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RAB SE SONA ISHQ – Twinj episode 3

Episode 3

London uk 🇬🇧 @….
Kunj was standing still in his balcony just admiring moon.Just than he felt weight on his both side shoulders.he knows who they are. It’s none other than om and rudra. They both resting their head on kunj both side shoulders.
Om: what happened big bro?.
Kunj: nothing just simply standing seeing moon.
Rudra: bhaiyaaa you know I miss you so much. Very day and night asked O.
Om: yeah this duffer Sarna this teasing me in nights and disturbing my sleeps.
Kunj: great one.
Om: now what going on in your mind.? Before kunj reply to him rudra interpret.
Rudra: I know what going on bhaiya mind.
He think about our further bhabhi😝. Kunj look at him and give him drastic look.
Om: really duffer..
Kunj: wait. Kunj turned and look at on rudra face.nowadays you speak too much rudra haa. Even in front of everyone.
What Bhabhi Bhabhi haa?
Rudra: your wife is our bhabhi hain na O.
Kunj: if you again speak this word I’ll not
Leave you. Om laughing to see kunj irritated face. Kunj see him.
Kunj: what funny in this Om haa. Even you too supporting him.
Om: Arey first time our duffer Sarna is right 😂😝.. we too wanted Bhabhi. 😝. They both ran while kunj running behind them.they three of them running in whole room like in some garden.Kunj throwing cushions on them. Even they too.Just than Kunj catch rudra. Rudra fall on the bed. While Kunj come top of him. Om come lay beside them. Rudra closing his eyes in fear.
Kunj: now open your eyes..
Rudra: bhaiya please don’t beat me.from side om pulling his cheeks.
Kunj: ab bol what did you say?? Rudra looking at Kunj face with puppy face.
Om: bhabhi 😂😂😝..
rudra: bhaiya get up from me.😝 I’m straight man 😝😝.Om and Kunj look at on each other face. Do this with Bhabhi 😂😝. Om laughing like anything.Kunj give slap them playfully. Lay in middle of them.Om and rudra heads resting on kunj hands.Both cuddles Kunj tightly like a baby.
Kunj: now you both tell me in my absence what you both did?
Om: nothing much as you know.
Kunj: what about your exhibition.
Om:exhibition delay for sometime all over sculpture is ready.
Kunj: good. And about him..
Rudra: like always I’m great..
Kunj: I know this tell me about your studies.
Rudra: studies going on.. bhaiya.
Kunj: listen rudra if you didn’t get good marks in exams I’ll not leave you at this time.
Om: yeah even me too.
Rudra: haa see this when exams come right now I’m fully free.
Om: tu busy hi kab hota hai😂.
Rudra: huhu O. Bhaiya what you did..
Kunj: I didn’t go for holidays as you know I went for work so only work hi na.
Rudra: boring bhaiya.. 😂.
Kunj: now let’s sleep it’s too late..
om: yeah.. Kunj pulling blanket with the help of his toes and covered them fully. They three of them sleep in hugging position.

Next day India 🇮🇳..
twinkle sleeping in her balcony. Sun light coming on her face. Due to this she wakes up and get up..
Twinkle: when did I come here haa. She holds her head and think. Last night only I sleep here itself. She stands up and see sky beautiful scenario is there.Twinkle see two birds busy in romance.She sees and smile.
Twinkle: aww so cute.. she stands there for sometime feel the environment. Later she went in her room. She went towards wardrobe take out her clothes. And went in washroom for shower. Next side in downstairs.Leela busy in kitchen giving instructions to chefs and servants make breakfast fast.. Mahi come down after fully get ready for college. She went in kitchen and see Leela. She went towards her give her back hugged.
Mahi: MAA good morning. Leela turned and see her..
Leela:good morning my girl..you wake up good.
Mahi: MAA I’ll help.
Leela: no beta you go and see your elder sister she got ready or not papa ji and Bebe will come for pooja.
Mahi: okay. Mahi went upstairs goes in twinkle. Twinkle come out of the washroom went towards dressing table she dry her hairs. Mahi come sit on the bed and seeing her.
Mahi: di do fast MAA calling you.
