and khannas too was good friends that’s why kunj and sanaya knows each other from before }
They all were selecting each other clothes while Leela called usha asking her to send Twinkle too ..

I’ll send her tomorrow usha replied while Leela too agreed usha knows kunj had planned something for twinkle that’s why she decided to send her tomorrow ..

Soon 2 hours passed in mins kunj came back and sees twinkle and ask her to come while she looks at him impatiently as everyone was there and it will look odd if she will go from there with kunj ..

Kunj changed and waited for her while she makes a pout he makes sadu face while she laughed soon khannas left from there …(aaja shaam hone aayi plays in BG ….💖💕💕💕💕💕)

Haww finally now we can go twinkle said entwining their hands together while Bebe called twinkle kunj desperation was clearly Visible on his face while Bebe and usha decided to teased him …

Twinkle are you listening ??? Come here Bebe said while twinkle went sadly…
You promised me that you will make butter chicken for me Bebe said while usha laughed silently ..

Wo ..Bebe I’ll come back and make it for you she said while bebe nodded in no and ask her to make now ..I am your dadi saas first obey me and make it now itself Bebe ended sternly ..while kunj made a puppy face ..

And twinkle after making that come with me to Mandir usha said while kunj sat frustratedly twinkle was going in kitchen when heard Bebe and usha laughing holding their stomachs ..

Arey so sorry puttar go spend your time together we were to just teasing you both usha said while Bebe nodded ..
Thank you sooo much bebe kunj said and kissed her …ja khote Tu bhi kya Yaad karega make it special okay Bebe said while kunj smiled and blushed …

Usha hugs twinkle and they bid them bye soon twinj left from there they roam while city and was happily …
They visited many places and had fun while Twinklee was happily was with him they all went from there…

Now where are we going ?? Kunj she aksed while he looked at her AIRPORT he replied while she looked at him shocked
Kyu ??? Is anyone coming batao na twinkle said and he smiled ..

Can’t you stay quiet for sometime he said while she nodded in no shamelessly while he smirked and soon they reached ..he looked out their luggage while she was shocked he held her hand and went inside ..

Our flight is on time so chal he said and soon they were in plane while sat beside each other ..
Now ab toh say where are we going ???
Mumbai he replied smiling soon they reached there and a cab from hotel comes there to pick up them ..

Twinkle was still confused and they both entered the hotel twinkle smiled seeing the hotel and everything the way they welcomed them soon they took key and went inside their room ..

Go and change soon we are going out kunj said and went from there while Twinklee looked at the wrapped box kept there and took it she find a beautiful dress and smiled soon she received kunj message and went downstairs they roamed the city hand in hand seeing the beauty of Mumbai being with each other having fun and left back to hotel after sometime kunj blindfolded her and took her to decorate which had a perfect date set up…he opened the blindfold while she looked at the place and smiled ..

Date ??? She excitedly asked while he nodded and pulled chair for her while he smiled and took seat infront of her he pour the champagne in both glasses …
So what we are going to do now ..she said while he replied ..

Hmm we are going play a game okay I will ask a question and you have answer if you can’t you have to take a sip of it …he winked …
The one who will win will have to do the punishment given by the other he said while she nodded ..

Interesting she smirked while he smiled lets see soon they started asking questions ..while enjoying each other ..
Now tell me when I want to see ddlj and you wanted to see your match where I have hidden the remote ..she asked blinking continuously
You have hidden the remote he said sternly while she smiled and he kept a hand on his face kitchen me daal k dabbe me he replied while she was shocked and he laughed ..

When you know then why you let me see ddlj ???? She asked ..
Because I had most interesting thing to watch …you I love you see you admire you rather than anything he said making her blush …

So now my turn tell me mein apni poori life me sabse zyada kiss ladki se mohabbat ki hai he aksed ..
Uhmm hogi koyi Meena Reena she said while he smiled bata bata naam bata he smirked … while she bow down her head and smriked at him ..

