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The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part Six


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It’s been a week since Pragya has been working at the cafe everything seems to be going on well for her, she has managed to develop a very good relationship with Roshni, although Roshni does talk too much and it does become annoying sometimes, but she knows that she is harmless, Saroj on the other hand is a woman who does not tolerate no sense, what she likes about her the most is that even after she found out about her being the youngest daughter of the Khurana household she didn’t treat her differently from the other employees, she scolded her if she needed to be scolded, she corrected her when she was wrong. She loved that nobody knew who she really was except Saroj.


🎶I’ve got a feeling, that today is gonna be a good day, that today is gonna be a good day, that today’s gonna be a good good day 🎶 Roshni sung, I  a not so angelic voice.


Roshni, you do know you have an ugly voice right? And I might not be into music but I am sure that that’s not the right lyrics, weren’t they singing tonight not today. ” Yes Pragya was not much of a music person, but having a sister like Tanu, she did know a few songs.


“Oh my gosh, so you do know the black Eyed Peas. ” That’s the least thing Roshni expected Pragya to know, a song by the black Eyed Peas, okay anyone, Pragya was different, she has never met a person who found music noisy like Pragya, if Pragya did listen to any songs, she preferred the ones released long before her grandma was born. “And the reason why I am singing today instead of tonight is because I have a feeling that I will meet my prince Charming today. She said this dreamily. Pragya just imagine him coming through that door with the most adorable smile. ”


As she was saying this they heard a ding, signaling that someone had entered the cafe, when they saw who had entered in the cafe, Roshni looked like her eyes would fall out of her sockets, while Pragya wanted to hide under the counter, she never wanted the person who entered to see her.


“Oh my god, Pragya pinch me, I can’t believe this is happening right now. ” she said losing breath. “Pragya, Pragya. ” When she didn’t hear or feel anything, Roshni looked around and saw that she was standing there alone, giving the man in front of her the sweetest smile which somehow made her look like an idiot, she went under the counter and begun arguing with her friend, after all where else would she have disappeared to.


“Pragya, what the hell are you doing here? ”


“Roshni, he can’t see me here please try to understand? ”


“Who are you taking about, do you mean Siddharth Khurana? Oh god, what did you do?  Pragya please tell me that you didn’t get involved in him for all the wrong reasons. ” Little did she know that the only reason Pragya was kidding from Siddharth Khurana was because she didn’t want Roshni to know that they were related.


As they were still arguing Sid began to ring the bell rather to loudly and bang his fists on the counter, knowing that if Saroj came out of her office and witnessed what was going on both will be in trouble, they both got up at the same time asking him if he needed anything.


“Why are you hiding? ” Sid asked with a raised eyebrow, looking particularly at Pragya, who nervously pushed a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.


“Um… Well sir, please forgive her, she didn’t mean anything by what she said or did, I know you are a very powerful man, but please forgive my best friend, don’t ruin, if not for her sake at least for my sake, after all she is the only friend I have, I am begging you sir, please forgive give her. ” Roshni pleaded with Sid, Pragya just covered her face feeling really embarrassed. Sid looked at Roshni with so much amusement written on his face.


“Hmmm…. Your name please? ” Sid asked with a small smile


“Roshni my name is Roshni. ” Roshni answered quickly hoping that giving him a quick answer may get her friend out of trouble.


“Why do you think I will be upset with my baby girl. ” Sid asked, this time his smile grew wider.


“Well because sh- wait what? Baby girl? Did he just call you baby girl? ” she turned and asked her friend. “Oh god, you knew that I love him and yet you kept quiet, why didn’t you say anything, I would spend the whole day talking about your boyfriend and you would just be quite, oh my he might even be you husband, and I kept ranting about how hot and s*xy he is while you just kept quiet, now I feel like a homewrecker, a husband snatcher. ” Now Roshni begun to cry.


“Rosh- ”


“I am so sorry Pragya, for thinking I stood a chance with your husband. ” Roshni apologized to Pragya, while Pragya was annoyed that she didn’t even allow her to talk, Sid found this funny as he was trying to bite back a laugh, after all, it’s not every say when he gets to see his sister in a tight spot.


“Would you please just shut up. ” Well that didn’t work as Roshni even cried louder. “Why in the world will I be married to my own brother?!! ” Pragya yelled.


“His your brother? ” Roshni quickly wiped her tears. “Oh Lord, and I told you my biggest secret about him and you just kept quiet. ” And now she was angry, she said so much and Pragya was quiet the whole time like she knew nothing about Sid.


