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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil-Naamkaran Fan Fiction)(Episode 13)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 12th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I couldn’t update yesterday because I was busy watching IPL match CSK Vs MI and luckily my favourite team Chennai Super Kings Won ! Whistle podu! 😅😅😅😅😅

And yeah I’ll mainly focus only on AvNeil story .

If you have missed the 12th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 12)

Even this episode is a short one . Sorry for that

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1 :
Sukoon house

At midnight

It’s samrat’s birthday

Samrat is seen sleeping on his bed .

Avni , Tara and other kids enter his room with pineapple cake . They all see samrat sleeping

Avni keeps the cake on the table .

Everyone start shouting and wish samrat

Avni , Tara & other kids : HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMRAT !

Samrat wakes up and he’s happy seeing everyone

Samrat : (smiles) jaan didi , Tara didi and you all !

Avni , Tara & other kids : HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMRAT !

Samrat : Thanks Yaar .

Tara : now come out of your bed and cut the cake . We got your favourite . Pineapple one .

Samrat : (in a happy tone) woah ! Pineapple cake ! I can’t wait to taste it !

Avni : (smiles) them come and cut the cake !

Samrat : of course !

Samrat cuts the cake and kids bursts the part poppers and they sing happy birthday song for samrat

Avni , Tara & other kids : happy birthday to you …. happy birthday to you … happy birthday dear samrat … happy birthday to you !!!

Everyone clap .

Avni feeds the cake to samrat . Samrat too feeds the cake to Avni , Tara and other kids .

Saisha , mowgli , iman , pinky and other kids apply cream on samrat’s face

Samrat : (laughs) hey hey no no don’t do that

Saisha : (applies cream on samrat’s face) why why ? You are the birthday boy . And you turned 19 today . And we will definitely apply cream on your face .

Everyone apply cream on samrat’s face .

Avni gets happy seeing everyone enjoying a lot .

Avni : samrat . You go and wash your face . There’s a surprise for you .

Samrat : surprise ? What surprise ? Show it to me now !

Avni : but there’s cream on your face . Go and wash your face

Samrat : who cares about that ? Jaan didi please tell na please please .

Avni : first wash your face and come . Then I’ll tell .

Samrat : ok fine .

Samrat goes to wash room and washes his face . He then comes out .

Samrat : at least tell me now . What’s the surprise ?

Avni , Tara smile seeing each other . Avni signals Tara to get something . Tara nods and takes a box.

Samrat : what’s there in that ?

Avni : (smiles) Wait .

Avni takes a cloth and covers samrat’s eyes .

Samrat : jaan didi What are you doing ?

Avni : Just come with me . We’re going to garden .

Avni , Tara and other kids take samrat to garden

Samrat : (confused) garden ? That too now ? But why ?

Everyone take samrat to garden .

Tara : (smiles) just come . Here we are . Now take the cloth from your eyes .

Samrat takes the cloth from this eyes and he’s surprised and very happy to see his new bike .

Samrat : (smiles) OH MY GOD BIKE !

Avni : (smiles) yeah .

Samrat : (in a happy tone) just now I realised why you all didn’t let me in the garden .

Avni : yeah and we made lame reasons too .

Samrat sits on the bike .

Samrat : (in a happy tone) I’m so happy now .

Saisha : yeah ! But one day you have to let me drive too .

Samrat : (rolls his eyes) ok fine saisha !

Tara : there’s another surprise for you too .

Samrat : (surprised) Another one ?

Avni : yeah (points towards the box) this one .

Avni takes the box from Tara gives it to samrat .

Samrat : what’s there in this ?

Avni : just open and see .

Samrat opens the box and he’s so happy to see the IPL tickets in that .

Samrat : (surprised and happy) WHAT ! IPL MATCH TICKETS THAT TOO VIP ONES ! Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians ! So we’re going to Wankhede Stadium ? To watch the match !

Avni , Tara & other kids : YES !

Samrat : (in a happy tone) This is the best birthday gift ever ! Finally I can meet my favourite players Especially MSD .

Samrat hugs Avni

Samrat : thank you so much jaan didi

Avni : Anyways . It’s already late now . Let’s go and sleep tomorrow morning we need to go to temple . we have many plans for tomorrow .

Saisha : jaan didi I want to go for shopping tomorrow .

Avni : for what ?

Saisha : we are going for match tomorrow and I want to get jersey for everyone .

Avni : Hmm … yeah we need to go for shopping . I support CSK

Tara : I like Suresh Raina a lot . So I even I Support CSK .

