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Mahakaali 8th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati fights with evil to reunite with Shiv

Mahakaali 8th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kartika says to Shiv that we have to stop Mata. Shiv says no dont forget that this world’s problem, you have to beware of situations coming up, danger will increase in coming days so much that never happened before.

Andhak comes to Parvati and says I always my Mata but then I thought if I take my loyalty to somewhere else then I will be able to separate myself from my Mata so I married, it made me happy but maybe I have to be alone thats why my wife left the world, he shows her asthiyan and says after my wife died, my soul have died too but you are Mahakali, you can bring her back. Parvati says no you have to let her go, this is universe’s nature. Andhak says no if you cant help me then its fine, you go back to your family and Kailash. He turns to leave but Parvati says

stop son, he smirks. Parvati says I will give life back to your wife. Asurmata sees it and thinks that Parvati will bring back life which she took.
Parvati starts bringing Andhak’s wife back.
Vishnu says to Shiv that Parvati is using her powers against nature. Shiv says if Parvati is flowing her motherly love and taking wrong action then Mahakali will have to bear the consequences.

Parvati is bring life back to Andhak’s wife. Suddenly she feels dizzy and faints. Andhak says Mata.. Parvati’s power turns into a ball which flies towards Asurmata. She is in tears seeing fireball.. Fireball blasts and Shumbh, Nishumbh and other evils come to life again. They smirk and bow down to Asurmata. Shumbh says you brought us back to life and did what was impossible. She says my prayers of years have paid, Mahakali my children are back to take revenge for your deeds. She says what you people started, end it, Gods and Goddesses killed you so make them pay, go and take your revenge.

Parvati wakes up and sees havan blown off, she glares at Andhak and sees flashback of all evils coming to life again. Andhak says Mata.. Parvati says enough, you cant call me mother, you wanted to cheat your mother but Mahakali wont forgive you, you will pay for this. She fumes in anger and ties to take Kaali’s avatar but cant. She says why cant I change my avatar? Andhak says sorry Mata but to win your love, I had only one way, I had to separate my Mata from Mahakali, I am sorry. Parvati says Mahadev what mistake did I do.
Shiv is silent. Vishnu says why are you silent? if she cant become Mahakali then it will be destruction. Shiv says Mahakali’s responsibility is not only taking on fights but showing path to Parvati too.
Parvati attacks Andhak and says I was a fool to not see your cheating, you have crossed all limits, you have hurt a mother and also tarnished mother-son relation, today my son Andhak died, I promise what you started, I will end it, you tried to separate me from myself but when I return to Shiv then our powers together will end all evil which you brought back.

Parvati comes back to Kailash. Ganesh asks why she is tensed? All look on. Vishnu comes there. Lakkshman asks Parvati why she is so stressed, what happened? They hear Shumbh’s voice. Parvati sees Shumbh and Nishumbh coming there with their evil forces. She glares at them. Shumbh says see Parvati I cameback from dead for you and your Mahadev left you in such dangerous situation for his peace? Kartika glares at them. Parvati says I dont have power to become Mahakali but I wont lose to evil in my house, if we have to fight then we all will fight you. Parvati’s clan approaches evil forces. Anhak comes there and says attack. Both forces start fighting. Parvati is fighting with Shumbh, Shumbh says you know that you cant end me, you dont have powers. Parvati tries to attack him but cant. Ganesh says to Kartika that Mata doesnt have power. Ganesh says to Parvati that we will handle this, you go and meet Mahadev, maybe you will get powers back to become Mahakali. Parvati is tensed but goes from there.