Twinkle: yeah just a one minute. She gets ready fully looking extremely beautiful like always. Let’s go mahi.Twinkle took her bag and they both moved too downstairs.
Twinkle went near mandir and see all things.Later everyone comes for pooja. Today mahi and twinkle both did pooja together nicely.After pooja.
Leela: now you all come have your breakfast.They all moved towards dinning table sit. Servant come place all breakfast and serving too. While twinkle get irritated with chiraag messages and calls.
Rt: Leela today I invited malika parents for lunch so you did all arrangements too.
Kabir: Papa they come when?
Rt: last night only I had Rishab call, so I invited them for lunch and fixing your and malika marriage too. Twinkle and Mahi giggles while Kabir blushing.
(Guys Kabir and malika role-playing Karanvir bohra and Surbhi Jyoti).
Leela: that’s great news.
Hansh: I’ll call guru ji too he’ll find good Maurat for them.
Bebe: right ji.
Twinkle: great Bhai Bhabhi ahmmm😝😝
Kabir: shut up soon your time will come baby my jija ji😝😝😝.. twinkle looking here and there after listening jija ji name. Others enjoying it.
Mahi: okay I’ll go.
Twinkle: wait I’m too coming.
Mahi: haa.
Kabir: wait I’ll drop you both.
Twinkle: good idea Bhai between your office route is different.Twinkle winked at Kabir, while he didn’t know what to say..
Mahi: yeah Bhai. It’s totally different way..
Twinkle: I understand Bhai Bhabhi is there na..
Kabir:whatever bebe tell guru ji find boy for her soon.
Twinkle: no Bebe. 😭.
Kabir: now you both come nahi toh I’ll leave you both here and my jija’s will not come and pick up you both 😂😝.Twinkle Ansh Mahi making puppy faces on him. They both took their bags and ran behind Kabir. Bebe and hansh or Rt and Leela laugh on them.
Bebe: pagal hai teeno ke teeno..
Leela: haa Bebe.
Rt: really just because of them this house filled with happiness and laugh sound. One day.
Leela: offo aap bhi.
Hansh: haa Ram puttar.
Rt: okay Leela I’m going office you please see each and everything and tell to Mahi and twinkle come early from college today.
Leela: okay ji. Now you. Rt left for office.
While Kabir busy in call twinkle and Mahi waiting for him. Later he come they sit in car left for college. Soon they reached college gate.Twinkle and Mahi come out. Yuvi come early today 😂. He sees them and went towards their car.
Yuvi: hi hot girls.. Kabir opens the Mirror and say hi to Yuvi.
Kabir: hot girls Yuvi 😝😝 what going on?
Yuvi: nothIng Kabir bro. Today you drop them haa.
Twinkle: nope he come to meet with his soon wifey Yuvi 😂😝. He drops us never.
Yuvi: hoo 😂.
Kabir: Yuvi be careful soon your besti going and leave you. Yuvi look at twinkle face in confusion.
Yuvi: mean?
Kabir: abey saadi bebe and dadu searching boy for him 😝😝in Amritsar express speed 😂😂. After don’t call her hoti 😂.
Twinkle: bhai😡😡..
Yuvi: epic Kabir bro😂😂.Twinkle started beating Yuvi with her bag. Kabir laughing.
Before twinkle attract to Kabir he started his car and left for here. Mahi smiling see them. Yuvi ran from here while Twinkle run behind him they both running in whole college.Mahi went in her class.Asha and Chinki come with their husbands. Raj and Naman.They marry before completing their studies. So still studying together.
Yuvi come hide behind Asha.
Yuvi: Arey Asha help me..
Asha: now what you did Yuvi?
Twinkle: Asha side today I’ll not leave him.
Chinki: what happened actually.Yuvi laughing twinkle gritting her teeth’s.
Yuvi: Arey What I did nothing. All Kabir bro.
Chinki: tell me Yuvi. Yuvi controlling his laugh badly.
Twinkle: you were so curious haa😡😝.
Yuvi tell them everything they too laugh like anything.
Naman: Twinkle baath toh hasne wali hi hai. Just than chiraag come there.
Asha: lo aagay jija ji ki line me hai😝😛.