Avni : But Which team you all are going to support ?

Samrat , saisha & other kids : CHENNAI SUPER KINGS !

Samrat : After all MSD is playing in CSK . So we all will support only CSK .

Avni : So we’ll get Yellow Jersey for all . Now all go to your rooms and take rest .

Tara : Yes . Now let’s all go to our rooms and take rest .

Avni : yes . All go to your rooms . Now I need to go to Mehta mansion too .

Samrat : jaan Didi please be here na .

Saisha : yes didi please . You go tomorrow na please please .

Avni : (smiles) ok fine . Now let’s go and sleep . It’s already late .

Samrat : yeah .

Tara : now let’s go inside .

Avni , Tara and all others go inside the Sukoon house .

Avni gets a call from Aman .

Aman : Avni where are you ?

Avni : in Sukoon ghar . I’ll come tomorrow at 5am .

Aman : ok . And it’s samrat’s birthday right ? Did you guys celebrate ?

Avni : yeah we did

Aman : (smiles) great And did he like the bike ?

Avni : of course . He loved it .

Aman : happy to hear that .

Avni : And yeah bhai tomorrow I , Tara and Sukoon ghar kids are going for IPL match .

Aman : WHAT ! Lucky you . I thought of booking tickets but tomorrow I’m going to meet your bhabi aishwarya . Anyways see you tomorrow . Bye .

Avni : Bye bhai.

Avni cuts the call and goes inside Sukoon ghar .

Scene 2:
Khanna mansion

At midnight

In the lawn

Shweta is sitting in the lawn . She seems to be sad .

Shweta : (thinks) 28years . It has been 28years since we got married prakash . I didn’t knew that you would do this to me and our kids . Why did you leave us ?

Neil sees Shweta sad .

He goes inside the kitchen and makes coffee .

Shweta is very sad .

Neil comes there with coffee and he comes and sits near Shweta .

Neil : hey mom .

Neil gives the coffee mug to Shweta

Shweta sees neil and gets surprised seeing Neil and gets the coffee cup from him .

Shweta : Neil ? You still awake ?

Neil : hmm yeah . And what about you ?

Shweta : me ?

Neil : you use to sleep soon . But now the time is 1 am and you’re still awake . And you seem to be sad . What’s the matter ?

Shweta : (lies) sad ? nothing like that . I wasn’t feeling sleepy …

Neil : (cuts Shweta in between ) I know everything . Tomorrow is your and that person prakash khanna’s 26th wedding anniversary and that’s the reason why you’re sad .

Shweta : Ugh … Neil beta nothing like that .

Neil : ma I don’t lie to me . I know you are sad . All because of that person .

Shweta : Don’t say like that . He still cares about you and Neeraj and ….

Neil : (cuts Shweta in between) Seriously ma ? How long you are going to live with his memories and think that he cares about us . He left us ! He left you , me , Neeraj and only because of him we’re suffering ! He only cares about money .

Shweta : But That day in Hospital he was really concerned for you and Neeraj …..

Neil : (rolls his eyes) ma I don’t understand why you still …. can’t understand you . I hope everything gets fine . Anyways . Don’t be sad . I always want you to be happy . You go and sleep .

Shweta : Hmm . Even you go and sleep . Good night .

Neil : Good night mom .

Shweta and Neil go to their room .

Scene 3:
Khanna mansion

Next morning

Khanna mansion – dining table .

Shweta is seen arranging the plates . She’s very silent

Neeraj comes there .

Neeraj : good morning mom . (Sits on the chair)

Shweta : good morning

Neil comes there wearing his police uniform .

Neil : good morning mom . Neeraj . (Sits on the chair)

Neeraj : Good morning bhai .

Shweta : good morning .

Shweta serves the food and everyone eat .

Shweta finishes eating her food and she goes to her room

Neeraj : Neil bhai , Mom seems to be sad .

Neil : hmm . Today is mom’s wedding anniversary .

Neeraj : I know bhai . Is she fine ?

Neil : I guess she is fine . But we should not trouble her . We should let her spend some time alone so that she’ll feel relaxed .

Neeraj : yeah .

Shweta comes out .

Shweta : Neil , Neeraj I’m going out and I’ll come after some time .

Neil & Neeraj : Fine Mom .

Shweta leaves .

Neil : Ok . I need to go to police station .

Neeraj : Even today ?

Neil : hmm yeah .

Neeraj : fine then . But come home soon . IPL match starts today . Chennai Vs Mumbai .

