UV, it’s not like that- Kunj said. 

UV- Of course, it is like that Kunj. After marriage every night I will get some action and make me happy. My wife won’t say no also. After all it’s her duty to make me happy. 

Kunj- I am not sure that she would do or not. 

UV- C’mon Kunj don’t say like that. I am sure twinkle does everything you want. She will never say no to you.. 

Kunj- Actually UV…… actually, we don’t have this kind of relationship. As soon as he said that he knew he couldn’t have sounded any dumber. 

UV- Are you trying to tell me that The Kunj Sarna, who could and often would get a girl on bed only by his one look is not getting any from his own wife. He said being shocked. 

Kunj- Umm…actually, yes that’s what I am saying. Kunj knew that if he could talk to anyone about his problem and his feeling it is only and only UV. 

UV- And you are still alive? 

Kunj- UV s*x isn’t everything. 

UV- Yes, I am pretty sure it is. But seriously, why have you never? 

Kunj- She is shy and very traditional as compared to me and I don’t want her to freak out. 

UV- But you both are married. 

Kunj- I know UV, but you how we got married. It was an arrange marriage and how it was arranged you know everything. 

UV thought about the situation and it made sense to him but the thing he was not able to understand was why Kunj was so nervous in front of Twinkle. He was never nervous in front of a girl. 

Kunj continued- I kissed her last night for the very first time. 

UV- Shit! No way! You waited so long just to kiss her. Dammit! That must have been one hell I know Twinkle is so pretty. How you controlled. She could pass for hot if she…… 

Kunj- Watch it UV, be in your limits. 

UV- Ok, Ok but I have a question? Why you waited so long? 

Kunj- She was not comfortable and wanted her to be comfortable. 

UV- And what last night so special? 

Kunj- She was looking really pretty and I couldn’t control 

UV- At that time you didn’t ask whether she is ok or not? 

Kunj- Wo actually I had an excuse even this morning I had an excuse. 

UV- Did she slap you? UV asked very excitedly. The volume of his voice rose as if expecting some impending drama to unfold before him. 

Kunj- No. 

Uv- Then don’t you think it is ok to kiss without an excuse? Hell man, she might like it that you made a move. 

Kunj thought about it. Twinkle seemed fine when he kissed. She didn’t slap him and he observed her reaction when he kissed her, she seems to have like the kiss. Nothing else would have made Kunj happier at that moment that he can kiss Twinkle whenever he wants. Well he could do more things with her that makes him happier but he can’t think about it at that moment. 

UV- Well, you just need to talk to her about all this. 

Kunj- We talked about it. She said she don’t want to have my kids. 

UV- Well definitely at such a young age no girl wants to have grubby loud and poopy babies in her life. 

Kunj tried not to laugh. UV’s terminology was not at all sophisticated. 

Kunj- Do you have any idea what you just said right now? Kunj said with a giggle. 

UV- It doesn’t matter what I said? I have a point and you know that. 

Kunj- Yeah, may be having kids so early was not a good idea. 

UV- I think you need to take to her and then only your problem will be solved. 

Kunj couldn’t believe it that UV actually gave a solution to his problem and was logical too. 

UV- Now let’s solve my problem. 

Kunj- What problem you have? 

UV- I need a woman man in my life and that also hot witty and beautiful who can turn my world and my bedroom upside down. 

Kunj- And what role I will play in this? 

UV- Of course, we need to hit nightclubs and you will help me out there, that will be your role. 

Kunj- No, No I can’t do that twinkle will never forgive me. 

UV- C’mon Kunj, you are not going to flirt with anyone. Ok, I will call Twinkle and ask her if we can go or not. UV said pulling his phone out from his pocket. 

Kunj- I don’t need her permission to go out. Kunj said being angry. He continued- Ok, after two weeks Mahi would be leaving for hostel, then we can have a boy’s night out. We will even invite Karan. I need to see how he behaves in such kind of settings. Sounds good? 

UV- Yeah, he better not drinks or flirt with anyone. I swear I will…. 