“Well it was awkward for me but, what did you want me to say? ”


“That he is your brother, I am sure you have told him all about what I think about him. ”


“No I – ” Pragya couldn’t finish when she was cut off.


“She has told me more than just that. ” Sid said with an evil smirk on his face.


“Shut up Sid you are not helping. ”


“Okay, okay, I am sorry baby sis. ” Sid said in mock surrender. “Don’t worry Roshni, she said nothing. ”


“Phew. Thank the heavens above. ” Roshni said and a huge smile found it’s way to her lips.


“Okay to be serious, I am here because of you Roshni. ”


“WHAT?? I am your sister. ” Pragya said giving Sid and angry pout.


“No need to be jealous sweet cheeks, I came to see you as well. But Roshni’s cinnamon rolls are just to die for. ”


“You have tasted them before? ” Roshni asked I  disbelief.


“Yes, and they are just so delicious. So can I have some of them and Pragya, you know the way I like my coffee, no cream no sugar. ”


“Pragya stay here and talk to your brother, I will prepare his coffee and get his cinnamon rolls. ” Roshni offered and Pragya happily agreed. Roshni left to the kitchen while Pragya and Sid just stood looking at her with smiles on their faces.


“Your friend is something. ”


“I know she talks too much, but she is absolutely harmless. ”


“I know that. ”


“Why are you here? ” Pragya was suspicious, she knew that Sid wouldn’t just leave work for some cinnamon rolls.


“Um… Cinnamon rolls. ” Sid said nervously, it was hard to hide anything from Pragya, she was too observant.


“You know you can’t lie to me. ”


Sighing in defeat, Sid spelt the beans. “Dad, is so frustrating, he just fired his personal assistant today and this was his third assistant this month like that’s not enough he asked me to hire a new one within a week, where will I find someone. ”


“I am sorry? I don’t know what to say to you. ”


“You might not know what to say, but I am sure you can be of help. ”


“How? ”


“Please tell anyone who wants a job to come to my office anytime this week. ”


“But what if they are not qualified? ”


“Qualified, unqualified I don’t care. ” to be honest Side was tired of his father firing everyone and living him to find the right people to fill in the blanks.


“But you do know that dad will just fire them again. ”


“Then he will be proved as a bad boss. ”


“Okay. I’ll help. ”


“Your coffee and your cinnamon rolls. ” Just on time, Roshni walked out of the Kitchen with Sid’s coffee and cinnamon rolls.


“Thanks, how much is my bill? ” Sid asked taking out his wallet.


“You don’t have to pay, it’s your first time here so free of charge and, you are a special customer, special customers don’t pay. ” Roshni said as a tiny blush found it’s way to her cheeks.


“Thank you. ” Sid said as he placed his wallet back in his pocket.


“Hey that’s not fair, how come I get to pay when aunt Saroj clearly said that the leftovers are for free. ” Pragya asked her friend, Roshni always made her pay for the leftovers, but her brother just had to smile at her and he doesn’t get to pay a small dime.


“Pragya, please move closer. ” Pragya moved closer to Roshni and they began whispering some things to each other so that Sid could not hear.


“Look I want to impress him, not you, who knows if he is happy with me, we might end up married, so instead of wasting my time giving you free cinnamon rolls, I would rather give him because like that I stand a chance with him. ”


Pragya rolled her eyes at her friend. “Really? ” that was all she could ask.


“Yes. ”


“Or maybe if you impress his favorite sister, she might help you get him, isn’t that easier. ”


“Makes sense. Okay, you get the treats, for free. ”


“Yay, I love you. ”


“Okay if you guys are done whispering to each other, I am leaving now. Take care baby girl, and Roshni, it was nice meeting you. Oh and smiley next time you are talking about me don’t make it so obvious. ” he said throwing Roshni a wink.


“We were not talking about you. ” Pragya said.


“You were not. ” He pointed at his sister. “But smiley over here definitely was. Goodbye. ” Once Sid left, Roshni couldn’t stop smiling, it was more like the smile was stuck to her face like glue.


“Did you hear him? He gave me a nickname, he called me smiley, and he even winked at me. ”


“Obviously he will call you that if you keep smiling like an idiot. ”


“You are just jealous because a hot guy gave me a nickname. ” Pragya just rolled her eyes and laughed at her best friend.




With Abhishek…


Okay now I have to find a job, but where will I find one, I don’t even know anyone here, well I better start making friends because dad won’t me here to help.


Abhi went out of his little house with his backpack on his back, he rarely went out in fear of being attacked, this made his neighbors wonder about the newest member of the community. Just as Abhi locked his door, three men who rather looked like thugs approaches him.


