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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira rescue kids

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing Kartik and getting shocked. She gets him out of the snow. She shouts for help. She asks Kartik to get up. Everyone sees Maharaj ji. Naira hugs Kartik and asks is anybody there, help…. The man says take the kids and stop the vehicle where I ask you, if you want your children to be safe. Naitik asks what if we don’t do this. Maharaj threatens them. Kartik opens eyes and says Naira. She asks are you okay. She hugs him. He asks how did you know I m here. She says I followed the car, kids met me on the way. He asks where is Pungi. She says I found nobody here, I have sent kids to ghat, do you have any idea who were they. He says Biju and his men, they are delivering the kids across the border. She cries. Dadi says you turned out to be… Maharaj

says I m not any Guru, you misunderstood me. Naitik scolds him.

Naira says we have to save Pungi. Kartik says we have to save all of them, they have many kids. Maharaj says everyone is fooling people on puja’s name, robbing such people is easy and necessary, Guru ji has passed away a long ago. Kartik asks Naira to call police and meet him there. She says I won’t let you go alone, I can’t stay away from you today, we will together save Pungi and kids, please don’t refuse. He holds her hand. They leave. Maharaj’s men asks everyone to sit in the van. Kartik and Naira run on the road. Maharaj smiles. Kartik shows warehouse and says don’t know how many men are there, if they catch us.

Aryan gets Suhana’s message and goes to cafe. He calls out Suhana. She says you started following me. He says yes, you are a boon for me, I prayed to Shiv ji to send someone for me and he has sent you. She smiles. He asks her to come for fest. She laughs and says you are very cute. They leave. Biju says Maharaj has set everything, Naitik and Manish will do our work, put them in vehicle. Naira drives the jeep in and hides. Biju asks who is it. Kartik gets down by the ropes. Naira too comes down. They hide and ask kids to have courage. Kids tell them what biju said. They get shocked. Kartik says I will make Biju and Maharaj suffer.

Biju says get the kids out, go. Rajshri and Dadi cry. Dadi says my belief is broken because of that fraud man. Naitik says he said he gets encouraged because of our superstition. He signs Manish. Goon says don’t even try to do anything, drive quietly. Kartik and Naira pass stones to the kids. Biju says get inside the tempo fast. Kartik and Naira hold hands. They push a goon and start fighting. Kids also beat goons. Kartik beats Biju and asks how dare you touch the kids. Naira says I will beat you to pulp. Kartik holds Naira and gets beaten up. He throws away the goon. Manish stops the van. Inspector says you…. Manish says yes. Inspector says we are searching the kids and goons, why are you going towards the border. Manish says we told you about those children. Goon points gun at Dadi. Dadi screams. Naitik stops Manish. The man says speak in mother tongue, hindi sounds nice, they are Guru ji’s guests, we are taking them to temple. Inspector lets them go.

Kartik makes kids sit in van. Naira says Pungi knows driving. She asks Pungi to go to police station, they will be here to find clues. Kartik says else maharaj will get saved. Pungi goes. Kartik beats Biju and asks who do you work for, speak up. Naira says I will bury you like you did with Kartik, today our anniversary got ruined because of you. Kartik says this is not the reason for our fight. She says its for me. Kartik gets Biju’s phone and says speak up, we will start recording. Naira scolds Biju.

Kartik and Naira follow the van and inform police to come fast. They stop the can. Manish, Dadi, Naitik and everyone see Kartik and Naira. The goon points gun at them. They get shocked.

Goon shoots. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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