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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 12)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 12:

Ritik says that he wants to marry with preeti. Preeti and Rohit are in shock state. Neeti is also shocked.

Neeti: R U Sure beta?

Ritik: yes mom. i love her.

Husain sees preeti. she looks shocked and confused. grandpaa says her to come with him. He takes her to loan and talk to her. After some moments she comes and agrees to marry with Ritik.

Everyone is happy except Rohit. Kavya goes to her Sid chacho and say something secretly.

Sid: Excuse me. There is no double marriage ceremony held. but there is three marriage ceremony will held.

Shergill: Three??

Sid: yes…Kavya and Rohit marriage ceremony.

Everyone claps. Rohit gets another shock.

Ritik: one sec…sid mama first you ask bro about that. is he agree or not?

Neeti: yes beta tell me.

Rohit: (eyes are full of tears his voice are shaking😰) no mom i don ‘t want to get married.

Sid: why? did ‘nt you like Kavya. she is your czn.

Rohit: firstly i want to be Mr. Rohit than some thing else.

Sid: but your marriage is done with kavya and will held very soon.

Everyone claps.

In midnight…

Rohit is full drunk and neeti comes and console him. He is out of his senses.

Rohit: i ‘ll tell you that i loves her but you did ‘nt speak to her. why? my life is destroy. destroy😭.

Neeti: listen beta i will not let it doing. promise.

Rohit: leave me alone. (loudly)

preeti comes. neeti goes.

preeti: what is it Rohit. do you not happy with your date fix?

Rohit stands looking to her with very angerly and aggresion. he grabs her in his arms tidely. She cries with pain.

Rohit: “Tmhe kya lgta hai??”

preeti: “mjhe choro Rohit…mjhe dard ho ra hai.”

Rohit: “mjhe bhi ho ra hai…r yeah dard bhi tumne dia hai”

“Dard dilon kay kam ho jaaty
mein r tum agar hum ho jaty”

plays in background.

He leaves her in loan and walks to his room. She confuses to see his behavior. Then she goes to her room.

Ayesha: I saw all scene from my window.

Preeti: he is full of drunk. and out of his senses.

Ayesha: I think he loves you.

Preeti: it is his mistake not mine. I don ‘t love either Ritik or Rohit. I only love myself. ok. gud night.

In morning. All the elders fix the date of marriage. 25 december date is fix for marriage. Every one start their shopping for wedding. Hooda house converted into wedding house. Rohit is still very sad. day passes. Sangeet day comes. On sangeet day…Ayesha tells Ritik something in letter. He reads it and gets shocked. he weeps. but he did not say any word.

servant comes and says Rohit that sangeet function is starts now. bade papa is calling you.

Rohit: yes ….i come.

he leaves the room and wipes his tears. One man is looking like Rohit gets out from side in white shalwar kameez. He is Ishaan soul.

Ishaan/Rizwaan: no…i do not let it happens to him.

Then a lady gets out from his behind. She is preet soul in white long frock.

Preet: then what you do?

Both look each other faces.

Ishaan: when you are alive you always trust me.

Preet: And you never break my trust.

Ishaan: Then today… have trust me. i will do anything which will very good for our family.

scene ends….

What will Ishaan do? Did he able to save another love of Hooda family? But he is now converted into soul. so what can he do?

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