Neil : of course . I’ll come home on time . And let’s watch together . Bye

Neeraj : Bye

Scene 4:
Store , road

In the afternoon .

Shweta goes to a shop and buys something .

In the same shop Avni and other kids buy Yellow Jersey for the match .

Suddenly Avni gets a call from Tara

Avni : (in call) Hey Tara

Tara : Avni my mom is sick .

Avni : What ? Suddenly ?

Tara : Seems like she fell in washroom and she hurt her head . My brother just now called me . I’m sorry but I can’t come to match with you guys .

Avni : Tara why are you saying sorry ? You need to be with your mom . You go to your place right now .

Tara : ok Avni . Bye .

Avni : Bye .

Avni cuts the call

Saisha : Jaan Didi what happened ?

Avni : Tara’s Mom is not well . So she can’t come with us to match .

Samrat : oh no . I thought we all can enjoy together . But Tara didi’s mom is not well . But what to do . Now she needs to be with her mom . That’s more important than match .

Avni : (smiles) You’re right samrat .

Saisha : Woah samrat ! You started acting mature .

Samrat : (rolls his eyes) I’m more mature compared to you saisha .

Saisha : Whatever !

Avni : ok kids let’s go . We have to get ready and start soon . And we even have an extra ticket . Now we need to see who can accompany us .

Mowgli : will Riya didi come with us instead of Tara didi ?

Avni : Umm I don’t think Riya will come with us . Riya hates cricket . And Aman bhai is taking care of aishwarya bhabi .

Samrat : then who’ll come with us ?

Avni : Let’s think about that . Now let’s go .

Avni and other kids come out of the shop and they start walking .

Suddenly Avni bumps into someone .

Avni : Sorry .

Person : oops I’m sorry

Avni and the person see each other and get surprised seeing each other . The person turns out to be Shweta .

Shweta : (smiles) hi beta . you ?

Avni : Hi Aunty . I know you . You are ACP Neil’s mom …

Shweta : (cuts Avni in between) Yeah ! And you’re Avni right ?

Avni : Yeah

Shweta : I’m Shweta . We met each other that day on hospital right ?

Avni : of course I remember . Hi Shweta aunty.

Kids : Jaan Didi who’s this aunty ? Is she your friend ?

Avni : (smiles)(to kids) kids say Hi to aunty . Remember the police officer who saved our Sukoon ghar ? That police officer is her son .

Kids : Hi Aunty .

Samrat : (to shweta) thanks aunty . Your son ACP Neil saved our Sukoon house and because of him we all are alive . Thank you so much .

Shweta : (smiles) actually I need to thank your Avni jaan Didi. She was the one who saved my son .

Saisha : (confused) Jaan Didi saved your son ?

Avni : Actually ACP Neil Khanna got stabbed by one of the goon . And I just took him to hospital .

Shweta : I don’t know how to thank you . I really want to do something for you .

Avni : Aunty but …

Shweta : (cuts Avni in between) no , I really want to do something for you . Because you saved my son’s life .

Avni : Its Ok aunty . (Thinks) seriously I don’t believe that crack is Shweta aunty’s son . She’s so sweet and that crack Neil Khanna … So rude .

Shweta : So What were you doing here ? Shopping ah ?

Avni : yeah aunty . actually today is samrat’s birthday (points towards samrat )

Shweta : oh really ? Happy birthday Samrat beta .

Samrat : thanks aunty . And as a treat today our jaan didi is taking all of us to Wankhede to watch IPL match between CSK Vs MI .

Shweta : That’s awesome ! CSK is my favourite team . I used to watch and play cricket when I was in college . Now I stopped everything and I just sit idle in home .

Saisha : Aunty can I ask you something ?

Shweta : of course you can ask beta .

Saisha : (to shweta) Aunty if you don’t mind will you accompany us to the stadium please ?

Shweta : What me !

Avni : Great Idea ! Aunty please come na !

Samrat : Aunty please Aunty !

Shweta : but me ?

Avni : Yes Aunty . And you even said you want to do something for me right ? So please agree to come with us for the IPL match . It’s a request .

Shweta : but my sons are alone in house I need to inform them and it will take time and what about tickets …..

Avni : Aunty I guess your sons are 25+ and I think they’re old enough to take care of themselves . And yeah we do a have ticket and if you come with us you’ll definitely enjoy with us a lot .

Avni & Kids : (to shweta) Aunty please come na . Please please .

Shweta : (smiles) ok fine Avni beta . I’ll come for you .

