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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 18)

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Sanskar fine.. swasan cute moments

Lakshya was watching sanskar’s smile when he was with swara. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find ragini standing behind him smiling.
Lakshya: you woke up..
Ragini: i didn’t sleep… Who sleeps on the happy nights.
Lakshya smiled at her.

Lakshya: i am missing something.
Ragini: what…
Lakshya: your bubbliness.. your chirps… Your continuous bak bak… I am missing that..
Ragini looked at lakshya and smiled again.
Ragini: now you have come back na… Everything will come back.
Lakshya: time has made you mature…
Ragini: but i am still your little ragu for you… Time had changed everything about me but not the love of me for you. Now i got to know why god kept me alive. Because my life was waiting for me.
Lakshya felt tears on his cheeks.

Lakshya: i did wrong na… I gave you so much pain.
Ragini: shhhhh…. It’s not your fault and never will be.. you fought death… You came back.
Lakshya embraced bn ragini. Ragini closed his eyes and tried to lose herself in lakshya’s arms when she heard a coughing sound. She turned to find swara standing there trying to control her smile.
Swara: na na… Maine kch nhi dekha… I haven’t seen anything…
Lakshya scratched his hair and looked at ragini. Ragini put her dupatta on her head again
Ragini: swara ki bachhi… Aa gyi na chehre p rounak tmhare…. See the redness of your cheeks first then tease me..
Swara blushed. Lakshya smiled.

Lakshya: bhabhi..
Swara: you can call me by my name… I am quite younger than you….
Lakshya: so… Ok… Swara… Waise i am your long lost devar…
Swara: the life of palace will be more suitable name for you.. since you have come back,faces of rani ma ,mahraj ,and ragini didi are glowing with joy. Only your brother is remaining.
Lakshya: i will meet him soon. Actually he is not well na… N this will be a big shock cum happiness for him. I want him to capture these moments in his eyes forever.
Swara smiled. She looked at ragini.
Ragini: happiness is back in this palace. One card is down …two are still left.
Swara: can’t we just go and tell everything to maharaj about Kaveri and kavita.

Lakshya: he will not believe on anything. He wants proof. And Kaveri is a big drama queen. She is more cunning than we have imagined.
Ragini: what has she done now?
Lakshya: in front of maharaj she cried and slapped adarsh. Maharaj was about to give death penalty to adarsh but she stopped him saying his death will end his suffering therefore keep him in prison for lifetime.

Swara: but….
Ragini: we have to do something.
Lakshya: sure.. but first let bhai get fine. I am missing his scoldings and beatings.

It was nearly afternoon when sanskar felt a caress on his head. He opened his eyes to find ap caressing his hair and looking at him gently. He tried to get up but felt an ache in his chest. He found two hands supporting him. It was dp.
Dp: lie down beta. You need rest.
Sanskar lied down back holding his chest. He then looked at ap and smiled.
Sanskar: ma…
It was too awkward for him to say anything. He was not used to be cared.
Ap: just came to meet you…
Sanskar smiled. Ap put his head in her lap. He smiled and closed his eyes.
Ap: i use to make you sleep like this when you were a little kid.
Suddenly swara came.
Swara: ma… I ve made what you said

Ap: give it to me. And you go and take some rest.
Swara looked at sanskar and then at ap.
Swara: bas ma… You all have your food then pakka i wil..
Sanskar was looking at her with a cute smile as she went out.
Ap: this girl …. Pagli h ye… Sanskar destiny gave you the best life partner.
Sanskar smiled a little.
Dp: she is indeed a good soul. Don’t ever mistrust her sanskar.

Swara came inside sanskar’s room. He was reading something written on a paper. It was looking like a document. Swara didn’t want to disturb him. She kept water near him and coughed a little. Sanskar didn’t listen. Swara again coughed a little. Sanskar again didn’t listen.
Swara: it seems he got a problem in his ears… Huh..
Sanskar(without lifting his gaze from documents) : my ears are fine but it seems there is a problem in your throat.
Glass fell down from her hand.

