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Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 17)

Hey guys ! I am posting this too early as I had delayed a lot in the last chapter and I had also posted a short one.. But I am glad with ur support. So, here goes the next chapter..

Episode 17

Naina: I don’t know. I guess it is probably because of the medicines.

Sandhya’s fb starts

When meghna was preparing juice for naina, Nirmala called her and she went from there. Sandhya used this opportunity and went to the kitchen and add something in the juice

Fb ends

Sandhya ( in mind ): This is just a little naina darling. A lot is yet to happen.

Dadu: OK… now u rest beta.

Nirmala: Naina u rest. If u need anything call us. Okay

Naina nodded.

Kunal: And karan u stay here.

Karan nodded.

After everyone left, Naina turned to karan.

Naina: Karan…

Karan: Naina pls sleep u need rest.

Naina didn’t protest but she was sad.

She woke up later to find karan sleeping beside her holding her hand cutely. She adored karan. She kissed karan on his cheek. Karan woke up with her soft kiss. Naina quickly moved away from his face and started blushing. Karan woke up and sat on the bed.

Karan: Oh ! Sorry… I got a nap

Naina nodded and both went down to see vishyati with luggages.

Naina: Where are u both going ?

Vishal: Are Cheeku, U came. Actually we both are going back to boondi as my holiday of a week is over.

Naina nodded.

Vishal: I know Cheeku,  we also couldn’t realise how fast the time went in these days.

Naina sadly nodded.

Naina: We were also supposed to go to boondi also for pagphera.

Vishal: U r not well. So, we will only go

Khyati: U and bhai will come some days later after u r well.

Naina: But now I can walk properly

Dadu: Beta, U need to rest nowadays as u r weak.

She didn’t deny Dadu.

Naina: OK.

She went and hugged vishyati.

Naiba: I will miss you…

Vishyati: same here

Karan and others did the same and bid them farewell.

Then after dinner all went back to their rooms.

In nairan’s room,

Naina came out of the washroom.

Karan: Naina, I am sor..

Before he could complete his sentence naina interrupted him.

Naina: Stop it karan. I am tired of all this drama. U were ignoring this whole time…

Karan: I was just guilty.

Naina: For what…

Karan: U… were hit.. I

Naina: It was not ur fault karan. It was none fault. How many times will I tell you this ! U were telling u cared for me but caring is not ignoring the person and hurting the person.

Karan knew naina was right that he had hurt her a lot.

Karan: Naina…Pls I am sorry…

Naina: Just sleep karan. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Karan: But..

Naina: please…

Naina went to her side and slept and karan went to his side.

Karan ( in mind ): I know naina u r with me and u have the right to be as I have hurt you. But now I will convince you soon. I have a great plan in mind to convince you. Just waiting for tmrw.

He slept.

Next morning, Naina woke up to find the bed coveted with rose petals and a letter on the table beside the bed with roses.

 [ Dear Naina,

I am sorry… Please forgive me. I know I did wrong but please give me a chance. Please… HAPPY ROSE DAY !! 🌹🌹 I have kept ur gift on the table pls don’t deny it. Please.

Karan ]

Naina smiled. She kept the letter and went to the table and saw a beautiful pink-red suit  with a roses pattern on it with a card of sorry on it.

She got fresh and wore that dress. She went down. Suddenly she found a folded paper. She picked it up and opened it. It was written,” To the back garden…please.”

She went to the back garden and when she entered, rose petals started falling on her. She became very happy and twirled in the garden. Then, she remembered karan ignoring her and all and was about to go when a hand pulled her. Karan had pulled her.

Karan: Naina…pls forgive me.

Naina didn’t reply and tried to free her hand but couldn’t.

Karan: I won’t do that again. Please. Sorry.

Naina smiled at him and gave him a bouquet of roses that she had been holding in her hands. Karan was very happy.

Naina: Happy Rose Day !

Karan smirked: Now you have started becoming romantic haan….

Naina blushingly: Shut up Karan….

Karan started moving towards her until she hit the wall.

Karan: Oh really !

He then took out a rose. He kissed the rose and started  caressing naina’s face with the rose from her forehead to her neck on one side while naina was blushing hard and had closed her eyes and had turned to the other side. He was moving more closer to her when Nirmala called naina. Karan was annoyed and naina went to Nirmala winking ant karan.

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