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Hiii Guys, Gopika here. Thank you so much for your support, that means a lot me…… and Here you go with the 4th chappy of My journey with him…

“It has been a month 1 month after my marriage with shivaay.Now the world knows me as the Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Today I am on the plane flying to London to meet my husband, my love. Yes, I am in love, for the first time I see him I never thought I will fell in love with him. Love creeps up on me without my knowledge. I really don’t know the moment I started to love him.Whenever I hear his name or whenever I see his photo I don’t know what happens, I get lost, some feeling rises from my foot, straight through my legs, making goosebumps in my stomach, and straight hitting my heart.In this days he was always encouraging me, he never called me but he always messages me but I never replied him back. Whenever he messages, I typed something to replay him but I always ended up wiping it off. I really don’t understand why I do that. I wasn’t exactly sure when it happened or even when it started. Falling in love with him was never in my plan till I realize I am in love with him, its something different. I was falling for him more and more when each second passes. The way he led me on this 1 month, how he took my dream as his, how he took my happiness as his priority, the way he talks to me, the way he sees things differently, the way he showed his support for me, the way he showed me that I have the courage to do more., the way he made me smile each time, the way he cared about me, everything.. made me fall in love with this beautiful person. I have never met someone like him in my life and never thinks will meet in future too because he is different he is one of a kind and I am lucky to have him as a partner. I now thank my whole family for blackmailing me to marry because if it never happened I would have lost a pure diamond.

Once I said all the members of the family whenever talks they end up saying Shivaay. Now I understand why it was soo because I am also like them now, whenever I talk I end up saying his name and thinking about him. Each day my love grows deeper, deeper than I never thought before. I don’t know how I am gonna react seeing him as much as I know myself I will not run away from him because I can never afford to lose him. He was not near me in this 1 month still he was there for everything. The entire family never missed him, actually, he never made them miss him. Even he was in London, it was seeming his presence was here. I always felt he knows me more than I know myself, he always says what I think and what I want even being away, maybe our heart is connected with an invisible thread. But still his words he knows me from last 1 year? and how he knows about my orphanage dream still makes me mad. But soon I am gonna get my answers because soon I am gonna be in front of him. Even this thought is giving me goosebumps. I really don’t know why I am this much madly in love with him. I completely fell for him. My every morning starts with his message and also ends with his message. I don’t the one who was a stranger suddenly and without warning becomes my entire world, maybe this is why love is different from any other feeling. My Journey with him started the day he made me his wife. But the love journey will start soon when I say my feeling in my heart to him.I am waiting for it….”

She smiles at the thought of seeing him, her love.

At London…
Shivaay is travelling in his car.

“I am on the way to pick my wife Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. We are gonna meet after 1 month of our wedding.I don’t know how she is gonna to behave, don’t know will she still play hide and seek game, because I really didn’t know what she thinks about me know. I always tried to call her but I stop thinking if she feels uncomfortable…I then start messaging. I message her day and night…as soon as she receives she reads it.. and after some time, I could see ‘typing…’ but I didn’t receive any replay… even then I couldn’t stop messaging her…i find one or other thing to message.. and I feel happy seeing she reading it soon.. I always waited she will message me today or tomorrow but it never came….
Actually, no one is going to believe that the Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi was madly following a girl for 1 year…Yea you heard right… I fell in love with Anika 1 year back …and it was love at first sight for me… I was behind her for 1 year without her knowledge. Actually, I was madly in love with her. One year back, when I was going to a business meeting, I get trapped in a traffic jam. I was very much irritated as I want to reach meeting soon. I asked one of the people on the road…He replays;” One girl is making the problem”…I wait for few minutes but after some time I got frustrated and I angrily walks to spot the problem was going on..OMG!My angriness fell apart, I was standing still…I was feeling amazing.Actually that moment I understand What is love.Yes, I fall in Love…