Just than bell ring.

Raj: girls let’s go if professor will come he again scolds us and doing our bezzati.
Yuvi: haa chalo. If we went on time we’ll do his bezzati😂😂😝😝..they all went in their class room. Today they all sit in one line Naman and raj and yuvi and Rishi or twinkle and Chinki ,Asha. Others busy in gossiping. Later professor comes he is very much strict. All stand up and greet him and wish good morning. While Yuvi and Rishi not fully stand up, and he sees them.
Professor:can’t you both stand properly your legs is paining in this haa.They both immediately stand fully.
Professor:now open your books. All did what he say. Whole class like this they Didn’t have voice in their mouth. Behaved like they are deaf- and- dumb😝😝. Professor give them some sums. He done with his explanation. Well other class just busy in copy they didn’t listen what he say how he Solved the sums. Now all started sweating.
Professor: solve next sums itself I’ll check it.. Those are good at mathematics they did anyhow they know him how he is. Professor went towards students roaming here and there while Yuvi checking Rishi whether he did or not if he did he’ll copy it.

Yuvi: abey do fast what you will in exam in this speed. Rishi give him look😝😂.
Rishi: abey oyye aapni soch thoda apna dimaag laga bhai.. 😂 he solved.
Yuvi: abey check again last time ki tara tera answer wrong hua toh. And he understood that we copied from each other’s.
Rishi: we not you only samja.
Professor: done or not. All say yes sir.
One girl she is topper of class. She raised her hand.
Neha: sir plz can you explain other sums.
Professor: yes good girl only she had doubt what about you all. Seemed everyone is topper no doubt quite impressive.
Yuvi: this Neha na. Why all doubt had these toppers saale..
Rishi: because they used Their brains not like us 😂😂😂. Without solving how you can you find any doubt.
Yuvi: whatever still we all are in same class what they got it.oscar toh nahi mila😂. Professor come near Yuvi see him. Covering his note with his hands.
Professor: hello mr Yuvraj Luthra. I don’t understand you why you come in college when you don’t want to study.
Yuvi: sir parents send it 😂😂. He laughs shamelessly 😂😂.
Professor: idiot. Boy.
Yuvi: thanks sir after all I’m your student 😂.. Others laughing. Professor see them.
Professor: why you all showing your teeth’s haa any Colgate advertisement Is going on haa.
Yuvi: sir you know better than us. Just than bell ring. All get happy. Professor give them look and went out of the class.
Yuvi: Arey sir wait advertisement still left😂..
twinkle: Yuvi you are really mad don’t you scare with him haa.
Yuvi:chup scare aur iss se haat. Last night I caught him with lalita Madam both having candlelight dinner.
Chinki: what😝.
Rishi: he is right.
Chiraag: lets go guys. Now who will sit in another boring lecture.
Yuvi: true.. Neha hai humari.
Rishi: Yuvi you were finding gf haina Neha is good😂😂what do you say? All laugh out.
Yuvi: even you too finding even I have someone for you just than female cleaner passed from there Yuvi see her. She really so fat. 😂.
Yuvi: see bhabhi ka naam liya and she come too. He forwarded his hands towards her. All see and shocked while Rishi drenched in water 😂😂😂..
raj: what a combination😂😂..
Naman: true Bhai great choice..
Rishi: shut up saalo.
Yuvi: now what happened Bhai Bhabhi pasand nahi aai😝😝😝😝.. she is good in her work and other things you can check personally 😝😝😜. Rishi give him punch.
Twinkle: bas guys now my stomach started paining stop it..
Asha: aaj maza aagaya.
Rishi: tu miliyo mujhe saale.
Yuvi: same.. Should I call Bhabhi. 😝.Yuvi ran after they all went in garden. Boys playing cricket with book and sharpener.
Girls having 🥪 sandwiches.
Next side in London. India is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of London. They have almost 4 and half hours time difference between each other’s so..

Kunj doing jogging having Bluetooth on his ear. Sweating like anything. While om too.
They both doing together. Later they both get tired. And sit near table.
Om: bro do your calls later even in jogging too.
Kunj: what to do some urgent calls. They both have water.
