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The magic of love, part 26

Yuvraj was driving to the cliff. He was certain that Suhani would be there, Shavna was with him. Suhani’s miserable face flashed in front of three of them, they were much tensed.

Yuvraj parked the car and ran to the cliff. Bhavna was about to follow him and Sharad held her hand. She looked at him.

Sh: It is between them, let them sort it out.

She nodded; they were much worried for Yuvani and tightened their hold, and stood still. Something struck both of them; they turned their face to the other side.

Shavna: By any chance if their relation is not going to work out then ours,

They stopped and looked at each other and then at their held hands. With great effort they took their hands back, It was very tough for both of them, but they had to, for they know that their siblings needs them more than they needs other. With half mind they were hoping for things to get fin and by the other half, they were preparing for their break up!


Suhani was sitting on the cliff; she was holding her memory book and was crying. She was heartbroken thinking of everything that just happened. For the first time after her accident she felt the severity of her illness.  She realised that however hard she try, she is not allowed to have a normal life!

Yuvraj came and sat beside her. She looked up at him, love reflected in his eyes and he appeared hopeful. But she was hopeless. She felt guilty seeing him, she thought of what she did a while ago, and how miserable and pleading he looked then. She cried harder. He couldn’t take it, to see her crying. He wiped her tears.

Yuv: Enough of this crying.  Now cheer up. And we will forget everything about this day, this day never came into our life.

Suh: (standing up) No Yuvraj, I won’t be able to sleep without writing about this day in my book.

He too got up.

Yuv: But why? Why do you want to write about this day?

Suh: Because this day made me realise the severity of my illness. I was such a fool, to think that everything will remain even after (she cried)….. And today I am proved wrong. Today I learned my lesson.

Yuv: (holing her shoulder) what lesson?

Suh: (crying) Dadi is right Yuvraj, I am least fortunate; I can’t even remember the faces of people who love me. I, I shouted at you!

Yuv: Suhani enough! Why are you saying all these? We will try that such a situation never occurs in our life anymore.

Suh: But you can’t guarantee it Yuvraj, my brain won’t cooperate, see I forget you, YOU. (crying) If, if we met before my accident…

She cried even harder.

Yuv: (cupping her face and trying to calm her) Suhani please, control yourself, you are getting carried away, that’s why you are saying all these, being this pessimistic, once you calm down, we can discuss about all these. I am sure such a situation will not come in our life. We will take precautions, we will remain careful, and we can do that, because we love each other truly.

He looked very hopeful. She took off his hands.

Suh: True love my foot! There is nothing called true love. Love, soul mates… everything is just fake! Even if it is true, then it is not meant for me. Otherwise, come what may, I would not have forgotten your face and all these would not have occurred. So let us end this…. (Crying) let us, let us end this for ever.

Yuvraj was shocked and pulled her onwards him.

Yuv: (firmly) by writing few lines on your book, you can’t end our relation just like that.

Suh: (holding her together) I am not going to write anything, but I am going to tear off all your memoires from this book. So that even if I wish, I won’t be able to remember you tomorrow and ever again.

She started to tear off the pages, but it was taking a great deal for her to do it and she was crying. He was hell shocked. He stopped her.

Yuv: You just can’t do this!

Suh: I will do this and I will leave this city today itself! You told me about our first date, the one I forgot. I didn’t know why I did it, but now,

Yuv: Know what? So you think that you forgot that day because you are not fit to love?

She didn’t respond, but continued tearing pages.

Yuv: Suhani please, stop it, JUST STOP IT. You always say na things happens for a reason. Then tell me why did we meet? Why did we get this close?

Suh: To make me realise the flaws I have, to make me realise that I am capable of leading a normal life. And in your case to make you realise that it is Soumya and not I who is born for you! And that we are meant to part!

Yuvraj was numb by shock, he couldn’t say a thing. She tore every detail about him from her book.

Suh: I am leaving… I am leaving you forever, your happiness lies in this and not in staying with me. Ha, have a good life.

She ran from there crying and he dropped into his knees.


Suhani came running and hugged Bhavna.

Suh: Di, I want to leave, I want to leave this city today itself.

Bhavna hugged her back. Sharad was shocked to hear this and ran to Yuvraj.

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