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He Is A Cricketer!!!!! teaser


23 : 20

So listen everyone . This party is conducted by Mr Maheshwari and there are two reasons for it . First one ofcourse you guys know . It’s for us winning the all test matches and the second is (he looks at Sanskar , who nodes no ) . And the second is……Mr Maheshwari is in love ” And all the members cheers and started to shout .  And went near Sanskar .


No man !!!! ‘  Hardik shouts and Sanskar turned to him . What happened ‘ Sanskar asked . I left my phone in the pub and I need it . I’ll come after taking…’ When Hardik was going to get in the car Sanskar stopped him .

You’re not going . You’re full no by drinking and if you drive in this condition then tomorrow you can sleep in London’s jail . So I’ll go . ‘ Sanskar took the key and went ……..

May God bless you my dear ‘ Hardik shouted and Sanskar give a you’ll-never-change look .


When Sanskar was driving to the pub a truck came in front of him and before Sanskar could move it trashed with the car Sanskar was driving .


Swara , you have to come to hospital now . There is an accident case . And the person is a famous one so police is here and we both need to assist the doctor . Come fast . ‘ Ritika said to Swara through phone .

Ya . Ohk  . Im Coming ‘ Swara said while holding a jacket and closing the door of her apartment .


Will Swara get to know that her cricket boy is actually a cricketer???

And what will happen to Sanskar?????

Tuned in to know more….

Thank you


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