Om: let’s go. Dadi must be waiting for us.
Kunj: till now nobody is wakeup.Let’s go. They both ran and went home.
Sarna [email protected]
Kunj and om entered in hall. And find Lata sitting.They both went towards her sit beside her and rest their head on her shoulders.
Om: dadi. She smiled..
Kunj: good morning..
Lata: good morning. She cupped their face and wiped their face with her duppta.
Lata: look at Kunj your face become so red. You both go and get freshen up I’ll see your dadi..
om: dadu didn’t wake up.
Lata: kab se. As always he busy in his yoga 🧘‍♂️.They both give kiss on her cheeks went upstairs.They three of them mostly using kunj rooms. And they have their one big lavish siblings room too. Sleep together have fun. Om and Kunj entered in room and find rudra still sleeping peacefully. His legs flying in air. And hands fully open arms 😂.
Kunj: iss ka kuch nahi ho sakta hai.Both
Moved towards him and jumped on the bed.But Rudra is rudra.He didn’t give shit to them. Kunj and om tickles him. Rudra just moving his hands and making puppy faces.
Kunj: wake up my lill bro.. It’s morning.
Om: yeah and stop your dirty dreams.
They both whispering in his ears. At last rudra wake up. And making his eyes balls big.
Kunj:don’t see us like this. Don’t worry bhabhi isn’t come till now 😝. Om pulled the blanket and while Rudra in his boxers.
Kunj: sometimes wear your clothes give some kasht to your body ru. Rudra waked up and sit there only his hands resting around OM and kunj neck.
Rudra:Bhaiya I have s*x pack abs and girls just dying for me.. I’m before speak.
Om:duffer m I right. Rudra show him his teeth in fuming way).
Kunj: go and get freshen up our 3rd sister 😂..
Om: straight sister go fast don’t you want your Bhabhi. Now kunj look at om. Rudra and om did hifi .😝kunj give them tapli on their heads. Take his clothes went in washroom.
Rudra: yeah Bhaiya will not give us Bhabhi very soon we have to do something O.
Om: what?
Rudra: I have an idea o.
Om:so finally your dumb brain is started working.Om gets up and went in his room.
While rudra get up started doing pushups.
Later Kunj come out of the washroom and find rudra. He nodded his head and went towards mirror. Soon he gets ready fully.
Rudra: Bhaiya even you too do pushups like me girls will run behind you.
Kunj: not interested. Kunj check his watch and see the time. Rudra now you 45 minutes to get ready and have your breakfast for your college. So come down nahi toh I’ll make your pushups get it. Kunj went downstairs well rudra run in washroom within no time he gets ready. Now each and every one come downstairs.
All went towards mandir where lata waiting them for morning Aarti.Anjali did pooja and give each and everyone aarti.
She went near rudra she forward him aarti tali to take aarti but instead of aarti he took parshad. Anjali smiles at him
Rudra: di you know na. He quickly takes aarti and take two laadoos. All laugh.
Avantika show him her eyes while Usha cupped rudra face.
Usha: don’t do this avantika. Mera beta.
Avantika: you were only the one who increasing him and your love too. Rudra show tongue to his mother.
Kunj: huhu duffer.
Lata: let’s have breakfast.They all moved towards dinning table. All sits on their Seats. Servant served them.While rudra just having his protein shake. Kunj and om enjoying their Indian parada’s.
Prithviraj: tej I told you that booked our tickets for India after hearing India name kunj chocked.
Rudra:dadi don’t take India name in front of bhaiya 😂😂 he can’t have his food.
Kunj: see your son mummy.
Avantika: what can I do.
Tej: you continue Papa rudra no more.
Prithviraj: we have to go India anyhow before maha pooja.
Manohar: it’s fine Papa. Today only we all do our packing and me and Kunj see all work today only.
Tej: yeah and we started our new projects in India only na. So we can stay there for sometimes.
Lata: right with full time and carefully I’ll see and find my bahu nicely. Rudra gesturing to kunj 😝😝. I wanted my grand daughter in law do aarti it’s my wish.
Rudra: dadi but nowadays girls can’t be like this..