The girl you love the most is uhmm no Meena no Reena it’s jasmine aka your twinkle kunj Sarna she winked at him making his shocked ..I won she shouted and got up from there and stand on table while he smiled …

I am so happy to win today and the credit goes to my lovely lovely husband Mr kunj Sarna she said while she smiled …

Huhuh it’s wrong he picked her up from the place and lifted her in bridal style ..
Now tell me the punishment he ended while she smiled pecking her cheeks ..

I’ll give you 2 punishment first to leave I’ll tell later and 2 you have to take me to roam Mumbai Tomorrow before we leave back for Amritsar she said while he nodded soon they reached their room while enters and saw the decorations ..

Amazing twinkle said and stands on her feet and sees the room kunj sees the time and back hugs her …
HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY MRS SARNA he said and kissed her in side ..

Arey I toh forgot that it’s our 2 anniversary SAME TO YOU she kissed him on his cheeks…
I missed you so much on your 1 anniversary too he smiled sadly while she nodded in no …

Now no more emotional drama my drama queen twinkle pulled his cheeks…
So my first punishment was she moves closer to him while he held her more tightly ..I wanna be completely yours she said and blushed while he smiled…

Are you sure he asked while she nodded in yes and soon their lip meet perfectly syncing in each other they both were lost in each other kunj looks at her from top to bottom while she smiled ..

Now don’t look at me like hungry animal she said haww siyappa queen now I’ll show you this hunger animal side he said and pinned her to nearby wall kissing on her neck wildly while she was cursing herself and continuously moaning his name …she looked at him and pushed him on bed hovering on him ..

Now it’s my turn twinkle said and continued kissing same as him while he groaned and she smirked and continued …

Jungli Billi kunj said while she bites him and they smiled while kunj switch their position and continued his sweet torcher sooon they got tired and slept after being a single soul within two bodies 💕💕💕
Next morning ::::
Twinj were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace while twinkle opened her eyes and looked at kunj and blushed while he too wake up and looks at her smiling ..

Good morning Mrs Twinkle kunj Sarna he said while she smiled and blushed at the same time and covered her face with her palms ..while he removed her hands…
Last night was so special for me twinkle now I can shout to the whole world that you are just MINE ..

Even it was special for me kunj and your s*xy figure she said sensuously moving hands on his chest while he laughed shameless he whispered while she bite on corner of his lips and moved back ..
I never knew that you can be this much wild he said making her turn fully red ..

So it’s not a crime okay even I wanted you she said while his eyes widened both laughed …
Now you are taking me out to roam Mumbai it’s Bhai wedding after 5 days and we are here ..

Uff babajiii kaisi ladki Di hai we will be in Amritsar till night don’t worry he said and they both got ready and went from there and Roamed many places soon they reached back Amritsar it was late in night kunj dropped her to TM as next day is haldi ceremony of ronaya ..

Huhuh you also stay with me na she said in childish way while he smiled and said I’ll come tomorrow mahi Rohan comes there and wished them happy anniversary yuvi brings a cake for them sarnas too joined them they all cut cake and had dinner then kunj left with them …

Rohan and mahi was sitting with twinkle they both teased her on their sudden visit to Mumbai while she was blushing like anything ..twinj called each other and talked whole night missing each other badlyy soon they slept talking to each other ..
Next day :::
The hustle bustle was going all around in twinkle was the one who was planning each n every function of Rohan wedding mahi yuvi kunj helping her Rohan wasn’t allowed to do anything the preparations were done and they were ready soon sanaya and her family reached there and the function started … both bride and groom on their places with a curtain partitioning in between ..

Twinkle and mahi both apply to Rohan haldi teasing him while all smiled soon all the elders do the ceremony too soon the war started there everyone enjoying even twinj to applied to each other secretly romancing …

Kunj side hugs twinkle who was seeing everyone and she smiled ..
What happen siyappa queen he asked while she looked at him ..
I always wanted this kunj A PERFECT FAMILY she said while both smiled ..
Screen freezes ..
So how was the episode ????
Hope you all like it
Thanks to everyone for your likes and comments love you all …
I am early 😝 today yeah 😛 take this epi as treat from my side 😎😎😎
BA byeee …
Will meet soon 💕💕💕💕

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