Kids : YAY ! Thanks aunty !

Avni : ok Shweta Aunty . Now the time is 3pm already . The opening ceremony will start at 5pm . My friend said he’ll come and pick up us at Sukoon ghar at 3:45pm because it will take an hour to reach Wankhede from shastri Nagar . Will you come with us to Sukoon ghar now ? Will you be fine ?

Shweta : (Smiles) yeah I’ll come with you all now . After a long time I’m going to Stadium and watch a match . That too CSK one .

Avni : that’s great and yeah we even have a yellow jersey . Would you like to wear it ?

Shweta : Jersey ? (Smiles) yeah sure . Now let’s go and get ready .

Avni : yeah .

Shweta , Avni and other kids go to Sukoon ghar . Avni , kids , Shweta wear yellow jersey

Avni and Kids paint And write “CSK” in their cheeks .

Avni : (to shweta) Aunty even you paint your cheeks !

Shweta : Me ? I’ll look like joker !

Saisha : Aunty you won’t look like joker . Do paint your face Shweta Aunty !

Shweta : Arey but …. ok fine .

Shweta too paint and write “CSK” in her cheeks .

Everyone take CSK flags on their hand .

Shweta : I did all these stuffs when I was in college . I look funny now !

Avni : Aunty trust me you really look good .

Suddenly everyone hear a car horn sound .

Shweta : car horn ?

Avni : I guess Vidyut arrived ! Now let’s go .

Everyone take their things and they go out .

Vidyut is sitting inside the car and he’s wearing blue jersey .

Vidyut : hey kids

Kids : Hi Vidyut Bhaiya !

Vidyut : everyone sit inside the car

The kids sit inside the car . Avni and Shweta come there

Avni : Hey Vidyut (sees vidyut in blue jersey) Vidyut What are you wearing !

Vidyut : (confused) I’m wearing a shirt ? What happened ?

Avni : you are wearing a blue jersey ! Are you supporting Mumbai Indians?

Vidyut : of course ! And yeah I’m damn sure that Mumbai Indians will win today .

Avni : No one can beat CSK !

Vidyut : Oh really ? Let’s see .

Avni : oops I forgot to introduce Shweta Aunty to you . Shweta Aunty he’s my friend vidyut and vidyut this is Shweta Aunty .

Vidyut : (sees Shweta) hi Shweta Aunty .

Shweta : hi vidyut beta .

Vidyut : I don’t know why but I guess I have met or I have seen you somewhere .

Shweta : I’m sorry beta but I don’t remember .

Vidyut : it’s ok Aunty . Avni , Shweta Aunty . Please sit inside the car . We’re getting late and we need to reach the stadium soon

Avni and Shweta sit inside vidyut’s car and Vidyut starts driving .

Scene 5:
Wankhede Stadium and Neil’s house

In Neil’s house

Neeraj is excited to watch IPL match .

Neeraj : finally IPL is going to start .

Neil enters the house with pizza box in his hand

Neeraj sees neil

Neil : Hey Neeraj ! I got pizzas !

Neeraj : you did a great job ! Now let’s watch IPL match !

Neil : yeah (looks around) where’s mom ?

Neeraj : I don’t know bhai she said she’s going somewhere . I’ll better call her .

Neil : no no don’t disturb her . Let her spend sometime alone then she’ll feel ok .

Neeraj : Hmm Yeah . Now let’s watch the match . I support Mumbai Indians and you

Neil : of course Mumbai my bro !

In Cricket stadium

Vidyut , Avni , Shweta and other Sukoon ghar kids reach Wankhede Stadium and they go to the VIP hospitality box .

The opening ceremony starts . At first varun Dhawan and Prabhudeva dance . Next Thamanna bhatia dances . Kids , Avni enjoy a lot . Vidyut smiles seeing Avni . Shweta is sitting and she sees everyone enjoying she gets happy seeing everyone . Avni sees Shweta and goes near her .

Avni : Shweta Aunty even you come and dance .

Shweta : me dance ? Beta you all are youngsters and I’m a 49 old lady . It won’t be nice .

Avni : Aunty why are you saying like that ? Don’t you like to dance ?

Shweta : I do dance well but …

Avni : Then why aren’t you dancing ? Why are you stopping yourself !

Shweta : I’m old beta and you are young and you all won’t feel comfortable .

Avni : who said ? Aunty this is life . Enjoy it . Now please Aunty we want to see you dancing .

Shweta : (smiles) you’re right .

