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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 13)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti

Episode 13:

Ishaan plans to save the love of Rohit. preet is with him. Rohit goes down in sangeet. here trio brides comes one by one. first Ayesha comes in Yellow lehnga cholli. Kavya comes also come and then preeti comes in long yellow frock. she is wearing the jwells of flowers. Rohit looks to her with so much love but he can ‘t express. Ritik sees Rohit. He has understand everything. sangeet starts. Trisha plans that the dance of brides and grooms we keep in mid. Then badepapa says to Rohit to sing a song. Rohit picks guitar and starts singing.

“Tere bina jeena kya
Tere bina jeena kyoun
Tere bina jeena kya
Tere bina jeena kyoun
tjhe kese batao yarra
tere bin mjhe pe kya guzray
wo zindagi hai hi nahi
jo tujh se judaa guzray
Dhal jao me tujh me
Ghul jao me tujh me
Mil jao me tujh me

He continously sees preeti. Every moment he wipes his tears. Then song ends. Preeti feels sad for him. Kavya is happy. Then all trio couple dance starts. They dance joinly. (Tu heer meri Tu jism mera) song plays in background.

Sangeet ends. Rohit goes to room and cried loudly. Here preeti is confused. she thinks what can she do for him. Then she sees her mehndi. suddenly she is shocked to see that the name of Rohit is written on her mehndi. She gets shocked. She go to washroom to raise it. but its vain. She tells Ayesha about it.

Ayesha: “Jo tum sa muhabat karta hai uska hi naam tumhari mehndi par hai”.

Then they sleep.

Trio brides get ready for marriage ceremony.

Badi mummy: Neeti…here is trio bride ‘s chunri. colour is same but designs are dufferent. This one is for kavya ,this one is for Preeti and , this one is for Ayesha. go and give it to them. please don ‘t do any mistake.

Neeti: ok…

Badi mummy: why are you so upset.

Neeti: Mom…Rohit loves preeti not kavya. He is so sad about that. i cannot see him like that.

Badi mummy: what😨…. but we cannot do any thing this time.

Neeti leaves and gives chunnri to every bride.

Marriage ceremony starts… grooms are sitting on mandak. brides comes. Trio performs rituals. Then marriage ceremony is done. Trio go to take blessings of their elders. Then Badi mummy wants to remove the chunri of brides to see their beautiful faces.
First she remove the chunri of ayesha and gives blessings. Trisha and neeti goes to Preeti and Kavya respectively to remove chunri. Everyone shocked to see that the brides are getting change. Accidentely Ritik marries Kavya and Rohit marries Preeti.

Trisha: what….preeti you…

Preeti sees Rohit as her groom. Rohit is also shocked.

Preeti: i don ‘t know. there is ghonghat over my face i can ‘t see anything.

Ayesha and Ritik looks each other with smile. and gives signal of 👍.

Kavya becomes faint to see that she marries Ritik not Rohit. everyone gets tensed and ritik lifts her in arms and takes her into rooms. Preeti gets tensed. She shivers of fear that she snatched the love of kavya. her Dad comes and console her.

Dad: “yeah sab tumhari waja sa ni hoa”. don ‘t worry.

Rohit: exactely… (happy) it just an accident.

Badi mummy: Ayesha…takes to her room now. Ayesha and Preeti goes to her room. Now they did not allow to move to thier husbands room bcz Muslim wedding rituals are left. Another wedding ceremony is about to held. But the life of Rohit And kavya is change.

Here ishaan and preet are sitting on pillars.

Preeti: how you do that..?

Ishaan: i cannot do anything. i just pray to Allah that “sachi muhabat ko apne yar sa mila de”.

They looks each other face and smiles.

what happens next?

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