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Innocent Steps (Kanchi) ep 14 by ziya

Hello guys…how have you all been. Just back from a long trip and feeling soooo sleepy. So please pardon if there is any mistakes as I’m writing this in one go as I don’t want to keep you guys waiting.
Alert: it’s exam season for me with two major exams lined up in June. So I might be irregular these two months. Pls be understanding.
Love you all and thanks for your lovely comments which makes me beam. And sorry I couldn’t reply to you all due to the network problem at the place I was.
Ok, enough of my bank bank and let’s move on to the story
Also: hope my autocorrect aunty doesn’t poke in too much😉
Recap: sanchi, veer and pragya join citco telecom…
Sanchi stands in front of the tall building beaming with join. She excitedly goes two the reception and collects her intern Id. She caresses it like a pet. Pragya also joins her and both of them hug and share their enthusiasm.
Sanchi sees Kabir walking in and she steals a glance of him. Kabir walks past her as if she doesn’texist. She keeps peeping over pragyas shoulder.😊
Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

Pragya points towards the lift and both run to get in. (There are two lifts. One for employees and the other for Kabir alone. The employees lift is full and without thinking for a second sanchi gets in along with Kabir and Emma. Everyone gives her a horrified look for her guys to use the boss’s lift on the first day of her job. Pragya managed to somehow squeeze in the lift.)
Sanchi keeps looking at Kabir . She is practically giddy😊. She slowly takes his hand and tangle her fingers with her’s. She again looks at him, but she is completely invisible for him. His khadoos mode is on😒. She makes faces but then notices Emma and she smiles and Emma smiles back. Sanchi stands there again feeling giddy.
Aisa kyun hota hai
Tere jaane ke baad
Lagta hai haathon mein
Reh gaye tere haath
Tu shaamil hai mere
Hansne mein, rone mein
Hai kya koyi kami
Mere paagal hone mein
Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

(Let’s see what pragya is doing in her lift) it’s tight packed and someone pushes pragya and she ends up falling on a guy. She pulls back her head and sees her lipstick smeared on his shirt. She looks up horrified and the guy also looks at her. And it’s our veer. She apologize and starts rubbing it off only to smear it more. She is again pushed and she goes in for another kiss with her face burried in his chest. But this time veer was quick to shield himself by keeping his finger on her lips. She looks up and this time there’s a spark and both share an eyelock with his finger still on her lips.
Har dafa wahi
Jaadu hota hai tu jo mile
Ho… sab sanwar jaata hai
Yaara andar mere…
Ik lamhe mein kitni
Yaadein ban jaati hain
Main itna hansti hoon
Aankhen bhar aati hai
Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

Kabir reaches his floor and just walks out of his lift. Sanchi looks on confused😮 and raises her hand to see her holding Emma’s hand. Now, I don’t need to describe the look on her face. Her expression is priceless😫😵😩. Emma requests her hand back and leaves with a smile. When the lift closes, she just ends up banging her head on the wall. She goes in for another awkward moment when everyone sees her thus . They are waiting at the opening to give her a “what are you look”. And this is our sanchi’s she just walks out with a I didn’t do anything wrong wala look.
Fursatein kahaan
Aankhon ko hai meri aaj kal
Ho… dekhne mein tujhe
Saara din jaaye nikal
Aur phir aahista se
Jab chhu ke tu nikle
Teri aanch mein dil mera
Dheeme dheeme pighle
Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

