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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 14)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with rohit and preeti

Episode 14:

Kavya gets normal. She is in Ritik ‘s room. she cried. Ritik consoles her.

Ritik: it just an accident.

Kavya: then…when you divorced me?

Ritik: kavya…today is our wedding night and you are talking about divorced.

Kavya: yes…you said it was accident so clear it give me divorce.

Ritik: shut up kavya…you want to live here as you want.I never touch you never…till you want.

Kavya throws pillo on him and blanket.

Kavya: go on sofa right now.

He goes and sleeps than he remembers something.


Ayesha came to his room gave a letter. He read it. and cried. he decided to re join Rohit to preeti. Then he sees that Neeti went to give chunri to kavya. Ritik came and said “Mom…Rohit bro is weeping go and find out why he is weeping”. Neeti went and Ritik changed the chunri.


Ritik: i m sorry kavya. but it is good for you.


Ayesha: dad sent this dresses. take it preeti.

Preeti is worried but she takes it.

Ayesha and preeti comes in Muslim dress. both looks beautiful. they sits near curtain. Molvi performs the rituals of Nikkah. Then its over. Now Ayesha and preeti gets married.

Rohit goes to his room. He sees preeti there. Preeti sees her. Rohit is so happy. He lifts her in arms and express his love. Preeti smiles. They both go to sleep then. Rohit sleep and make noise like “kharatay”.

Preeti: omg…he is snoring…how can i sleep.

Ishaan is over there. He is laughing to see that. preeti says to him that why are he laughing? ishaan says preeti is only like me.
Preeti: ok…come with me leave them alone.

morning trio new couple comes. Ayesha Herry , Rohit Preeti and Ritik Kavya comes. Every body welcome them.

Preeti sees kavya. she looks sad. Kavya sees Rohit that he is very happy with preeti. Preeti drinks juice only then Rohit insist her to eat some parathas.

Rohit: come on preeti. for my sake plz only once you eat this…ok…let me feed you.

Kavya sees it and feels jealous.

Preeti: but …

Ritik: come on preeti take it. he shows so much love for you.

Then preeti takes parathas.

Ayesha and hErry looks very happy. Ritik says to kavya

Ritik: let me feed you.

Kavya: shut up i have my hands.

Rohit and preeti looks to each other.

in evening…

Kavya walks in garden. Main door is open. buses and car are drive on. preeti comes to her but she did not talk to her by saying that

Kavya: “preeti tum yaha ni ati tw acha tha… aj Rohit sirf mera hota”.

Ritik sees all the scene. Rohit comes. Suddenly Some paper is in hands of Rohit fly in air.

Preeti: let me help you. i ‘ll take it. you take from here.

preeti collects papar. kavya is also help him. preeti then walks out of main gate by collecting papers.

Ritik: where s preeti?

Rohit: I think she go out of main door let me check.

He and kavya ‘s go out. Ritik also comes. preeti is in mid of road. One bus comes in full speed. Rohit sees preeti in danger but she continously collects papars..

Kavya:(loudly cried) preeti……

Preeti just turns and lorry hits her. She fly in air with papers and she fell down in road. Rohit , Ritik and kavya gets tense to see her. Rohit cried and calling preeti…

what happen next? is she alive or not?

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