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 ᴀᴀɴᴋʜᴏɴ ᴍᴇɪɴ ᴛᴇʀɪ

               EPISODE 3rd

Recap – Ahil and Naina or AHIANA meets once again at a Temple , Naina mistakenly holds Ahil’s hand ,  Ahil saves Naina from Acid attack , He dosen’t got to know girl’s name ..


Kamini is in kitchen , She peeps out from Window to hall

Kamini : Riya , For how long you’ll watch television

Riya : Mom I’m watching a romantic Hollywood movie , Please don’t disturb me

Kamini : oh lord what will happen to this girl , Riya , why don’t you go out sometimes .

Riya : Good idea Mom , I can go to cafe and meet my friends

Kamini : To meet one of those 10 boyfriends

Riya : Mom you also

Riya and kamini chuckles . Naina Hears them standing at the door and smiles . Naveen enters .

Kamini : Welcome , So how was the visit to hospital

Naveen : I got mad , That old man made me sit beside him and talked to me for so much time

Kamini : What doctors said

Naveen : They’re saying He can’t be bought home , He’ll be there for some weeks more

Kamini : wow , Do you know  what I was thinking ! Daddy’s room is unutilized for so many weeks , So why don’t we use it for our benefit

Naveen : What does this mean ?

Kamini : I mean we can rent the room , And we can earn

Naveen : Good Idea ! Wow you’re very smart ..

Kamini : Thanks Thanks .

Naina standing at the door Shouts ” No how can you rent Grandpa’s room , I mean isn’t it shameful ”

Kamini : Oh get out of my house , How dare you came out of your room .

Naveen : Kamini , I’ve told you many a times , Don’t shout , what if neighbours heard you

Kamini : So what , I don’t care !

Naina goes to her room , Which was outside the main house .


ᴀᴛ ᴄᴀғᴇ , Ahil and his friends are there .

Abhay : Wow these pics are really amazing

Ahil : Okay now Apart this shall we do something , We’re getting bored , isn’t it ?

Rahul : Right bro , But now no need to get bored , See who’s coming

Ahil : Oh shit ! I need to hide my face .
He puts a caps and lowers his head on the table .Riya saw them .

Riya : Hey , Hello , Abhay and Rahul right !

Abhay : Riya aka princess right !

Riya : Oh yes , Where’s Ahil

Abhay : He’s busy somewhere

Riya : Oh I really miss him , And who’s this ?

Abhay : This is our laziest friend , We call him Bhole ( sweet man)

Rahul : Why are you standing, Come have a seat .

Ahil pinches Rahul from down the table .

Riya : how often you guys come here ?

Abhay : This is our favorite cafe , We come here frequently

Riya : Wow it’s great , Then please visit my home once , You’ll love it , And me too , And yes , Don’t come without Ahil .

Rahul : Ya we’ll try , Thanks

Riya : My home is very near form here , Just in other street

Abhay : what will you take , Coffee , Juice

Riya in her mind ( I should ask for something expensive , I’ll get it for free )

Riya : Ya I’d like to have a Jamaican blue mountain coffee .

Rahul had hiccups , In his mind ” Oh god , Such a expensive coffee ”

Abhay in rahul’s ears ” Yaar , Do you have any money ”

Rahul : Riya , You know the orange juice here is really awesome , You should try that

Abhay : Yes , And you’re Princess , It’s good for health too .

Riya : Okay , I can go for that too .

They both took a sigh of relief .
Abhay : Thanks god you saved us .

Ahil sends a message to them ” Make her go as soon as possible ”

Juice comes ,,,

Riya : Did you saw my pictures

Rahul : Ya they were awesome

Abhay : How’s juice

Riya : Great !

Abhay : Anything else you want

Riya : No no , I’d loved if Ahil would also be here !

Abhay : Oh so sad ! I’m sorry for you

Rahul : By the way , It’s going to be dark , I think you should go to home now .

Abhay : Really he’s true ,

Riya : Yes , Okay then bye , Don’t forget to visit my home .

She goes away . Ahil stood up .

Ahil : what guys !

Abhay : She misses you Ahil

Ahil : Shut up , Let’s go now .



