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Thank you to all those who commented on the story, it means a lot……..

(Guys let me clear one thing that here the burkha girl is Swara, so now all the scene will be between Sanskar and burkha girl, when swara will be there I will tell you)

Next day at the breakfast table……

Swara- what is this, ye bhi koi breakfast hota hai, sandwich like seriously. Sanskar I want chola batura now…

Sanskar- swara are you ok, you mostly eat sandwich

Swara then remember that she is Swara and she murmures I will kill you swara…..

Swara- Ha I know but today I want to eat chola batura

Sanskar- ok cool I will tell the chef

Swara- (shouts) no don’t

Sanskar- why

Swara- we will have outside, first chole bature, then my favourite srk movie, then shopping and at night, and then at last ice cream ok……

While listening this Sanskar eyes pops out as he was seeing this shade of swara for the first time.

Sanskar composing himself says….

Sanskar- what about the office then I guess you had your 2nd day only

Swara- so what office to roze ja sakte hai now fast we don’t have much time.

Sanskar- ok swara let’s set go then…….


Swara (real one)- (while finding for Raj ) Sahil I hope Sanskar is ok

Sahil- when that nuts is there with him how can you think him to be fine

Swara- ussi baat ki to chinta hai mujhe……

Sahil- well swara once we catch Raj it will be easy for us to get to that men

Swara- ya but this Raj where we will find him, he came to know about me that I was the person who ruined there all plan

Sahil- I think we should send Kavya now

Swara- are you made or what, she is pregnant and we will keep her out of this mission did you get that, at that hotel attack also she had to fight. At that time we didn’t had any choice so she was forced to fight.

(Guys if you all remember about the attack where first time burkha girl came into the scene and only Sahil and Kavya were there to fight with the goons)

Sahil- but swara

Swara- (cutting him) it’s an order says in a bossy tone.

Sahil- (little irritated) ok fine.

Swara- good and now let’s go before they attack on Sanskar and her. We don’t have much time

Sahil- ohk


Here swara and Sanskar as planned went according to the plan……

While doing shopping…….

Swara bought many shorts and crop tops for her. Sanskar was getting suspicious towards her behaviour.

Swara- chalo Sanskar fast movie shuru hojayegi

While Sanskar was walking back of her struggling with the bags of swara.

Sanskar- swara wait Yaar I am tired, let’s go home.

Swara- nope chalo, dragging him with her.

Rest plan was followed as same……


Swara went to sleep while Sanskar was thinking about her sudden change of behaviour….

Sanskar (thinking) how can a person can change so much in a day. This is not my swara.

I will have to find out about who is she……..

Then he dose off thinking this…….


Swara gets a call…..

Swara- what Yaar dii I was sleeping you disturb my beauty sleep.

Dii- you idiot, Maine tumhe waha sone nai bheja, take care of Sanskar

Swara- arre yaaar usse to aaj Maine bohot tang Kiya

Dii- bachu what you did, why do you do this always you….

Swara- cutting her ok I am sorry I will check him once. Dii I want to go home when will this finish I don’t want to do this

Dii- I know bachu but you are required in this mission just 2 days more

Swara- what 2 days never I can’t handle him

Dii- common bachu can’t you do this for your Di. Plz

Swara- ok ok stop buttering me. You know na I can do anything for you.

Dii- ok bachu but he should not come to know about you ok he is very smart, he doesn’t doubt on all but once he get suspicious about a person he will find out about it.

Swara- you don’t worry, he will never come to know about me and for what purpose I am here.

Dii- ok ok good night

Swara- good night.

When she turns to go to her room she gets shocked seeing the person…….

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