All the interns are taken to the brainstorming area to give them a briefing about their job.
A man in his fifties enter (instead briefing him I would simply describe him as fifty year old Karan johar. And i hope now I won’t even have to explain his accent.)
He adjusts his glasses: uhm…uhm…welcome all interns. I’m your incharge here. I’m Madhav Saxena. You can call me Maddy. I know people call me s**y Maddy , but you are interns and so I’ll just throw you out if anyone dare to talk behind my back. Just think of me as your principal for the next three months. Your fate is in my hand. So work hard and give us your best. We have ten interns here and only three of you will be appointed as permanent employees after your internship. So make sure you shine bright enough to be noticed by others. And while you are here, let me tell you, office romance are strictly prohibited. You’ll be working in two pairs. And we also have a new assistant manager who will be leading your team’s. I hope I have made everything clear.
Sanchi raises her hand.
Maddy: yes?
Sanchi: and sir, you didn’t tell us about your post.
Maddy : and you are
Sanchi: sanchi Mishra
Maddy looks at the peon
Pein: miss Mishra, you should never question Maddy sir. No one does. He is everything here. Not just one post
Sanchi: sorry sir.
(Just like in every office romcom, we need a vamp and her lacky. So here it is Diya and upasana whom she calls oops!! )
Veer enters the meeting to meet his team. And the temperature of the room suddenly increases.
Veer: hello guys, I’m veer, your new assistant general manager. And you you can call me, well, veer.
Maddy: veer…oh my my…he hugs him and whispers in his ears “you have become more handsome. “
Pragya remembers him as the lift guy and she tries to hide her emberassment and also her face from him. Veer spots her gives a naughty smile.
Ups: wow, he is so young and charm. I thought koi budda Hoga. Wow, girls are gonna go gaga over him.
Diya: I’m sure he won’t see anyone when Diya the diva is here.
Veer: just like you, I’m also new here and just like you guys. So I want you all to work together with me. And together, with our hard work and effort, let’s be the best team here. So are you guys with me
All: yes
Veer: great, then we’ll be having our first real meeting in an hour. See you all at the conference room.
He turns to leave but looks back as if looking for help. He points at sanchi
Beer: you, what’s your name
Sanchi: sanchi Mishra
Veer: miss Mishra, could you please follow me.
Sanchi leaves with veer.
Ups: he didn’t even notice you
Diya: shut up!
Sanchi angrily enters veers cabin along with him.
Sanchi: how can I help you SIR!!!
Veer: chill Yaar sanchi. Did you wanted me to say ‘bhabhi..will you please come to my office’
Sanchi: ok. And don’t say bhabhiji
Veer puts a file on the table
Sanchi: what’s this
Veer: take this to bhaiya
Sanchi beams at the thought of meeting Kabir
Veer catches her on that
Veer: I know you are dying to meet Bhai
Sanchi: are you sure. I mean, is it ok for an intern to meet the boss at the very first day
Veer: chill Yaar sanchi, I’m your boss. And you follow my orders. So you may go.
Veer: how is it going for you. Meeting and all Inthe first day itself. Not bad ha. You are really not that dumb and lazy like everyone says
Veerlooks at his finger which still have the lipstick mark) office doesn’t seem that bad. It’s going to be fun.
As sanchi leaves veer closes his eyes and keeps tapping his lips with his finger, thinking of something and smiling.
Sanchi excitedly knocks on kabirs cabin. She enters and Kabir looks up in surprise.
Kabir: yes, sanchi
Sanchi: beer asked me to hand over this file to you.
Kabir takes the file from her. Sanchi stands there not knowing how to strike a conversation.
Kabir: is there anything else
Sanchi: no
Kabir: then you should get back to your work.
Sanchi turns to go
Kabir : sanchi (sanchi turns back in excitement) pls do use the employees lift from next time. You are also just like any other employees here.
Sanchi gives an angry smile: sorry about that. I’ll be careful from next time.
Emma comes in with coffee.
Emma: hello sanchi.
Sanchi: hello miss Fernandez. (She sees the coffee) I didn’t want coffee
Emma: oh, sorry, this is for Kabir. I’ll get you another if you want
Sanchi: but Kabir doesn’t drink coffee with milk
Emma: oh, he does have just one every day. And this is his coffee time.
Sanchi shoots lasers at Kabir, “ issue toh San kuch pata Hain, air mujhe kuch batata Nahi. Khadoos Kapoor”
Sanchi: thanku so much for taking care of Kabir.
Kabir looks up with a knowing smirk😏
Emma gives her a sweet smile. Sanchi also returns the smile which is sweet outside but sour inside because she is burning…oooh😀😡
Sanchi leaves.
Emma: she is really sweet. I like her every time I meet her
Kabir: wish the feelings were mutual
Emma: what do you mean
Kabir: she hates you
Emma: but why
Kabir: do you want me to say
Emma: like, really? But she doesn’t look like the jealous types
Kabir: even she thinks so
Emma just laughs: did I tell you , she is really very cute.
Kabir sips the coffee: your coffee is getting better.
Meanwhile sanchi is fuming at the coffee vending machine. Pragya joins her.
Pragya : hey sanchi. I heard you went to jijus office. Did he give you anything
Sanchi: yes he did
Pragya: what???
Sanchi: warning
Pragya: wait, what
Sanchi: am I mister India. He doesn’t even notice me in the company. He said, don’t get in lift with him, don’t waste time during working hours, behave like a normal employee…
Pragya: why do every romantic question end with a not so romantic situation in your case. I was the crazy one to expect such things from you and your husband. Come let’s go, we have a meeting.
They go to the conference room. Sanchi sends in pragya and goes to get her phone. She meets veer on her way back.
Veer: hey, (whispering) so what did bhaiya say.
Sanchi: work hard and make the company proud…what else do you expect from your workaholic khaddos bhaiya.
Just then Kabir calls him
Veer: bhai
Kabir: veer, please don’t send in interns with files. You can ask the peon or come yourself
Veer: yes Bhai
Kabir: and don’t call me Bhai in office
Veer: yes sir. ….yes sir……ok sir. I’ll give you the reports tomorrow morning sir. Ok then, I’ll give it in the evening sir. No? Ok how about by lunch? Ok sir. Thank you sir. I’ll see to it.
Veer: khadoos Kapoor indeed. Office is not going to be that fun.
He enters the conference hall where everyone is excited for their first meeting.
Veer: so guys, you know we are in a race with different apps . The first task for our team is to come up with the idea for a new and fresh app. It’s quite challenging as there are already zillions of Orion’s invthe market already. So we need a fresh thought.
Raj: bit sir, we are not into app development
Veer: we don’thave to develop any app. We just need to come up with the idea and make a detailed blue print. Our technical team will do the rest . Since you guys have already teamed up in pairs, let’s make it like a competition. You have one week and the winning team will win cookie points
Pragya and sanchi whisper:
“Wow, this looks fun. What do you think”
“ we need to come up with something in just a week”
“ let’s call Isha and ask her help also”
“ great, the musketeers to the rescue”
They do fist bump
Diya: aisa idea doongi that he’ll be impressed with me. I’ll make him fall head over heels for me.
Ups: but we have only one week
Diya: diyas magic need no week. Because I’m Diya the diva
The conference goes on and they keep discussing further about their project.
Everyone leaves for lunch…
I know it was a bit irregular and a bit boring. And please pardon the mistake. Happy weekend guys. Love you all. I don’t know when I’ll be able to post the next one.
Love you guys😘😘😘

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