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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (95) (Truth)

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Luthra was standing in front of tied up kinj and is smirking evilly ..

While talking with kunj he confessed all his crime about how he tried to marry off his son to twinkle taneja.. n how not finding twinkle in home he kiddnapped her family n killed her mom n dad with the help of his psyco son.. but twinkle’s brother karan escaped from there somehow.. which he could’nt trace till now.. n how his son kiddnaped twinkle gain in mumbai beach n when he was killed by police how he failed the breaks of his car in which his bhai n bhabhi died.. n at last the kidnapping of aliya n the fire accident..

Kunj’s eyes become red after listening how he destroyed his family n is laughing here evilly n he was not able to do anything..

Suddenly he felt his ropes loosening .. n realied that twinkle was standing behind his pilar n is trying to make the rope off his hands.. after uniting his hands.. h still didnt show him that he has been united.. n asked him about his sister..

Kunj- how.. how can u kill so many innocent ppl just because of ur son’s lust..

Luthra- no no dear.. no just because my son wanter taneja’s daughter but because of a long run rivalery too..

Twinj became confused with the new revelation..

Kunj- what?? but what rivalery u had with taneja’s ??

Luthar- ohkk.. then considering it ur last wish let me tell u the story from the beginning..

Kunj even after being united pretended to be tied n twinkle sat just behind the pillar from where no one can be able to see her.. n aman was completing his work of making the goons unconscious.. came back to his previous place where he was being ties n stood as if he was here from a long time..

Now luthra started his story..

Luthra- that blo*dy taneja n i used to be great friends in college.. but he being the most intelligent one got selected in the interview and got his desired job but me.. i was not selected due to which my father always compared me with him.. but i ignored it till the day i started liking leela but no.. no ,…no  (in rage) she fall in love with rt only.. and they both married happily.. i envied them.. but my father got me settled into ur family business n got me married to some of his friends daughter .. but me.. i toh always wanted leela na..

But one day.. he opened his own company due to his hardwork n did so good in business that within one year his company reached the heights of success.. but then a govrnmant project came .. n we both were competing for that only.. but that blo*dy rt won that too.. n me i failed.. i again failed inspite of my hardwork.. then i woved to destroy his all happines.. wheni couldnt get any happiness then how could ui allow him to be happy.. ha.. tell me.. (laughed like a psycho)

Kunj- but.. what u did then.. to i .. mean.. to destroy rt papa..

Luthra- (laughing evilly) i .. ha.. ha.. i kidnapped his daughter meera taneja.. on the day of her 3rd birthdayy.. ha aha ha.. n took her away from rt n leela.. she was the apple of eye of them n was their only happiness.. so i destroyed their happiness by kidnapping her.. i wanted to kill her too but thought why not to gained some benefit out of her.. afterall what will i get by killing her..

Kunj- what?? how can u be sooo cheap.. what what u did with that girl..

Luhra -(angryyy) aeee.. just shut up.. shut the hell up.. dont poke ur nose in between my story.. if u wanna listen then listen carefully otherwise.. get ready to die now only.. (showing him the gun)

Twinkle was sobbing by keeping her hands on her mouth after listening his cruel deeds towards her family.. Kunj too was helpless as he want him to confess all his crimes at this time only.. so he agreed to listen to him without interrupting..

Luthra again started his story..

Luthra- oh .. yeah.. where was i.. yes.. that little girl meera.. i want to admit that she was such a cute chile afterall she was my leela’s child but no she was that rt’s blood too.. so i sold her .. yes i sold her.. but before that i send her blood stained clothes to her family so that they will believe that their daughter died n wont try to find her n will live their whole life in sorrow..

But after a few days i came to know that… the gang to which i sold her were trapped by police n every childern were rescued n were sent orphnage.. but then i didnt so anything to her because what i wanted through her .,.. i had already achieved.. but i always kept track of her ..

Few years passed in their grieve.. now again they found their lost happiness in their other tow children karan and twinkle.. the day their younger daughter was born.. their life was happy again.. but that time i could nt do anything as i was entering into politics n couldnt afford a single mistake.. so i let it go for few years..

Then after 17 years or so.. my son came to me and asked me a girll.. how could i deny my one n only son.. so i approached that girl n came to know that she was none other than my enemy’s daughter.. but still for my son’s happiness.. i approached rt directly for my son’s happiness.. but he.. he denied me.. me.. then i gave him warning that i will anyhow take her daughter away from her for my son..

Rt became terrified.. she was just 19 then.. and i needed to visit out of country due to my illegal business.. but when i came back i got to know that she married off her daughter in just 2 months.. i became so angry n asked him bout her whereabouts but he.. he denied to tell me anything.. so i.. i kidnapped them.. torchered them but they didnt open their mouth.. so i.. ha ah.. i killed both of them.. but before dying they made their son escape n i could not reach him till now.. ahh.. i so wanted to kill him too but my bad luck he went underground.. i couldnt find him anywhere.. then suddenly one day.. oh that one day ,when i placed fire to the place where ur sister was kidnapped, i saw him there again.. but then again he disappeared..

Twinkle was crying listening all this.. keeping her hands on her mouth … Kunj’s eyes were also red with rage n fury.. aman was too crying listening his cruel deeds..


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