Kamini and Naveen are sitting in their room

Kamini : I’ve cleaned the room , It’s ready for renting

Naveen : You’re very fast

Kamini : Now you’ll have to be fast , Find a tenant .

Naveen : I’ll find don’t worry ha ! Good night

Kamini : Good night Ji Good night

N̲A̲I̲N̲A̲’S̲ ̲R̲O̲O̲M̲

Naina : Pinky they’re renting grandpa’s room for money

Pinky : who can stop them , No one

Naina : Yes ! you’re right

Pinky : Naina tomorrow is Valentine’s day , wow how cool

Naina : Yes , It’s good , And I’ve prepared a new song

Pinky : Really , Sing it .

Naina : But I don’t think it’s that good .

Pinky : It would be , Try for once

Naina takes her guitar and sings ” I lose my breath whenever I see you
You stole my heart, what is it that you do?
My life was grey, till you added colors
Like the moon needs the sun, we don’t care ’bout the others
You set my world on fire
You’re my heart’s desire ”

Pinky : It’s soo good , I loved it , But Why are you crying

Naina : I don’t know , whenever I sing this song , Tears come out of my eyes

Pinky : But why ? There must be some reason

Naina : Honesty , When at temple that boy saved me , His voice was so caring , As if he’s good , And in this song , I remember him , Maybe there could be someone caring like him in my life .


Pinky : Naina , Listen to me , Don’t cry , Now go to bed , I’ve to leave for home .

Naina : Don’t go , Don’t leave me alone .

Pinky : Naina I’ve to go , You know I work here till 10 pm only , Then I’ve to go .

Naina : Okay bye , Take care

Pinky leaves . Naina closed her eyes and thinks

Naina ” I’m alone once again , It’s okay , Now I’ve enough strength to go through loneliness , I won’t complain ”


INSIDE HOSTEL , Three are doing dinner .

Ahil : Is that clear to you all

Abhay : what , You want us to go to Riya’s house

Rahul : why should we go there

Ahil : I don’t know , we’ve to, If we didn’t visited there , Then She’ll get upset .

Rahul : You are saying this , Unbelievable

Abhay : See Ahil tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I don’t want to spend my day there

Rahul : And whole day she’ll tell us ‘ I’m Riya aka princess ‘

Ahil : Okay if you both don’t want to then I’ll go there

Rahul : Okay we won’t stop you

Abhay : But later don’t say that my Valentine’s day got ruined .

Ahil : I won’t , Don’t worry .

Ahil in his mind ( I’m not going there to meet Riya , There’s some other reason for the visit )

Ahil goes to his room , He Sees the girl’s picture , whom he dosen’t know name even , But want to see again   and thinks .

Ahil : Yeah ! I’m not going to meet Riya , I’m visiting her because from her I want to know about you .


RAI’S house …

Riya is in her room , She calls Abhay .

Riya : Hi , I’m Riya

Abhay : Hello how did you got my Number

Riya : From social media .

Abhay : wow smart , Now she’ll eat my brain ( slowly )

Riya : what ?

Abhay : Nothing ! why’d you called

Riya : Is Ahil there ?

Abhay : He’s in his room , He’s busy .

Riya : Oh I want to talk to him

Abhay : Don’t worry he’ll be visiting your home tomorrow

Riya : what ( shouts ) oh gosh I can’t believe .

Abhay : Oh how sweet , Now keep the phone and start doing facial

Riya : what ! Why ?

Abhay : Now see , Toady you walked in Sun , So there could be a sun tan , What would Ahil think of you

Riya : You’re right ! Thanks for helping , Bye .

Riya shuts the phone , She brings many kinds of facial kits from her wardrobe and applies all .

Riya to herself ” Tomorrow I’ve to look good so that , Ahil loves me in just one sight , I’ve to look like a real princess ”

Riya looks herself in mirror : if I become his BF , Then I’ll buy every expensive thing in this world , wow ( excited )


For tomorrow :- Ahil visits RAI’S house , All are out , He and Naina are alone at home , Ahil hears Naina singing her Valentine’s special song .

Hope I didn’t bored you , Would love to know your views , If you liked plzzz give it a 👍👍👍

Love u all bye ….

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