Kunj- UV, they are not married yet. We just need to see how bad he is. If he is anything like us then he is definitely not marrying Mahi. 

UV- Yessss, boys night out. 

Kunj dropped after their discussion dropped UV at his house and left for the work. He knew that he would have to have a word with Twinkle now. From inside he felt the necessity of it but simply hoped that he would not upset her. 

Next Scene at Kunj’s mansion 

Mahi- Di, have a look at this. Mahi showed a brochure to Twinkle. 

Twinkle- What is this? Twinkle asked taking the brochure in her hands. 

Mahi- The upcoming tern at ANU. 

Twinkle- Ok, what does this have to be do with you. 

Mahi- Di, I just don’t want to waste time, so I want to start with the coming term. 

Twinkle- but Mahi, that means you will be leaving early? 

Mahi- Di, its just two weeks before. I don’t want to be a semester behind. 

Twinkle- Mahi, you are so smart. I am sure you will catchup. 

Mahi- Please di. Mahi said pouting. 

Twinkle- Ok, let Kunj come and then we will talk to him in the evening. 

Mahi- Does that mean a yes from you? 

Twinkle- Hmm. 

Mahi- Thank you Di! Mahi started jumping in excitement. 

Twinkle- Mahi calm down please. 

Mahi- Oh my God! I need to pack. Di please help me. 

Twinkle- Ok come. 

Twinkle and Mahi started packing away Mahi’s things. Twinkle was not able to believe that Mahi will be leaving soon and she will be all her own. It was true that she was just 4 hours’ drive away, but she was her little sister. 

In the evening Kunj came back after his long day of work and he started searching Twinkle. 

Twinkle- Kunj called her walking in the kitchen and then living room but couldn’t find her. He finally went upstairs in his room where he found Mahi and Twinkle sitting on sofa waiting for him only. 

Kunj- Twinkle there you are, I need to talk. He looked at Mahi hoping that she would give some privacy to them so that they could talk. 

Twinkle- Actually Kunj we also need to talk to you. Twinkle and Mahi were nervously looking at each other. 

Kunj looked at them in concern and asked them- What happen, all good? 

Twinkle- Wo Mahi, wants to join the upcoming tern in ANU. 

Kunj- OK. 

Twinkle- So what do you think, should she? 

Kunj- Oh Yes, she can. 

Mahi and Twinkle both were relaxed now. Mahi was happy that Kunj agreed. 

After they all had dinner Mahi wished them good night and they left for their respective rooms. 

In Kunj and Twinkle’s room. 

Twinkle- Kunj, you wanted to talk to me at that time, what was it about?  

Kunj- Oh yeah, when is Mahi leaving? 

Twinkle- In two days. 

Kunj- Ok, I was going to invite Karan to have drinks with me and UV after we all shift Mahi into her dorm. I guess we are going to change our plans. 

Twinkle- Karan? 

Kunj- Twinkle, if Karan is going to marry Mahi then I need to see how mad he gets in these kind of dink parties. 

Twinkle rolled her eyes and said- This is what you wanted to discuss it with me? 

Kunj- Umm…. no, actually I don’t want you to be upset. 

Twinkle- And why will I be upset Kunj? 

Kunj twinkle, I would like to consummate our marriage. There is no pressure of kids or any ulterior motive behind it. I think we should move ahead. 

Twinkle- Kunj we already had talked about it. 

Kunj- I know! I know we have. I just want to know the reason why you are so unwilling about it. 

Twinkle- Because we are not in love. 

Kunj- When I kissed you then, you do like it? Kunj was asking and talking very cautiously not to hurt her feelings but also tell his feelings too. Twinkle who heard Kunj’s question was surprise at his bluntness. 

Kunj continued- You didn’t resist. Neither you slapped me. Does that mean you like it right? 

Twinkle- Well…… umm…. may be yes. 

Kunj- So does that mean I can kiss you whenever I feel like? 

Twinkle- But you meant to show Mahi? 

Kunj- No, No, I didn’t mean that. I feel like it. I really do enjoy kissing you. Kunj smirked and Twinkle blushed and nodded her head. 