“You are the new neighbor who doesn’t want to come out? ” The first man dressed in black said.


“Mmmmm. ”


“You don’t look like you are from around here. ” the second man in a white head soak said.


“He sure does look like a rich kid, then what could he be doing here? ” the third man in a red Hoody asked his friends.


“A runaway maybe, tired of doing what daddy tells you. ” th first man said teasingly as they all laughed.


“Um.. I mean no harm, I am just here looking for a job. ” Abhi said, he wanted to stay away from trouble, and he remembered his mother telling him to stay away from such type of people.


“No need to be scared man we are harmless, the name’s Pinto by the way and this right here is Yash and the one by the left is Rishi, nice to meet you… ”


“Ab- Karan. ”


“Karan, so where are you going, job interview? ” Pinro asked.


“Just searching around, who knows, I might get lucky. ”


“The cafe, they were looking for someone to help out, what’s the name again? Um… Um the… the white moon cafe. ”


“It’s blue moon. ” Rishi corrected Yash.


“Why call it blue when the moon is white? ” Yash asked Rishi.


“Why don’t you ask the owner? ” Rishi replied sarcastically.


“You know we can’t go there without being thrown out, our dear friend Karan(Abhi) here sure does look representable. ”


“Good luck with your job hunt Karan? ” Pinto patted Abhi’s back.


“Thanks man. ” Abhi said sincerely. ‘They are not such bad people after all. ’ Abhi thought with a smile.


Abhi quickly got in a taxi not wanting to stay there any longer.

Abhi knew that he was highly qualified to be working in a cafe, but he still knew that it was a good start and at least he will have a job, reaching his destination, he gave the taxi driver his money and quickly entered the cafe.




“Good afternoon to you what would you like to have. ” Roshni asked.


“I am actually looking for a job. ” Abhi said.


Roshni scanned Abhi from head to tall, even bending over the counter so that she can get a good look of his shoes, getting up quickly she composed herself. “I am sorry sir, but you are one week late, and why would you want to work here? ” Typical Roshni, always so nosy. “I mean look at you, with your body I am sure you can find yourself on the billboards, do you seriously want to work here? Don’t you have any shame a big man like you working in a cafe that too as a waiter? ”


“Excuse me miss, but that’s offensive you know. ”


“I know, the truth hurts doesn’t it? I mean look at you, I am sure you are one of those lazy momma’s boys who waits for mummy to do everything for you, just looking at you I can tell that you are a big baby. ”


“Hey listen here miss- ” Abhi said raising his pointer finger.


“Don’t you dare point your finger at me. ” Roshni slapped his finger away cutting him off.


Listening to the commotion going on, Pragya quickly stopped what she was doing and went to check on Roshni, only to find her arguing with a man who was rather larger than her.


“Roshni stop, I am so sorry sir. ” Pragya quickly apologized trying to hold Roshni back.


“Hey, why are you apologising? This idiot deserves to hear the truth. ”


“Roshni go to the kitchen you are needed there. ” Pragya said pointing towards the door which leads to the kitchen.


“I know you are lying. ”


“Do you want me to call your mother? ” Pragya whispered to her friend.


“I was about to leave anyway, it’s better than talking to useless fellows. ” Roshni scoffed, leaving Pragya with Abhi.


“I am sorry about that. ” Pragya apologized again.


“It’s okay, you are not the one who insulted me. ”


Pragya took a deep breath in relief. “So what may I get you? ”


“I was actually looking for a job, but your lunatic friend over there told me I am a week late. ”


“Actually, today is your lucky day, have you heard of the Khurana builders. ”


“No. ”


“You are new here aren’t you? ”  Pragya asked Abhi giving him a friendly smile.


“How did you know? ”


“In a small town like this everyone knows everyone. I am Pragya by the way. ” she introduced herself.


“Karan. ”


“Well Karan, the big boss is looking for an assistant. ”


“Really, but won’t I need an appointment? ”


“From what I heard, just go there looking for Siddharth Khurana, no appointment needed. ”


“So I can even go there now? ”


“Yep, the earlier the better. ”


“Thanks so much Pragya, you just saved my life. ”


“I am glad I could help. And here, have some of my famous cheese cake. ”


“Mmmm? ” Abhi was a little doubtful.


“I insist and it’s for free, my way to welcome you in our town. ”


“Well thanks. ”


“You are welcome, and hope I see you again, and good luck with your interview. ”


“Thanks again, for everything, and please say hi to your friend. ”


“Okay, I will bye. ” She said cheerfully. Abhi simply gave her a small wave and left the cafe.

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