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The Ventilator girl OS (KKB)

A/N: Hi ppl! Prathi here, I know most you will be wondering where the hell is she 😅😅😅 Like I said my marriage is approaching so I am very sorry busy with stuffs. I will come back after my wedding around June. I am very sorry for making you all wait. Thought of writing next chapter of ‘Lurking in the Light Of love’ but time became my enemy so here is an OS I wrote last year around Halloween.. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.



I Have always wondered why nobody is allowed inside that storage room. Is it infested with insects? Rats? Or worst Ghosts?? Oh come on! Give me a break. And I have an awesome sister who gave me lectures about today’s date. She said, “Today is 13th not any 13th Friday 13th that too October month. You should be very careful ok?” This girl will be the end of me one day for sure. Coming to my office work, I really needed to get this 5 year old document from there. I wasn’t allowed inside it. I badly need that document to cross reference my current work. But my boss, I mean our boss said, “Pragya, Check it with your colleagues, he is an expert in that particular deal.” I sighed loudly. He noticed that and said, “Do you have any problem with your colleagues? Should I speak to him? Do you need any help in handling him?” I smiled at his concern and replied, “No, thank you, sir, it’s just that, I can’t tolerate his presence. He is so annoying!”

A fruity voice is heard, “Excuse me, sir, May I come in?” Followed by a charming face, He let himself in and started speaking to the boss, “Sir, I really need to cross reference my work with older works in here. But I heard nobody is allowed inside the store room. May I know why? Please! I really need to finish this off by tomorrow. Hey Pragya! Dint see you there! What are you doing here?” I thought to myself, ‘I have never seen a guy speak this much! How much does he speak. My sister will loose in front of him, Oh no! Actually, they would make a good pair.’ I saw him waving before my face, I came back to reality and said, “Hi Abhi! I came here exactly for the same reason. I was talking to our boss regarding that.” We both turned towards our boss and saw him sweating profusely. He wiped his forehead, saw us and said, “You both, help each other and finish the work by tomorrow and I want it the very next day! Hope I am clear. Now, get out both of you.”

We both bobbed our heads up and down and ran out wondering what got into him? We both saw each other and smiled, a smile filled with naughtiness, the one which we give our elders when we do something that they tell us not to do. We planned to get to the storage room that night and bid adieu for now. When I moved away from him I heard a honeyed voice, “Pragya… Pragya….” It was almost like a whisper. I followed that voice to reach the terrace. I saw a room locked from outside, that voice called out to me, “Pragya! Please open the door, I am stuck here.” I felt a drop in temperature, it was like walking inside a cold storage vault, my legs were pulling me towards a big steel door just like the one in banks. When I was nearing I noticed a ventilator above my head and looked up to see a pair of eyes looking at me through it. Those eyes had no eyelashes or eye lid either. I can only see two eyeballs looking at me dark red screaming blood blood blood. I felt my heart beat rise, I badly wanted to scream my throat out but no words came. Those eyes were screaming for revenge, don’t know of what sort or with whom. I neared the steel door and tried my best to open it. I was almost succeeding in opening it. That is when someone pulled me from there, a scream escaped my mouth.

And the next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital Abhi staring at me. I was about to ask him what happened, he interrupted and said, “Hey, Pragya! I was so scared. What happened? Why did you scream?” I said, “Nothing” That was all I was able to say at that time, all I wanted to do was reach home and sleep till I forget what I saw. And I don’t think I can sleep with that image always appearing in front of my eyes. I just want to divert my mind, I would do anything to do that. This guy is not stopping yapping, idea! And I did the only thing that would make him stop.

After reaching home, all I wanted to do was sleep, but Mom is MOM can’t say no to her right? Dinner is done finally, to my soft soft bed. Darling here I come… So I kept my teddy next to me and jumped on my bed and closed my eyes. Only to hear her voice again calling me, “Pragya… Pragya…” This time I felt it coming from above me. I again felt a drop in temperature, my room was always warm enough for me, but now it was cold enough to preserve a dead body. Cold so cold that I was shivering, my whole body had jitters. I thought I would die of shivering. I followed the voice and reached my bathroom to find those very same eyes. I stood rooted to the spot again and the next thing I remember is opening my eyes to a crowded office and blood in my hands…


