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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-23)

The episode starts with Twinkle and Geethanjali entering Luthras mansion

As they enter inside they saw a fuming Anita..Seeing geethanjali anita goes to her and drags her inside Anita’s room

pakhi on the other hand takes twinkle

Anita’s room

Geethu : Mom..what is going on..why are you so angry..

Anita : You want me not to be angry on such a shameless thing you did..

Geethu : What..what did I do

Anita : I have given you full freedom..I always wanted you to follow your dreams but you..

Geethu : Stop it mom..please tell me what happened.

Anita throws her phone to geethu…On her phone she sees that the vedio of Abhi draging her into the trail room..which is geting viral..

She is shocked..


Vikram and viraj are contuinously getting calls from their business patners and friends due to the vedio …

Whaen abhi maya and yuvi enters they are also amused to see their family tense…

Abhi : What happened dad..is evrything okay..

Vikram slaps Abhi

Abhi : Dad..

Vikram : Stop calling me your dad..

Yuvi : Bade papa what happened..

Viraj : Yuvi ..

Yuvi : Dad..whats going on..

viraj gives yuvi the phone and the trio also sees the vedio..

Abhi : It was..

Falguni : an accident..

Payal : You want us to belive it was an accident like the next time..

Abhi : Dad…i really can explain that..

Vikram goes from there without listen to him so as others..



Anita : Geethu..i have to tell you something

Geethu : Yes mom..

Anita ; How much months is left for your course

Geethu : 3 ..

Anita : Anshuman maje sure that from today she never take a step outside this house alone…

Anshuman , pakhi , Twinkle and geethu are shocked hearing her decision..

Anshuman : But mom..

Geethu : Mom please i have to finish my course

Anita : I have decided

Geethu again arguees…anita slaps geethu and locks her in her room..



Lucky : Bhai.. we are waiting for you..to dine..

Abhi : Did..mom and dad had dinner

Lucky : Yes bhai..its juat us now..

Abhi : I am not hungry..you guys go

Yuvi comes their and huggs Abhi

Yuvi : I am sorry bhai

Abhi : You haven’t done anything.. it was just me who..

Maya : Not you..its your anger

Naira : Ha..you have to control your anger..its so irritating..

Maya leans to abhi’s sholder

Maya : Abhi…… i am thinking about Geethu.. how will be her family react on this…

Just them Falguni comes there..

Falguni : Come on kids, Go to your respective room its getting too late..

They all goes …Abhimanyu lies down to his bed and thinks of Geethu…


Arjun was looking at his phone just then ragini enters..

Ragini : Are you calling bhabi..

Arjun : No..

Ragini : I thought you were..

Arjun : Do you think i should call her..

Ragini : Of course

Arjun takes the contact list of his phone  and looks at ragini

Arjun : Its too late its not good to call at this time you, ragini go and sleep

Ragini goes from there saying god gave her an unromantic brother..

Arjun takes the phone and thinks of calling her..



Maya is sleeping ..someone enters through the window af her room and sits in the chair which is next to her bed..its vansh…the removes mayas hair which was covering her face..Maya feels uncomfortable and opens her eyes and is shocked to see Vansh..she was about to shout when vansh covers her mouth

Vansh : Don’t you dare scream…. you know what i want from you..its just..

he comes more close to her …she struggles

Vansh : Don’t worry I won’t do anything .. i came here just to show how far i can go.. your brother gave me a warning.. and i have given him a punishment… like tit for tat..

Maya is shocked to know that vansh spreaded the vedio..she was crying and her eyes were red as she was scared of him


Arjun gets ready to go some where and goes out taking his car..



Vansh : Next time..it will that arjun who is going to suffer asks him to get ready Maya be a good gorl and be quite of you scream I will tell everyone that you have called me..Ok..so be a good girl..        and be ready..for whay i have asked..

He gives a dirty look to Maya and goes out through the window..

Maya huggs a pillow and starts crying..

Precap : Abhi tells that he likes Geethu and wants to marry her

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