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Rudra singh oberoi – The cute prince .. (chapter-04) shivay revealed the plan..

chapter:-04.. (shivay revealed the plan)

shivay:- are you mad annika??? Now you’re gone…

He smirks and hold her hand and dragged her toward his car…

Anikka:- leave my hand shivay .. leave me.. billu listen to me…

shivay turns and their eyes are meeting each other.. after long time he hear the word “billu” from her… his heart feel the pleasure and pain….after the 5min they breack the eyelock…



Shivay makes her sit on the car seat forcely and lock the door.. he drive the car fastly and stop the lone placem.. anikka don’t speak anything because she know he never do anything with her in his room…


FLASHBACK👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉 when she first meet shivay her heart felt the feeling of love …. his heart also feel the same his eys are the witness for that…      in the entry of oberoi mansion..

annika :-bhaiya wait i don’t finish my ice cream … 

arjun:- ani is this icecream is more important than my meeting .. please throw that in dustbins and come with me…

anikka:- don’t cheat me.. you’re the one who promise me as brought icecresm for never allow me to go to the trip with my friends.. then bear my punishment..

arjun:-ok .. ok.. but finsh fast…

But anikka ignore him and enjoy her icecream.. she bite some icecream and close her eyes and feel the taste of that.. and turn in pleasure that time shivay colide with her.. his full shirt is fill with chocolate ice cream..

annika:-so… so…

shivay:-stop it.. are you crazy .. this is not ice cream shop .. this is oberoi office .. behave with some sense..

she turn angry bird with his attitude speech..and splash the class of water in his face..

arjun about to speack but annika stop him with her singh .. so he decided to enjoy their fighting after their childhood .. because now they are don’t know each other..

annika:- stop it mister.. if you sell your ear before enter the world. Why are you never listen to me.. this is just a accident .. you now who am i???? I’m sister of arjun who came here to make deal with the sso…

shivay :- sso???

anikka:- yeh .. the great ston…mm.. shivay singh oberoi .. my childhood enemy .. are you one of the emloye I’m i correct… that way you also like that billu!!

Shivay :-billu!!

arjun smile..

shivay:- arjun is this anikka???

Arjun:-yes shivay!!😃😃 and anikka this shivay 😊😊..

They turn their face obbocite diraction🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

flash back end…….

Shivay in surprise because of her sudden silent ….


Anikka:- are you listen to me or not???

shivay come close to her and tightly hug her and whisper to her ear…. “annika listen i know rudra is in your home because i plans this …when i find him in hotel with friends i want to hide him in safe place that why i send him to your house no one will find that .. rudra never know i make this plan.. “

Episode end with her shock face….

Percap:-om run after the girl.. and tell stop don’t run .. stop.. she fall down in the well.. om look on shock…

A/n:-forgive my typing error😌

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