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One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 13

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 13

(Hey kiya see i posted you favourite ff sorry to be late dears I am not well this episode dedicated to kiya dear because in every ff she is telling to post it and i was trying to post but was busy and also fell sick and sia dear and others ill post other ff to if all show interest by commenting otherwise i feel none are interested then why to write simply to bore you people by my story and thank you for all who liked and commented on previous episode for only you people iam still writing and those who like please try to comment if you can one word enough so i feel there are some people who are liking or reading my ff and it motivates me to make time for writing ff if no one comment means i think you people not liking it and i also loose interest to write because I am making time for you all right even if iam not well also iam writing it and secret admirer see i have posted my love my life ,everything because you asked me to post so others please say whether you like it or no if not liking ill stop it thats it. Sorry if i talk to much and how is episode tell me by comment and girls in this ff some of you said you cant see kunj getting tortured i also cant see but what to do he is getting punished for what he did but also i made his tortured less so you all like it and really i also cant see kunj getting tortured but in this story he tortured twinkle so she also giving him back in her way .)
Stop bhak bhak sorry for it now we start story

At morning twinj room
Twinkle came near to kunj side bed
Twinkle – oye my cutie she said it in very cute voice kunj slowly opened eyes and got happy looking at her
Twinkle- you are looking so cute today
Kunj pov (baba ji what is this twinkle talking to me so cutely hayye mar java )
Twinkle made cute pout
Twinkle- why you are not coming to me come na come near to me look at me my cutie feeling like kiss you
Kunj- 😍😍😍😍😍

Twinkle – waw what a cute expression now come to me quickly my baby ill give you bath come come come she pulled blanket

Kunj – coming baby coming how can i say no to you when you are ready to give bath to me but why you buttering this much to me if you simply said to come i would have joined you happily and pulled twinkle close to him
Twinkle- leave me leave me you idiot how dare you to pull me and why ill give you bath ha
Kunj- arey you only telling na come my cutie come to me ill give you kiss and give you bath now what happened twinkle come on dont be shy you can give me bath
Twinkle pushed him
Twinkle- im not telling to you I am telling to him pointing to kush who is sitting on side of kush covering himself fully in blanket he is hiding from twinkle so she cant give him bath so he went under kunj duvet to hide so twinkle talking to kush not with kunj but kunj became ready to take bath from twinkle

Kunj looked at kush who is showing tongue to him and he comes near twinkle crawling twinkle lift him up and kisses on his cheeks
Twinkle- this is my cute baby not you get it …..bhada aaya I am ready to take bath from you twinkle come mimicking him funny tune plays and she went to washroom
Kunj- huh mene kya kya sapne dekhe they uss kush sey mey jyada cute hu whats problem in taking me to washroom chalo kunj beta its siyappa queens time cant do anything
All became ready twinkle went downstairs she wear saari and on her waist she put heavy key chain having every key of home usha just looking at her and burned in jealousy twinkle got ready like owner of everything and she comes to hall showing attitude to usha showing keys and sat on couch there like queen

Twinkle- meena (servent) she comes to twinkle
Meena – yes maam
Twinkle- call each and every servent here i want to talk with him she calls everyone everyone in line infront of twinkle she gives salary of all and she tells them all to leave job no need of servent usha is shocked twinkle only keeps servent came from her home that is meena and other few
Usha- what you doing twinkle
Twinkle- cant you see I am having coffe
Usha – why you fired all servents from job now who will do all house chores your servents are only 3 how they will do all
Twinkle- so they will not do any work and dont you dare to give any work to my servents they only do my work not yours got it
Usha- then who will do all work
Twinkle- you only then who ?
Usha- what ? How dare you ? You mean to say I am servent here
Twinkle- yes absolutely correct you have to do all works now usha rani shuru ho jaa start cleaning house i dont want to see any dust anywhere twinkle see bebe and kunj coming there with babies
Usha- how dare you wait ill teach you lesson today she raise her hand to slap her while kunj above to stop her twinkle only held her hands and twisted it
Usha- ahha ahha kunj
Kunj and bebe shocked looking at twinkle
Kunj- twinkle
Twinkle – what
Kunj- nerthing
Usha- kunj…..tell her to leave my hand
Bebe – twinkle puttar what is this
Twinkle- what bebe if first only i did this work then this all wouldn’t be happening see this people looking at kunj and usha slapped me many times but i was quite every time didnt told anything just bear everything result what i got more slap haan from now if someone comes to touch me ill do this only oye meri so called mummy ji how dare you to raise hand on me haan now say sorry twinkle until then ill not leave you
Usha- kunj tell something
Twinkle- tell kunj what you want to say now
Kunj- say sorry twinkle maa i cant help you
Usha – ahha ahha sorry sorry twinkle
Twinkle- is it called sorry i didnt hear it only say loudly usha said loudly sorry twinkle please leave my hands then she left her hand
Usha- kunj your wife fired all servents and telling me to work
Kunj- what ?
Twinkle- yes she is right
Kunj- twinkle no one need to work here workers there na they will do
Twinkle- no kunj i have decided no servents from now and my servents this do my work only that to if i say something they should be here to look after me and my babies who knows if someone give me poisions here so they are here to check everything
Kunj- what you…you mean…i…i..ill give poisions to you and our babies twinkle
Twinkle- i didnt mean only you but i cant trust you also because before some time also i trust you blindly and you did some things with me that i never imagined so i dont have any hopes on you to kunj ism sorry if i hurt you but you are getting same what you gave me
Kunj- its ok Twinkle I am ready to bear all punishment but give to me only why others
Twinkle- why others means what kunj they are the main reason for everything and its my decision you are no one to me to tell me something got it. Just then maya ananth alisha manohar entered in home kunj got angry looking at alisha and maya
Kunj – stop there right now 😠😠😠😠😠 how dare you two to come here haan
Alisha- kunj why you talking like this haan you only tell me to come here na
Maya – yes kunj