Anjali: you never know ru..
prithviraj: But still I find unique girl for my kunj who had all things inside in her she is perfect combination of today’s and all traditions in her.
Lata: haa. Sona dund ke laaugi me.
Rudra: dadi we had already so much gold now why more. All like 🙉omg make face on rudra sense.
Om: duffer it’s a phrase.
Kunj: you all talk in front of them this two eating my head.
Prithviraj: what??
Rudra: dadi do I know when say Bhabhi 😝.
Anjali: no absolutely right.
Lata: wait let me find your bhabhi than tell how Much you all wanted till now you all can 😝😝😂. Kunj shocked 😳.
Kunj: dadiii😩😩.
Rudra: bhabhiii😛😛😛.
Kunj: when they both coming.
Avantika: don’t know both busy roaming here and there.
Kunj: for the first time both stay away from you mummy. Specially bigger one.
Rudra: huhu now pidhi will come and eat my brain
Kunj: did you have Brain 😝😝.
Avantika: now you all and did your work. Till then me and usha too see all packings.
Tej: let’s go kunj and Manohar.
Kunj: yeah Papa. Kunj get up take blessing of his grand parents hugged them.
Kunj: and you rudra go college😡.
Om: I’ll drop him don’t worry. Later they all went for their works. While ladies busy in packing things.
Rudra went in his college. He spin his bag and girls just giving him flying kisses saying loudly Rudy 😎😎😎😎😎😎..
while he winked at them. Just than his friend Jonny come, and they both went near girls and started gossiping while Rudra exposing his body😂😝😝.
Girl: uff Rudy one day you’ll kill me.
Rudra: Listen everyone I’m going to India for sometime, so I’ll not able to come college so you all have to miss me😝. Girls face drop down.
Jony: when you’ll come Rudy?
Rudra: don’t know bro but soon. After all how will London stay without me.
Girls: even me too.
Next back India.
Twinkle and her gang sitting and having gossiping about here and there’s.Just than twinkle get call from Leela.She sees caller id and immediately pick up the call.
Twinkle: hello MAA.
Leela: Twinkle beta please come home soon you know about Kabir alliance comes today for lunch at your place.
Twinkle: yeah MAA I’ll come.
Leela: okay come soon. End the calls.
Rishi: whAt happens miss Taneja.?
Twinkle: Arey I have to go home early.
Naman: why?.
Twinkle: today Kabir Bhai alliance come at our place for lunch and fixing their marriage date. All started hooting.
All: next turn is yours Beauty Queen.
Twinkle: bas bas now where is mahi. Just than Mahi come there. Yuvi see her.
Yuvi: alo aagi soon someone saali 😂😝. Twinkle give him killer look.
Mahi: di MAA call.
Twinkle: haa let’s go and you guys come too I’m invited you all so before time.
All: okay. Twinkle and Mahi went with Yuvi in his car. They all left their places. Soon Yuvi drop them Taneja Mansion left for his home. Mahi and twinkle went inside the mansion. Everywhere is hustle and bustle Leela giving them work.Mahi and twinkle smile to see Leela.They both went in their rooms and kept their bags and went back downstairs started helping to Leela.
Leela: good you both see this I’ll do other things. After some time later all work done perfectly.
Bebe: see everything done nicely.
Leela: now you both go and get ready till than. Just than hansh and Kabir or Rt to come. They all went in their rooms. Twinkle select indo western dress for herself. Get ready nicely. Downstairs.
Leela and rt Bebe and hansh just waiting for malika family. Soon they come and entered in hall. Malika wearing western saari looking hot.. Leela and rt greet them.
Malika took elders blessing.Kabir come downstairs wearing back shirt with brown jacket looking hell handsome. His eyes went on malika. Their both eyes meet with each other’s give smile to each other’s.
Kabir went towards them took blessing rishab and jaanvi.They call settle downs.
Soon Mahi and twinkle come downstairs, and they too meet With all’s.
Twinkle:see my bhabhi looking so beautiful. Malika blushing listening bhabhi.
Jaanvi:even malika sister-in-law to not less.
Twinkle: thanks aunty. 😍. Servant give everyone welcome drinks. They all talk for sometime later pandit ji comes.