Parvati sees Shiv’s weapon, she says Mahadev, you showed me path earlier in fight, will you help me this time too? I know you always with me in danger so I wont lose, my son started this fight so I will fight till end of him, I just have to hear your voice, to get my answer from you. She touches his weapon and close her eyes. She opens her eyes and sees herself surrounded by fire. She sees Mahakali going towards Shiv and about to put feet on him. She is stunned. She sees Shiv standing beside her, he says that I was waiting when we will meet here again. Parvati sees Mahakali putting foot on Shiv, she close her eyes and opens them again to see her back home. She says to Shiv that it was hurtful. Shiv says its time to push your limits, think how Shumbh, Nishumbh, Tarkasur.. how they became alive again? because you havent accepted truth, you havent left your soft side, this universe is waiting for your decision. Parvati sees her clam fighting against evil. Shiv says when Mahakali was approaching me, she was content, she was confident to end the evil even if she had to put foot on me. Pravati says no you cant take me there. Shiv says I am just telling you the truth, you have to put foot on me again, you have to choose this option. Pravti is in tears and says okay, even if I choose this option, it wont give me anything, I dont have Mahakali’s powers now. Shiv says when Shiv is with you then why worry about powers? Pravati looks on.
Shumbh captures Parvati’s clan. Shumbh asks Parvati to come out. Parvati and Shiv comes there together. Nishumbh recalls how she killed him and gets scared, he says to Shumbh that we should leave, earlier Mahakali killed us too. Shumbh says no its time to do or die, Shiv came this time, last time his wife protected him, will be hide behind his wife this time too? Shiv says you are right, Shiv’s identity is with Shakti, I am ready to become Shakti to protect my universe. Shiv hits his weapon on floor, there, Shiv says to Pravti that its you put foot on.. Pravati stops him. Shiv holds her hand and puts it on his heart, powers flow towards Parvati. Shiv suddenly falls down and says this is not my end but your powers start. He faints. Parvati puts his head in her lap and cries. She screams Mahadev! Nishumbh says wow, Mahakali cant comeback and Shiv is unconscious too, he laughs. Parvati glares at him. Nishumbh says she is useless now. Parvati runs to them and takes Mahakali’s avatar. She kills their man. Andhak says how this happened? I took Mahakali’s power then how can she become Kaali again? Mahadev came inbetween again and gave her powers. Mahakali frees her clan, she starts killing everyone. Andhak says to Mahakali that you can kill anyone but I cant allow you to kill my evils. Kaali smals him, he falls down.

Asurmata says to Guru that you have to help us, you are guru. Guru says dont forget that Mahakali will do anything to protect her clan.

Scene 2
Mahakali says to Shumbh that you are mistaken if you think you will be saved, its time to end you. They are scared of her. Tarkasur gets scared and falls to his knees. Mahakali kills him. Mahakali approaches Nishumbh, she beheads him too. She comes to Shumbh who smirks at her, Mahakali beheads him. They all become ashes. Mahakali mixes that ash and it falls on her. Lakshman says last time Mahakali became uncontrollable when she killed them. Ganesh says Shiv gave up his life to bring Mahakali back and now she will bring him back when she puts foot on him. Mahakali comes there, fuming in anger. She recalls Shiv’s words that she has to cross her limits. Mahakali sees Shiv lying on floor, she screams and puts foot on his belly. Andhak and others look on. Shiv opens his eyes and smiles. Mahakali cries. Shiv wakes up and says you finally controlled your motherly love, you showed that you can cross your limits to save your universe, your this avatar will be called VaamKaali. All bow down to Kaali. Mahakali turns to Andhak. Andhak says I knew Mahadev will separate you from me. Mahakaali says its your mistake, you tried to kill our love, I am giving you last chance to ask for forgiveness and bow down. Andhak says no I wont bow down, I will fight till end for my identity. Gurudev comes there. Andhak says I know you are here to protect your student, protect me. Guru bows down to Shiv and says I am sorry but I cant attack you. Shiv turns him to ashes. Shiv says to Andhak that you kept going on wrong but now your end is here. Ahiv attacks him. Mahakali closes her eyes. Shiv stabs Andhak and kills him. Mahakali is in tears as he takes his last breaths. He vanishes away. Mahakali says to Shiv that Andhak is gone so leave Guru. Shiv brings Guru back. Guru says thank you For sending off Andhak. Shiv says you have taken your role as teacher so you will be called Sukr Acharaya, you will get position and also there will pillar on your name. Guru bows to him. Ganesh says you have said right father, we never had more difficult situation like this but all tests of Mata has ended. Kartika says yes everything will be fine now. Shis closes his eyes and imagines someone attacking Ganesh and Mahakali, he thinks that this is not end but start of her start as next attack will on Ganesh.

PRECAP- Parshuram attacks Ganesh, he screams Maa. Ganesh says he insulted my mother and I wont forgive anyone insulting her even if that is God. Parvati and Shiv looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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