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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya is freed from the illusion.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya fighting the demon soldiers. Vishaypriya says brother I used my power and put that elephant head in an illusion, now we can defeat this one too. Sundarpriya says yes we will kill him. Sundarpriya attacks kartikeya. Kartikeya gets behind and punches sundarpriya. Vishaypriya stands behind kartikeya holding his sword ahead. Sundarpriya uses his powers and blows air and keeps pushing kartikeya behind as he nears the sword. Kartikeya gets pushed behind but before getting stabbed by the sword, ganesh uses his trunk and blows air, he blows away Vishaypriya. Kartikeya looks behind and sees ganesh. He walks ahead and fights sundarpriya and using his spear throws him away too. Ganesh comes to kartikeya and says brother, mata maya came and helped me, this all we are seeing

is an illusion made by vishaypriya. Ganesh says I will tell you how to come out of that illusion, just concentrate on the core of your mind. Kartikeya closes his eyes and concentrates, he then sees the center of the universe and then see para brahma ganpati with all the heads of all the gods. Kartikeya smiles and opens his eyes, he sees Kailash is safe. Kartikeya says you were right ganesh. Ganesh says see I saved you from the demons. Kartikeya says what? I saved you first, ganesh says I was just saying. Both demon brothers come again and start fighting kartikeya and ganesh.
Ganesh and kartikeya are pushed behind together. Ganesh says brother we have to end these brothers once and for all now and then fight dambhasura. Kartikeya says yes. Dambhasura sees and smiles and says my sons! Kill those mahadev sons. Ganesh and kartikeya use their weapons and fight the demon brothers. Ganesh uses his trunk and blows them away again. Ganesh then tells kartikeya, we have to make a plan brother and defeat them smartly. The demon brothers come back. Ganesh says to kartikeya loudly so that they can hear, he says brother we shall defeat these demons quickly as our powers wont work out of Kailash in space. The demon brothers hear this and vishaypriya says see brother did you hear? If we take those brothers in space, we can defeat them easily. Sundarpriya says yes, lets start.
Vishaypriya goes in front and then he becomes very huge and holds mushak ji and ganesh. Sundarpriya holds kartikeya and both of them fly taking kartikeya, ganesh and mushak in the space. Kartikeya slips out of sundarpriya’s hand and then he sits on his mayor peacock and says ganesh will deal with these demons, I will go back to Kailash and fight dambhasura and the other soldiers.
Parvati there smiles and says if someone is guided the right way, they will do the right thing.
There sundarpriya says to Vishaypriya, brother I lost that elder son of mahadev. Vishaypriya says let it be, lets kill this one first then we will kill him too. ganesh goes in space and then he uses his trunk and blows air in the eyes of vishaypriya, ganesh and mushak get free and they stand on another planet. Vishaypriya and sundarpriya get on the planet and say where is that kid? Both see ganesh and vishaypriya makes his different clones and surrounds ganesh to kill him. Ganesh blows each clone with air from his trunk and punches Vishaypriya very strongly. Vishaypriya is thrown towards a planet, vishaypriya says if I crash I will die. Sundarpriya comes and holds vishaypriya and says brother I saved you, don’t worry we will kill that kid.

Precap: kartikeya fights dambhasura and his demons as ganesh defeats the demon brothers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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