Hansh:lo pandit ji bhi aagay.. pandit ji see their kundali’s and tell that it’s very good.
Hansh: and see good maruat.
Pandit ji: after 2 weeks later.
Bebe: fine.
Rishab: then fixed it. All get happy while Twinkle and Mahi teasing malika and Kabir Lot.
Leela: alo lets have sweets. They all feeding each other sweets and late twinkle all friends comes, and they all sit for lunch.
Kabir: hi Yuvi and all’s.
All’s: hi bro..
Rishi: malika looking good.
Kabir: bro I’m here.
Leela: have your lunch first do this all later.
Yuvi: aunty what you all decided for twinkle.Twinkle stop her food.
Pandit ji: Arey don’t worry about Twinkle Puttar I have great boy. All like hmmmm.
Hansh: show him us soon.
Pandit ji: today only I talk to them they will come.
[email protected]
Kunj and tej along with Manohar and other employees they call board meeting and tell each and everything about work and their sudden news India and informed them.Even Avantika and Usha too done with all packing. Later they all went home back.
Tej: avantika. Where are you? She come down.
Avantika: what happened tej.
Tej: you all did all work ha. We have to leave for airport in 3 hours. Lata and Anjali along with Usha come down.
Lata: it’s to early.
Tej: yeah MAA but to do papa want to go India anyhow today only.
Lata: haa. Prithviraj come and happiness seeing on his face clearly for his county after so many years finally he going back. He come towards all.
Lata: see your dadu Anjali how he is happy.
Prithviraj: why not I’ll be happy. After all I’m going back my India.
Avantika: yes dadi ji.
Tej: Papa everything is done.
Prithviraj: where is other’s. Just than Kunj along with his both brother and Manohar too they entered there.
Rudra: we are here dadu.. they all sit and talking about things.
Tej: I’ll inform Anita she will be happy.
Manohar: we’ll give her surprise na.
Avantika and Usha agreed with Manohar.
Rudra: Papa between how is Anita now.
Om: duffer Anita bua our fathers one and only daughter.
Kunj: how he knows after all we didn’t see her once..
om: yeah dadu she didn’t come to meet with you. Why?
Lata:Arey she to busy in her life and kids, and she talks to us.
Avantika: now we all give her surprise.
Usha: right and me and Bhabhi bring so many gifts for her.
Rudra: Papa than what about Aayat and Priyanka.
Tej: they will come later.
Kunj: I miss my sisters. Anjali make puppy face.
Rudra: di Rudy is alive for you don’t worry. 😝. Anjali give him hugged just than Anjali
Get call from someone. She sees caller id.
Rudra: see go and talk to jiju he’ll not let you in peace. All smiling. While Anjali blushed.
Kunj: have some shame bro..
Rudra: that only I don’t have.
Om: great😝.
Kunj: you both I’ll see you both later.
Rudra: haa than we have our bhabhi 😝.
Kunj: one more time you say this word I’ll kill you.
Avantika: kunj why you get irritated my son.
Kunj: what should I do mummy. After they all had tea and snacks. After sometime they all went in their rooms and check all things they packed or not.While Anjali did her brothers packing already. All downstairs. Last time they all see their home and Lata locked the main door. Even harikaka too went with all.They all sit in cars and went for airport there their charter plane waiting for them. Soon they reached airport and did Their security checking set in plane. They Departure for India finally.
And [email protected] they did lots of fun and enjoy very much all teased malika and Kabir very much. All family members so happy now their kids become so big that they started their new life soon.Episode end it.
On kunj and twinkle.
Family is like music, some high notes , some low notes, but always a beautiful song.
Precap: finally Sarna come India let’s see how this two different and unknown path will meet..
How was the episode?
Thanks for your comments and likes and dislikes.. everyone’s..
sorry if you all find episode boring.
I know you all must be waiting for twinj meeting but what can I do I’ll to go with story can’t jump immediately. So you have to.they will meet you and me knows.
Okay I’m done ✅.. busy still giving your ff but what I got..__________?
Hope I’ll stand up on your expectations.
Bye love you all bye.. allahafiz…

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