Swara: you… You were listening..
Sanskar(again without lifting his gaze): don’t you ever think i am not paying attention.
Swara: then you must also have listened to the doctor who asked you to take rest.
Sanskar: yeah…
Swara: then also
Sanskar: there is a difference between listening and obeying.
Swara: ok.. don’t obey him.. but you will listen to rani ma right.
Hearing the word rani ma sanskar looked at her and kept the document under his pillow.
Sanskar: offo swara… You don’t even care about me. I will fall ill if i don’t work.
Swara was not able to control het laugh.
Swara: it’s the matter of a few days. Get well soon first and then do as much work as you please.
Sanskar smiled at her.
Sanskar: can i ask one thing?
Swara: hmm

Sanskar: was i that much ill… Was my condition so bad?
Swara felt a chill running down her spine remembering that night. She looked at one side to wipe her tear before even it can start it’s journey to her cheeks.
Swara: nah. . Just unconscious…
Sanskar: but your eyes are telling something different.

Swara: mine… No… I was not crying.
Sanskar smiled and drank the medicine kept nearby.
Sanskar: ok i got it…
Swara: now sleep…
Sanskar: but you should definitely need treatment of your ear… I didn’t even said you were crying.
Swara felt heat rushing down her cheeks. She lowered her gaze.
Sanskar: you too sleep.
Swara nodded. She dimmed the lamps. Sanskar looked at her. Was it reality or dream but he felt suddenly swara as the most beautiful girl in this world. In the dim light her face was glowing. Sanskar didn’t want to close his eyes but the effect of medicine forced him to sleep. Swara sat on the couch nearby. This was again going to be a sleepless night for her. How can she sleep when her love is in pain.

@ap’s room
Lakshya was lying in ap’s lap. Ap was reminiscing the moments she spent assuming her son dead.
Ap: you have become quite thin lakshya.
Lakshya : you always say this. Today also you force fed me a lot of puris and now also… God knows what will you feed me next.
Ap: so… You were away for two years and now you have come so it’s my duty to feed you your part in these two days.

Lakshya: hey bhgwan… Save me..
Ap pulled his ears…
Lakshya: ma… Do you want to make me eat from my ears….
Ap: badmash….

@ragini’s room
Ragini was sitting in the bed staring at the moon. The glow on her face was no less than a bride. She looked at the bangles in her hand. Red and golden. Lakshya always liked those. On their wedding night lakshya gifted golden bangles to her. She blushed thinking about their wedding night.
A voice broke her trance.”blushing hard”
She looked at the direction and found swara standing on the door.
Ragini: swara… Tu b na…
Ragini threw a pillow on her. Swara caught the pillow and laughed
Swara: oh… So lakshya should have been here haa…
Ragini: if you say a word…
Swara: okkk… I will not.. but your blushing glow is not going haa…

Ragini threw another pillow at her.
Ragini: go to your husband.
Swara: he s asleep. And i found lakshya with rani ma… So i felt i should come here
to give you company..
Ragini pulled swaraa’s ear…
Ragini: company haa… Wait… Let sanskar bhai get fine… Then i will see…
Swara blushed.

Ragini: ohhh… So now who is blushing.
Swara: yeah… Theek hhh…. Koi nhi… It happens.
Swara ran from her room. Lakshya saw her running out. He entered the room.
Lakshya: ragu… It seems you devrani jethani will rule on we two brothers.
Ragini: so.. do you have any problem.
Lakshya held her hand and pulled her closer.
Lakshya: never… I am a prince and i bow down to my princess.
Ragini turned and blushed hard.
Lakshya: ragu… Do you still love me the same.
Ragini turned towards him.
Ragini: i am alive because your love kept me.. do you want any other proof

Lakshya: no…
He covered her in a tight embrace. Their heartbeats were synchronous. The lost soul finally met his owner. Lakshya kissed her lightly on her forehead.
Lakshya: you may be tired. Sleep.
Ragini nodded.

Sanlak meet… Trip to orphanage

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