Kunj looked at her for few seconds, surprised that she actually agreed. He walked to her pulled her forward. He gently kissed her and tried to watch her reaction while kissing. She only blushed and smiled. 

He left her saying- Let’s celebrate this night. Kunj said leaning close to her and about to kiss her again when Twinkle stepped back and said- No, we can’t. 

Kunj- because we are not in love right. I know Twinkle, but at least we can just try. Isn’t this your responsibilty to satisfy me? 

Twinkle knew she was being a bad wife. She knew that this was expected from her sooner or later. Maybe she could just give in for Kunj’s desires. She was anyhow happy that Kunj wanted to kiss her not to show anyone and she was not in mood to soil his mood. 

Kunj- Twinkle, you don’t understand how difficult it is. I am dying here. Kunj said and looked at her pleadingly. 

Twinkle- Ok. She walked towards bed and sat there waiting for Kunj to join. 

Kunj looked at her, not sure what she meant. Slowly, he turned off all the lights, locked the door and joined her on bed. He cupped her cheek with his hand and brought her lips closer to his and kissed her passionately. Twinkle laid down on bed as Kunj hovered over her, their lips never leaving each other. Twinkle’s heart was beating really fast. She had never been in such a position with any man before. She was beyond nervous. Kunj’s knuckles brushed her collar bones, moving the drape of her sari lower, exposing some skin. 

Twinkle’s eyes were closed. Kunj quickly removed his shirt without leaving her lips. He was licking her bottom lip and she gasped, giving him an opportunity to deepen his kiss. Twinkle abruptly pulled. 

Twinkle- Kunj, I have never…. 

Kunj- I know. He said and again started kissing her. he pulled again and asked- Twinkle do you want me to go any further? 

Twinkle looked down and shook her head in no. 

Kunj started to get angry. He tried to remain calm and asked Twinkle- twinkle, what should I do to make you more comfortable? 

Twinkle- Some more time. That was the answer Kunj wasn’t willing to listen and time was the thing he could not give her. 

Kunj- twinkle please. 

Twinkle looked away- I can’t Kunj. 

Kunj decided not to take the argument further. He simply laid down turned his back to twinkle and tried to sleep. 

Two days passed. Kunj was not talking much to Twinkle. It was obvious he was angry. Twinkle tried to talk to him but he used to answer in yes or no and use to walk away. He only acted to talk to twinkle when Mahi was around. Finally, it was time for mahi to leave and move into ANU. Kunj and UV had called up Karan and went down to the campus to get a head start moving Mahi in. Twinkle and Mahi joined them later with Mahi’s personal belongings. Karan led them into the dorm. There were several movers who were moving large boxes and bulky items in and out of the room. 

Mahi- Jiju, what is the point in getting all the guys together when you hired the movers. 

Boys night out- UV answered. 

Kunj- And while returning we will directly go to city. Why waste petrol? 

The plan made sense to Mahi. Karan started to explain all the best college hangout near campus. Mahi was listening everything very carefully. Afterwards all boys left for Karan’s place as his flat was the nearest, leaving Mahi and Twinkle alone to unpack and arrange everything. 

Twinkle- Are you sure you will be able to manage everything alone. 

Mahi- I am sure Di. Just chill and I am only four hours away. 

Twinkle- Ok, but if you are not comfortable or you are not liking here or you want to come back home, please tell me. Promise? 

Mahi- Promise Di. 

The two sisters exchanged a sad goodbye. Kunj had left Twinkle a car and instructed driver to take Twinkle back home. Twinkle was sad that she has to leave her baby sister and now she was all alone. She was also making plans to what to do as Kunj was out for boy’s night out and she will be alone at home. Should she call Roshni and have a girl’s night out like boys were having or she should spend night alone watching movies. She was busy making plans when the driver told her that they have reached. twinkle got down and reached her and Kunj’s room to change into something light. she mindlessly opened the closet and what she saw was shocking. Her clothes were not there. She panicked and rushed to Kunj’s closet. All her belongings were removed from that room as if Kunj was the only occupant of the room. 


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