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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 4

Thank you reading my ff 🙂

“I was happy and sad at the same moment, I did’t know what to react. It’s been so many days since I felt his presence near me. I wanted to see him, but not like this. I was hesitant to ask my donor, I thought it will make him sorrow. I think am regretting this now. Coming out of my thoughts, I asked him “how are you sanskar?” He answered me with a smile “I’m good Ragini, Are you feeling alright now?” I didn’t utter a word for few seconds seeing him smile is making me regret my decision. My heart was breaking slowly, I felt weak from inside. I flt like I was falling short.Sanskar sat on a chair and asked me if everything was alright, yes Sanskar, everything fine, I’m all good. I answered him with a smile on my face. I thought I will ask him about my donor, I took all the courage lying inside me, made the courage to travel upto my lips. I was about to ask him, we heard a knock on the door. “Oh, It must be Laksh and Swara, I will open the door” Who are they? Whats their relation with Sanskar and my donor? I should get to know about them. I should get to know about my donor and her family. They both entered the room with fruit baskets in their hands. She introduced herself “Hello Ragini! I’m Swara…How are you feeling now?” I answered her “HI, I’m fine now, thank you” The guy who came with swara introduced himself “I’m Laksh, your donors son” My donors son? but I heard that my donors son has a single girl child? who is he? and whats their relation with Sanskar? I was confused to know that my donor has a son. I think Sanskar has seen the confusion on my face and and answered to my all unasked questions “Swara is Sharmishta maa’s biological daughter, Laksh is my brother. Sharmishta maa has always seen both of us her sons, so we call her maa. Hum saath rehte the, hum paanc……” I saw a tear drop falling from his right eye, I was curious about Sanskar’s wife, Is swara his wife? Why did’t he introduce her as his wife?  He said *hum paanch* who is the fifth person? Is the fifth person his wife? Why didn’t she come? I was lost again. I guess it was dinner time, hospital staff came in with food. Sanskar, his wife and his brrother left me all alone in that room. I wonder where did Babu sir go? He left when Sanskar came to hospital. I ate the dinner and slept without stressing my mind. Next day morning I went to washroom to clean my self. I saw a big mirror inside the washroom. I saw my reflection. Is it really me? I look so beautiful. I spent more than an hour looking at my reflection. I didn’t pay much attention to my body when I got my vision back. I saw my hands, my fingers, my legs, I was admiring myself. My first time seeing my body. I felt so good. I touched my left hand with my right hand from fingers to shoulder. I saw my nails, they were perfectly cut, all thanks to Babu sir. I saw my hair, I don’t know what color is my hair. I have heard many people saying hair is black, So this is what black color looks like. I was so busy in seeing my reflection in the mirror that I didn’t hear the infinite number of knocks on the door. After sometime I realised ki someone was knocking I quickly changed my clothes with my eyes closed, because thats the fastest way for me o anything at this point of time.I opened the door, It was Swara, my donors biological daughter. She was smiling at me. Instead of going into my thoughts now, I smiled back at her.”

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