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Revenge or love? Rikara story

Om: no mum, don’t sell me!
A little Om cried. He was going away from his mother and father in fact his entire family.
Jhanvi: ekdum chup! You are going to be a servant else my name isn’t Jhanvi Oberoi.
Om: dad, see mum is being very mean.
Tej: shut up! You are going to work now!
A tall man, quite old came up the stage and Dadi threw Om on the stage.
Man: ok so this boy, healthy, smart, strong and responsible. Place your biddings!
‘100 rupees!’
‘2000 rupees!’
‘8000 rupees!’
’20 lakhs’
Man: twenty lakhs! This boy is now…….
The man who shouted 20 lakhs face was shown. Kaali….. Kaali Thakur.
Man: name?
Kaali: Kaali! Kaali Thakur.
The man threw Om to Kaali and Om’s so called family left him with a monster.
Kaali: you are now my property. My servant. You live under my rules only. One, no education! Two, your name isn’t Omkara anymore it is Tiger! And three, you will serve me, my wife and son.
Om nodded nervously. Kaali beaten him up with a wooden stick.
Om: aaah!
Kaali: get used to it.
He grabbed om by the wrist and took him to his jeep and to his mansion/palace.
Om in mind: I will get my revenge.
precap: little gauri

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  1. Nice story line

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