Manohar entered with his luggage and greeted twinkle gave her some paper she smiled at him and give him some money he became happy
Kunj- I am i mad to invite you people here haan get out now maya and alisha
Alisha- kunj what you saying you said me that you want to move on with me and want to marry me so i came here and what this b*t*h twinkle doing here kunj slap alisha hard twice for calling twinkle like that
Kunj- how dare you haan you tell her b*t*h infront of me how dare you huh😠😠 and push her she fell on ground holding her cheeks crying twinkle looked at her and smirked
Twinkle- i invited them kunj
Kunj- what but why twinkle because of this people only our married life got spoiled then why did you call them here
Twinkle- to punish for there deeds kunj when you know they did big mistake no not mistake blunder instead of punishing them you left them easily kunj you know what your dear mom doing she sends your money to them so they can enjoy there without doing any work in short I’ll say you they are doing party daily by your money by spoiling our life they are enjoying there life by your money kunj now dont say its your money and you earned so much money to spend on thay money simply didnt came to you kunj you earned it you struggle to get it . And you are the one who made me understand value of money na then what you doing now haan and I am feeling you are so happy that they made us seperate so you are sending them money to enjoy I am i right mr sarna
Kunj cupped twinkle face
Kunj- dont tell like this twinkle how can you say that I am happy that we people got seperated and i wanted this haan its lie twinkle its lie i never wished for our seperation . Do you know daily i was dying in guilt that i hurt /tortured you. It was very difficult for me to live without you. I serached every where for you like mad dying everyday to hear your voice. Only i know what i felt that day when you left me no one was with me to wipe my tears no one help me to find you . And i earned all this for you for your hapiness to give you everything what you deserve not to others for destroying our life.
Twinkle- oh no one wipe your tears because this hands taking his hands… this hands never wiped my tears when i was crying you used this hands to make me cry more but never tried to wipe my tears i expected this hand will never leave me but it left me and made me feel lonely and you understood your pain ,feeling when i left you. Did you even try to understand my pain and feeling when I am with you and you were not with me (support) i thought your love is my strength trusting that love i left my family members and do you know how i felt when i got to know that love is no more with me. Whatever your state today you are responsible for it. And mr.sarna what you said you earned this all to give me happiness and to give me what i deserve right? I am tired in making you understand you that time and also this time kunj that i dont want your money or this mansion no need to show me your love by giving me expensive gifts i just asked your time that days to listen to my sorrows and feelings. You always reacted without knowing my side story just you think that time only your mom and bhabhi right and only twinkle wrong you never ever took my side never supported me. I said you this thousand times that you are not that kunj who loved and respected me so much. You just hot changed after going to your mom its not like you never showed your anger in Mumbai you did but there was love also with it and then we reached amritsar your love decreased day by day and vanished completely like there were no sign of it being alive. Leave it simply I am wasting my precious time in explaining you. And now dont you dare to come in between my plans i want to punish them and ill.
Kunj- ok ill not stop you even if you try to kill me ill happily die in your hands and I am with you now this hands will never leave you now even if you try to leave it. You do whatever you want to do ill never stop you .
Twinkle- good and now she saw alisha and maya above to go from there oye you both where you guys running haan do you know why i called you here mummg ji you were asking who will do all work snd i said its you going to do all work right but alone you cant do every work so see here i called your helpers
Maya – means
Twinkle- bhabhi aap tho chalak lomdi ho ithni bhi samaj nahi aaya you 3 are servents here
Trio – what shocked
Bebe- very good twinkle puttar
Twinkle- thank you bebe
Alisha- how dare you haan to say me as your servent no ill not be servent here
Twinkle- uff bewadi bewadi wait oye mr.hubby can you read it giving him some documents kunj shocked to see it
Kunj – alisha kapoor ,maya sarna and usha sarna have taken big amount from twinkle maam and they failto return it so they will work as her servents from now and if they say they wont do police will arrest them and they will be behind bars (kunj said in short what twinkle wanted to say and he was trying to control his laugh while reading it)
