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Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 5.

Hello guys. It has been very very long since I wrote my fan fiction. I am extremely sorry for this delay but I will be updating regularly from now.

Recap: Sameer goes to a race track with his friends. At the party time, some unknown person takes him out and ties him to a tree and starts abusing. Later, that person is shown.

Now, the episode starts…..

Arjun removes the cloth from Sameer’s eyes. Meanwhile, preeti is discussing something with naina. Naina gets shocked and turns towards Sameer. Sameer opens his eyes and gets amazed by Naina.

Sameer’s inner voice: Wow!!! She is just looking so beautiful. This black dress suited her a lot. Her long, silky hair was floating in the air which made my heart jumping in air. She is wearing a salwar but is looking very modern. Her eyes are very beautiful. I have seen many beautiful girls than her but why am I feeling so different by seeing this girl? Actually, what am I talking???

Naina: I am so sorry!

Sameer’s inner voice over is interrupted by naina’s words.

Sameer: What???

Naina: I am extremely sorry.

Sameer: Sorry, for what?

Naina: For mistakenly you to someone else.

Sameer: (with a small sarcastic smile) How did you find it out now?

Naina: My sister cleared it to me. (Pointing towards preeti)

Sameer: Thanks a lot Yar. If you haven’t cleared it to your sister, I don’t know what would have happened to me today!!!

Arjun: I am extremely sorry. I am apologizing on behalf of my sister. (Seeing towards naina) She shouldn’t have done like that.

Naina hugs down her face sadly…..

Sameer: What happened actually? Why did you mistaken me to someone else? Can I know it?

Naina: Ya, actually we all are enjoying the party when some person has touched me inappropriately. I thought it was done by mistakenly. But that person did it once again to me. Then I understood that he is doing it willfully. That person is wearing same jacket like you. So I thought…..

Sameer: So you thought that I am that person right???

Naina: (in a sad tone) Exactly!

Sameer: It means whomever you see in this jacket you will punish that person without knowing the truth!!!

Naina: No. I didn’t mean like that…..

Sameer: OK ok. By the way, did you find that person???

Preeti: No, we haven’t yet found him…

Naina: If I find that person, I will surely teach him a lesson that he will never forget in his life…..

Sameer: Yes, I know you will do it for sure.

Naina: Thanks and sorry once again….

Sameer: Will you keep on saying sorry and leave me tied to the tree like this only???

Arjun: Oh!!! So sorry. Just a minute!

Arjun frees him from the rope. Sameer looks at naina lovingly. Naina finds his looks different.

” Sameer, sameer. Where are you??? ”

Sameer and everyone turn around to find out who is calling him.

It’s Munna and pandit searching for sameer.

Sameer: I am here guys!

They both come running towards sameer.

Munna: Where have you been?

Pandit: Ha sameer. We have been searching you since a hour. What are you doing here???

Sameer: (looking towards naina) Some great people have brought me here to honor me!!! 😉😉😉

Naina quickly turns her face away from him.

Munna: What are you saying Sameer???

Sameer: A small misunderstanding…. Now it is cleared. Don’t worry.

Pandit: Misunderstanding!!! How can anyone misunderstand a person like you???

Arjun: It’s really very bad. It’s my sister’s mistake.

Sameer: It’s OK. No problem. I can understand. By the way, I am Sameer. (Forwards his hand towards Arjun)

Arjun: Hi. I am Arjun.

Shakes his hand with Sameer.

Sameer’s voice over: Arjun, I never thought that he is going to be the hurdle in my future love story. He looks like an innocent person but is not at all. You will know his role in my story later on…..

Naina gets a phone call….

Arjun: She is my sister preeti and she is my….. (about to introduce naina)

Naina: (on phone) What???

Everyone turns towards naina.

Naina: This can’t happen. We are coming  immediately. (ends the phone call) Arjun bhai, we have to go immediately!!!

Arjun: What happened??? Is everything alright?

Naina: I will inform you about that on the way. We have to go immediately. Let’s move….

Saying so, she grabbed her brother’s hand and preeti’s hand and they 3 left from there immediately.

Sameer: What happened? Why did they left so fast???

Munna: And they didn’t even said goodbye to us???

Pandit: Very strange people I think !!!

Sameer: I didn’t even got her name!!!

Munna and pandit : Whose name???

Sameer looks towards both of them 😯😯😯

Sameer: That person’s name who tied me to this tree….

Pandit: Hmm….  Seems like someone is very bothered about a person 😉😉😉.

Sameer turns towards pandit….

Sameer: Nothing like that pandit. Let’s go now. It’s too late.

Munna: Ha let’s go….

Sameer’s voice over: She didn’t even say her name. I really felt somewhat so disturbing. She came like an angel, made me prisoner and went away without any further information. I thought to forget about her. But I never knew that I am going to meet her once again but this time my life is totally going to change by her entry into my life…..

Coming up: Sameer and naina decide to leave to Delhi…..

Are you guys excited for the upcoming track??? I hope you guys will like it. Please do give your valuable suggestions….  Enjoy reading 😊😊😊


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