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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (96) (Meera??)

Luthra told the truth about his deeds and started laughing evilly…

Kunj- but where is merra now??

Luthra- that.. that girl.. how would i know.. earlier i used to keep track of the girl after she has been shifted to mumbai branch of that ngo orphnage so that i can someday use that girl for my benefit but when my son asked me for his marriage to twinkle.. i though that when i m keeping relationship with that family then why i would need that girl..

Kunj- it means u dont know where is she now..??

Luthra- no.. not now but yeah! after that bas***d rt denied for that girls marriage with my son.. i again tried to find that girl to take revenge for my insult but i could’nt find her as she got married to some business man in mumbai only.. she did some love marriage with some Yuvraj Kumar..

Kunj- what??? Yuvraj kumar.. (he was shocked to listen that name as uv too used the same name after parting from the family.. it is only after kunj came to mumbai to live with them he forced him not to leave the family name n then he again used sarna as his surname)

Kunj- (gaining courage asked) that.. that businessman who is running Karma industries??

Luthra- yeah! may be that one only.. but i listened that he shifted his business aborod with his wife n children..

Twinkle- (in mind) that.. that means.. (tears flowing from her eyes) that means mahii is my meera di.. oh my god! Mahii is only my dii.. (became a little bit happy with the news as she got her sister back)

kunj too was shocked but was happy from inside as he knew how much mahi wanted to know about her identity ..

Luthra- (seeing him lost) now over ur question answer session..? or want some more answers.. because..(showing him the gun) now ur time is over.. get ready to die..

Saying this he shot the bullet towards kunj

(Thus happened in a nanno second that kunj was so shocked to move from there n bullet reached him..)

But at the nick of time twinkle who was behind the pillar pushed him with herself.. luckily kunj was saved but bullet hit swara’s arm and it started bleeding..

Kunj became shocked to see her arm side bleeding and became hysterical.. and started patting her face who started loosing consciousness.. due to crying continuously and due to shot which cause blood loss

Luthra saw her and said..

Luthra- ohh.. toh u were here only.. because of whom all this drama happened.. if only ur father agreed to marry u to my son .. all this would not have happened.. now its good u see u dying from my hands because of whom my son raghav died..

Luthra again shot the bullet towards twinkle but at the nick of time aman caught his hands n moved the direction of gun upwards and the bullet hit the ceiling..

Listening the voice of bullet firing, kunj came in senses and saw aman n luthra struggling with each other n gun is still in the hands of luthra.. and during the fight he made it in direction of aman ..

Kunj became horrified to see this.. as if by any chance trigger was pulled it will directly shot aman’s stomach..

Seeing this he rushed towards them making twinkle lay on ground who was whincing in pain.. as soon as he reached them.. the bullet was shot.. it directly hit aman’s waist .. Kunj was horrified seeing him.. luthra again tried to shot aman on forehead but at the nick of time police arrived n shot luthra’s hands.. n gun fell from his grip..

Seeing police luthra tried to run.. but couldnt do so as aman gripped his leg.. n soon kunj n police reached them n arrested luthra n kunj tried to help aman .. aman stopped him through hands and asked him to help twinkle.. to which he saw towards twinkle who was strugging to came towards them.. Kunj was confused where to go when a constable arrived n helped aman shift to ambulance with the help of attendent who arrived there in ambulance..

Meanwhile kunj reached twinkle n helped her till ambulance..

On the way to hospital.. both were being treated.. n soon they heached hospital… and aman was soon shifted to OT.. Both were being treated n kunj was so broken seeing them in this condition.. soon police inspector reached there.. and asked him to give the satement against luthra..

He did so n inspector informed him that he was taken in custody n the case was being filed along with the proof 0f cctv video which they fitted in that xyz place to capture his self confession.. the camera had all the proof which they need to make him pay for his every deed..

Inspector left from there talking his sign on the written statement so as to present in the court..

After a few minutes , he remembered that his maa would be worries.. he reached reception n requested to make a call.. which he was granted and asked his mom to reach hospital soon without disclosing anything to which usha became afraid and asked about the happening n why are they in hospital to which he only asked her to come here asap as he need n promised her to tell everything as soon as she reaches here..

Without wasting any minute , she asked kunj’s driver to take her to the hospital as  she was feeling thet something was not good by hearing his sons voice.,..

Soon she reached hospital n saw kunj sitting on chair keeping his heand in between his palms.. she reached to him n kept her hands on his shoulders to comfort him..

As soon as he feels somone hand son his shoulders, he looked that the person n without wasing any second.. he hugged her n started telling her about what happened …………………………………………………………………………………………..

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