I know right? She is impossible, quiet, caring, kind,bold, daring I just don’t have words to describe her. When I heard her scream, I thought she was trying to play a prank. When all rushed I thought to check it out only to see her unconscious on the floor next to our boss. I rushed to her side and took her to hospital. I sat next to her until she gained conscious, she was mumbling something in her sleep, “Abhi! Save me please! She has got me! She won’t leave before killing him! Help me please!” After she gained her conscious I was enquiring her what happened and was explaining her how I found her. You know what she did? She just kissed me and ask me where? In my lips! My lips! And asked me, “Abhi, can you take me home?” I just bobbed my head and dropped her at home. I wasn’t able to sleep properly. Finally, my eyes heard my prayers and closed. All I could see was her struggling with someone for her independence. A dark aura surrounding her. She was pleading with it to let her go, but in vain. All I can hear is she saying, “Abhi! Save me please! She has got me! She won’t leave before killing him! Help me please!” I woke with sweat covering my face and saw the time it was 2:00AM.

I was wondering, ‘Who is that she? And whom she wants to kill?’ That is when I remembered the story circling in our office regarding the storage room. There was a fire accident there in which a girl died in that room. If my boss had tried he could have saved her, but he chose to save his office rather than saving that girl. From that day onwards it is believed that she haunts every ventilator of our office. That was the reason every ventilators are closed. Even in bathrooms, we have an Air conditioner. That man is really afraid of her haunting him. I decided to do a background check on that girl. I searched for her details in the internet that is when I noticed, “Oh Shit!” I thought to inform about this to our Boss the first thing in the morning and dozed off.

Next day morning I woke up late and cursed myself for not getting enough sleep and reached office in a hurry. I saw so many people crowded in front of our boss’s cabin and nearing it saw Pragya sitting with blood covered hands. So, ghost do exist? Then we saw media swarming all around our office taking pictures and interviewing people. I kept Pragya from all those paparazzi and took her to safety. She was shivering in fear and I dint know how to manage her right then. I felt a cold breeze pass through me and saw Pragya smile and she lost her consciousness again. I picked her up, bridal style and drove to her home. Thank God! Everybody believed it was that ‘Ventilator girl’s’ ghost that killed her and nobody blamed Pragya for it. Even I believe in ghosts now after they told me how our boss breathed his last.


So many media people came in, who informed them? Who let them in? No idea, but all I know is our Boss has been killed by ‘The Ventilator Girl’ I saw it with my own eyes. Pragya was possessed by her, she just lifted her hands and we saw him go up, up and up till he breathed his last. I can never forget this incident, I can write books on this someday and publish it under my name ‘Ronnie’.


Fools, fools! Everyone are fools to believe ghosts exists even now. Bunch of fools!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. *breathes out* He was shocked to see me at first in this office, but enquired about our family later. I was infuriated by the way he spoke, he killed my sister, I lost my father because of that and is inquiring about my family? What rights does he has on my family now? No, nothing! He has no rights. Absolutely no rights on ‘MY FAMILY’ He showed his fake concern and I put on my fake smile and joined his company. He thinks my sister haunts the ventilators poor guy that was just a rumor I spread using one of his employees who was more than willing to help me for my sister’s sake. He closed every ventilator! OMG!! Such an idiot. I frightened him every second that I got to do it, leaving recorded voice of my sister’s laughter everywhere he goes and she calling him to come to her.

The day my sister died was coming soon and I planned to kill him that very same day. So the day before my sister died, I created a scenario like I was about to open his storage room. He pulled me aside at the last minute. I had to act as if I lost my consciousness, DAMN! But that was enough for me. The very next day I killed him with my own hands. For others who saw me it would have been like I was lifting him up in the air with just my hand gestures. But only I know how I did it.

Me, my father and my 2 sisters went fishing all the weekends, he taught us how to catch fishes. I learnt about fishing lines from my dad. Oh wondering why I am saying this now? I killed him using fishing line. I tied one around his neck when speaking to him and the other end passed through a hook on the ceiling. It took me a year to practice that perfectly. And I pulled one end strongly and he was lifted in the air in front of my eyes. I had to mess with the lights in his room to make my fishing line invisible. That’s how I killed him! Pragya Arora has avenged her sister finally. How can he escape after letting my sister Tanu die? Nikhil! From today my sister will rest in peace.*Smiling*

A/N  : Horror doesn’t always needs to be the one involving ghosts. It’s something that frightens us to the core. Each and every one of us have some hidden fear use it to bring out a new form of horror to this world.

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