Shweta gets up from her seat

Shweta : Now I’ll enjoy with you all .

Avni : (smiles) that’s the spirit Aunty ! Now let’s dance

Shweta , Avni and kids dance . Vidyut too joins them .

Shweta : (thinks) (smiles) after a long time I feel relaxed after a long time . (She sees Avni and smiles) thanks to this sweet girl .

In Neil’s house

Neeraj and Neil see the opening ceremony . And now the match is going to start

Neil : I’ll go and get some juice .

Neeraj : I’ll get something to eat too .

Suddenly Avni , Shweta , Vidyut and other kids are seen dancing in Tv and now they show Jacqueline Fernandez Dancing .

Neeraj sees that

Neeraj : (to himself) is that mom who was dancing ? No no no . Mom that too dance and cricket ? No way ! That’s someone else .

Neil comes there with juice and snacks .

Neil : did the match start ? Who won the toss ?

Neeraj : CSK won the toss and they are going to field first .

Neil : oh … but still I feel like mumbai will win today .

Neeraj : even I feel like that . Now match is going to start . Let’s watch .

Neil and Neeraj watch the match .

Mumbai Indians are batting

In the first over CSK bowler Deepak Chahar is bowling . Mumbai Indians don’t score any runs in the first 3 balls .

After 3 balls Rohit Sharma hits a boundary and gets 4 runs .

Neil : yes ! Mumbai Indians are doing a good job !

Neeraj : yeah !

In the Wankhede Stadium

Avni : what the hell rohit has hit a boundary !

Vidyut : I told you ! Mumbai will definitely win today !

Avni : No !!!

Shweta : Don’t worry Rohit Sharma and ishaan Kishan won’t play for long they’ll get out soon . And Deepak Chahar seems to be a good right-arm medium-pace bowler . He’ll definitely take a wicket .

Vidyut : Wow Shweta Aunty seems like you know many things about cricket .

Shweta : of course . I’m a crazy fan of cricket I was the captain of the women’s cricket team in my college

Avni : That’s Awesome .

Shweta : now let’s watch the match

In the 2nd over Shane Watson bowls to Rohit Sharma . and in this over Mumbai Indians are only able to score 2 runs . Mumbai Indians have totally scored 7 runs with no wickets fallen .

Vidyut : Chennai Super Kings are completely out of form . Today Mumbai will only win !

Avni , Shweta and Kids : (shout) CSK will only win !

Vidyut : let’s see But don’t shout !

Avni : ok but see CSK will only win .

Vidyut smiles .

In the 3rd over again Deepak Chahar bowls to Ishaan kishan . It’s an lbw and a wicket falls .

Vidyut : What the hell


Shweta : I told na Deepak Chahar will take a wicket !

Avni and Shweta hug in excitement .

Chennai Super Kings song plays after the wicket .

Chennai super kingsku periya whistle adinga
(whistle aloud for chennai super kings)

enga ooru chennaiku periya whistle adinga
(whistle aloud for our city chennai)

Enga thala dhoniku periya whistle adinga
(Whistle aloud for our leader Dhoni)

Shweta , Avni and kids start dancing for that and Tv shows them

In Neil’s place

The chennai Super Kings takes a wicket and ishaan kishan is out

Neeraj and Neil : oh my god ! Ishaan is out !

CSK song plays and Tv shows Shweta and Avni dancing .

Neeraj takes a pizza slice and keeps it in his mouth . Neil takes the juice and starts drinking

He sees the Tv showing Shweta and Avni dancing .

Neeraj and Neil sees this and get shocked .

Neeraj : (pizza falls from his mouth) (shocked) WHAT !!!!! I WAS RIGHT ! THEN THAT LADY IS NOME OTHER THAT ……

Neil : (spits the juice) (shocked) WHAT DID I JUST SEE IN TV !

Neeraj and Neil see each other and they stare at the tv

Neil & Neeraj : (facing each other ) THAT’S MOM !!

Neil : when did she start watching cricket !

Neeraj : Mom !!!! That too cricket and dance !


Neil and Neeraj and shocked .

Episode ends

Precap : Avni comes to Khanna mansion . Neil and Neeraj feel bad for not spending time with Shweta . Some one steals Samrat’s bike and samrat feels bad because of that . Avni comes to police station to meet Neil and file a complaint .

Sorry for the late update I was busy with exams and my schedule And I was not in a mood to write 😅😅😅 . If the episode is bad and boring I’m sorry for that . I hope you all liked this episode and yeah silent readers do read , like and comment if you like the episode .

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