I don’t know who she was but that glitter !? That glitter attracted me. It was brighter than that of a diamond. Felt as if the earth stopped revolving and time decided to take some rest. I didn’t even know her name but in that crowd, all I could see was her sweet face, her beautiful eyes, her long hair…. Actually, she was scolding a person as he was gonna hit a dog By his bike….Her angry face was making me mad…She angrily leaves from there holding that small dog in her hand…I stood there between in the road looking her leaving…Vehicles start moving on both my sides..but I stand still there…Suddenly my thoughts disturbed a lot of horn sounds..that’s the moment I realise I have parked my car in the middle and standing here like a mad…I ran towards my car and left from there…No one couldn’t have believed I was thinking about a girl this much from that moment. I itself couldn’t believe why I am thinking about her soo much.The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi who always showed the attitude towards girls has fallen in love…A few days later…I again met her at an Old age home. I was there to give some donation…But I stuck seeing her again…she was giggling, laughing and was making the people laugh…all the old peoples were smiling seeing her cute actions. She was trying her best to make them relieve their tensions and sadness and make them smile…There comes the manager of old age home. We had a talk. Even then I was staring at her…Suddenly I asked him ”who is that girl?” He replies;” She… She is Anika Sharma…She is soo sweet..She comes here every day and brings the smile in there face. she is the daughter of their all. She had told me that she wants to start an orphanage… it’s her dream. She is one of a kind… I hope she gets every happiness of life…” I smilingly stand there staring at her…I was like omg she is soo good…A year goes on….Knowingly or unknowingly she always comes in front of my eyes… I fall in love more and more….Whomever I asked about her..was not able to stop praising her.

When all this was going on…My mother was looking for marriage proposals for me. One day, She gives me a set of photos saying ‘select as you like’ was disturbing me with this proposal for last 2 years.. always I found some way to escape from that.. mom left giving me the photo. I threw it after she left. Suddenly I stop…my eyes get stuck at a picture.. omg!it was Anika…my heart was jumping in happiness….I picked up the photo and kept staring at the photo and smiles madly. I didn’t know when om and rudy entered and was standing amazed seeing me smiling at a girl’s photo. I was completely lost. Om and Rudy were actually shocked to see me like that, as they have seen me only showing arrogance and attitude to girls. They suddenly shook me hard..that’s when I came back to sense. I look at them, who was staring me shockingly. I ask ”what?”.Om replied suddenly still in shocking expression ”we should ask you that ….. what? what is going on?”I moved my head away from them and said ”nothing” trying to hide the photo…But no..they are not gonna leave me until they know what is going on…anyway, they are my brothers….Rudy suddenly snatches photo and looks at it.He angrily looks at it and suddenly he burst into laughing..and starts dancing saying ”yea!!yea!!!my brother is in love…” passing the photo to Om.. soon he too starts the same. I sit there holding my head seeing them both..after some time. I snatched the photo from Om and says ”there is nothing like you think?” Ruday asks suddenly ”then why were you staring at the photo for so long bhai”..Omg my brother made me speechless… I really didn’t know what to tell…Suddenly my maa came hearing our noise…Before she says something.. Om and Rudy hand over the photo to maa and says I liked this girl and can fix my marriage with her…My mother surprisingly looks at me and asks ”really?” I really didn’t know what to say… I nod. My mother leaves from there soo happily… Suddenly I see Rudy looking me shockingly. I ask him what happen..He says: ”omg!the arrogant great Shivaay Singh Oberoi is shying”. That sudden question made me feel awkward I left from there….Few days later..mother had talked to Anika’s family and they were ready to take the proposal further..I was so happy but suddenly there came an important project work so as the part of it I want to go to London for 3 months..after knowing this my mother tells this to Anika’s family…And they take the decision to skip all the pre-marriage rituals and to do marriage in the 3 days as they don’t want to wait until 3 months…After knowing all that I was on cloud nine..but suddenly something strikes in my mind was If she was ready… I didn’t get a chance to ask her before marriage as time was limited..but when I asked her family they said everything is I didn’t think much about it…And there came the marriage I was so happy that I am gonna marry a most beautiful human being from in and out… There happens the marriage..but the 2 days after marriage I felt there is something wrong so I talked to Gauri and came to know she didn’t even know my name when she was going to marry..she wasn’t ready for this much her dreams was important to her….I felt the pain of her when she was going through all this…Soo after knowing her side of story I thought to give her time so I delayed her visa and I left living the letter and the orphanage paper which actually I was going to give her doing our first night..but I didn’t get a chance…now its been 1 month..even when I was here..was heart was connected to my family…I hopefully think I can start my new journey with her today….. if she isn’t still ready. I am ready to give her time..but I will never let her go..because I can’t think of a life without her…Her dreams are mine too. I will be her side always….”
Shivaay pov ends…

He drives to pick her up from the airport…dreaming to start his journey with her…

PRECAP; Love blossoms..the journey of love..

Thank you so much guys for reading and hope you enjoyed.
Sorry for mistakes if any…



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