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Sanky ki Dulhania (part 11)

Now as u read the previous part that Shekhar called DP and AP to talk about Swasan’s marriage which gave 440 volts shock to Swara.

Ap: We already know that Swara is Shekhar Bhai Sahab’s daughter and a good girl. I think we can’t find a girl like her for our Sanky.

Shekhar (under his breath): Yeah u can’t find a mental girl like her anywhere.

Swara: Noo..noo.. Aunty I am very weak in studies

Shekhar glared Swara and she shut her mouth there only.

DP: Swara.. Shekhar told us that u r trying ur best in studies it’s enough..

Swara(mumbled): When I tried and that too my best.

Ragini clutched Swara’s hand to make her mouth shut.

Shumi: So what u guys thought??

Swara was about to poke her nose again in already going well job but before she could say something Ragini hold her hand and took her outside the house saying that they have some work.

Swara: What is this di..!! Why you brought me here??

Ragini: Shut up Swara now everything is going well don’t poke ur nose now.

Swara: Nothing is going well… can’t you see Ma Baba are planning for my and Sanskar’s marriage..! I am unable to understand how this idea of our marriage popped in their mind suddenly..!!

Ragini: I told Baba that u love Sanskar and convinced him..

Swara: What???

Ragini: Yes..I did it.

Swara: But..why diii..why u did it??
Don’t u know he loves Kavita. He won’t be happy with me..I want his happiness only.

Ragini: What Kavita Kavita haan..now don’t take her name again..huh such a lizard she is. Swara kisi pagal kute ne kata hai kya tumhe..if everything is going well why u r doing this..see Swara if u want his happiness I also want my sister’s happiness.
U yourself told me yesterday na that u love him I saw true love for him always in ur eyes..Swara I am requesting u kyu paiir pe kulhadi mar rhi hai.

Swara: Firstly don’t compare her with lizi..lizzis are so sweet creatures and she is huh and..Dii…..u don’t know what u did u put me in a problem now I can’t deny Baba nor I can marry Sanskar.

Just then a servent came there.
Servant: Shekhar sir is calling u Swara mam.

Swara looked Ragini helplessly and went in.

Ragini also went inside.
AP hugged Swara when she reached inside.

AP( caressing Swara’s hairs ): We fixed ur marriage Swara.

Again Swara got Pikachu’s thunderbolt.

Swara looked towards Shekhar and he too nodded in yes.

Swara(in mind):Baba u never ever agreed to buy a chocolate for me so sooner and today for marriage how u agreed so soon??

Swara: How..it can happen..! I mean how we can take this decision when Sanskar is not present here…in his absence it’s not right na..

AP: You love Sanskar so u only give this surprise to him.

Swara(in mind): What surprise I give him..I am surprised myself here..What he will think about me that instead of helping him I fixed my marriage with him.. how I tell this to him..this Ragini di is just huh..Di calls me Troublemaker but now see she herself created this trouble the truth is that I became a trouble loader now…

Dp: What happened beta??

Swara(murmured): Satyanas.

Ap: Did u said anything??

Swara: No nothing.. aunty.

Shumi: Swara..u know what your engagement is tomorrow only.

Again a shock for Swara.

Swara: But Sanskar don’t know about this..!!

Shekhar : so for whom u r waiting go and tell him.

AP: Swara go..

Swara(in mind): Normally I have to request for going out and today all are forcing me to go. Why god why u do this me..

Shumi: Swara…!!

Swara glared Ragini and went to MM.

She told everything to Sanky. Now it’ his turn to get pikachu’s thunderbolt.

Sanskar: What we will do now??

Swara: we will run away

Sanskar: What??

Swara winked and the screen freeze on her face.


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