Twinkle to kunj slowly in there laws also there na tell everything in detail
If i tell in detail they will get to know it dont have any value so better you keep quite ill do what you want to do slowly he told so no one can hear them
Kunj- so alisha maya according to the law snd document here defined you both cheated us on property and you guys missised our company money and you fail tobgive us back so you both are slaves of twinkle now your work from now to listen everything what twinkle tell you and you should obey her orders if you not then you guys have to pay 10 crores thats it i think you people understood what i mean and now twinkle will assign you your works
Bebe- ha twinkle puttar assign works to servents
Twinkle- hmm so usha rani sorry mummy ji….your work is to cook food for everyone and menu will be decided by me and i dont want food to be wasted and dont think you will put poisions in food to kill me because first ill make you taste everything then ill eat and you only have to clean vessel to and maya you should clean whole house daily and i mean everything ok i dont want any dust here and there daily 3 times you should clean house whether dust there or not there if you dont do ill cancel your food and last but not least alisha you are bathroom or toilet cleaner here and will do other work to got it and bebe you are supervisor you have to supervise them and inform me or you only punish them if they dont do any work and papa ji you should also take care of them that they are working correctly because every month ill give there salary in your hand and if they commit any mistake ill cut salary so you take care of that
Manohar- hey you people dont waste time go and start working
Twinkle- and bebe till now as i saw the whole budget of house maintenance and everything coming from kunj money only not ananth bhayya share in it so from now he also should give half amount monthly only kunj will not do everything .
Maya – but
Twinkle – keh detta tho keh detta kunj raised one eye brow looking at twinkle bebe smiled at twinkle and both did hi-fi
Bebe – puttar kunj ko kya kaam hey?
Kunj- yeh bebe bhi na bebe i have many work in office
Twinkle- for him also i have work bebe come to room kunj
Kunj- waw😍😍😍😍 she will give me work in bedroom workout karne ka work doing romance work I am happy to do my job thinking all this he entered his room there already kush and tanu sitting on floor surrounded by many toys they smiled at him
Kunj- arey infront of babies how we can romance. …..twinkle shall we send babies to bebe room so we can you know holding her pallu and pulling her close to him so i can do my work out winking at her
Twinkle- hawww shameless leave my pallu
Tanu – oyyyyy dho(chod) dho mumma
Kunj- see tanu baby also telling so so mumma
Twinkle- she is telling leave mumma she took her pallu from his hands
Twinkle- your work is to clean pur room i dont want those devils to enter in my room and make it dirty or do anything with my babiesso room work is your daily you should clean room then should go to office
Kunj- ok and kissed her cheek
Twinkle- you😠😠😠 he kissed other side too
Twinkle- oye angrily
Kunj- hey I am giving you actually you should give it me for damage control twinkle gave him questioning look
Haan then what twinkle do you looked at those papers who prepared that haan nerthing was correct in it you told to mention law right that written there like referring to xxxx law from section xxxx like this which lawyer gave you this papers let me guess that bandhar lawyer cherry right twinkle node in yes she call cherry and scold him
Cherry- sorry maam i forgotten which was that law so named it as xxxx hehehe gathi sey mistake hogaya ji and you dont worry maam if any work give me ill do if you want divorce from husband ill give
Kunj – oye idiot wait ill come and kill you mey idhar shadi bacha raha hun aur thum ho key divorce dene chale ho kal thuhi divorce cancel kiya tha case lad kar abh you telling my wife that you help in our divorce saale bhol kaha hey thu abh haan
Cherry- arey kunj sir aap sorry ji galthi sey mistake hogaya maaf karna and cut the call
Kunj look at twinkle from top to bottem and comes close to her shesteps back abd stop by wall kunj block her way by keeping his hand on one side and he goes close to her face twinkle closes her eyes
Twinkle- see kunj go away otherwise see what ill do kunj take her hand and kiss it
Kunj- what you will do haan do na abd he kissed her forehead and leans close to her lips above to touch her lips twinkle push him and runs to washroom shying while kunj sit with his babies and ruffle his hair with naughty smile

To be continued……

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