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Udaan 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay invites Veer and Sanchi

Udaan 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor making a kid throw holi colors at Suraj. Suraj asks Chakor why is she worried. She says many people saw us at temple, don’t know whom will Ranvijay call now. Kids wish happy holi to Veer and Sanchi. Ranvijay calls Imli and says I got a medical camp, media is missing, send Suraj for my help. He thanks them for coming. Veer says its our duty to cure ill people, meet her, this is my colleague Sanchi. Sanchi says I celebrate holi with family, this time I have come here. Veer says she never lied in her life. Sanchi says yes, I don’t like lying. Veer says even if her truth breaks someone’s heart. She says stones’ heart don’t break. Ranvijay laughs. Chakor sees them and recalls. Ranvijay asks what happened, do you know them, you both are doing much drama, now you will get exposed.


acts and faints. Kasturi holds her and asks Ranvijay what did he go. He says nothing. Sanchi sees Chakor and recalls. She says I know her, we met in puja, don’t worry about her, medical camp has many patients. Kasturi says my house is nearby, lets take her there. Ranvijay says she is acting. Sanchi says I can understand you but I can’t lie. Veer says I understand your problem, but Sanchi will never lie, she will say she has seen you both in puja. Sanchi asks Chakor to speak truth, she can help her, but not lie. Chakor says its okay, happy holi. Suraj asks Veer to help. Veer says I can lie many times, but Sanchi will ruin this by saying truth, I know her well, she will never lie. Sanchi says yes, I don’t lie, and I hope no one else lies, I met Chakor, she asked for help, but I have some principles. Suraj says fine. She says Chakor told me how you both did Choti holi, trust Lord, he will help you, we will pray your secret stays a secret. She wishes him happy holi. Veer and Suraj also wish each other and hug.

Chakor asks Suraj to think something, Ranvijay is after them, he will make Sanchi say truth. Suraj says let her say, what if Imli doesn’t hear anything. She asks what. Suraj says I couldn’t hear anything because of your mischief in childhood. She says I trust you. He says Imli won’t know our truth. She asks how. Imli’s car tyre punctures. Driver says someone has thrown nails on the way. She asks who has dared to do this. Suraj shoots. Imli gets the gun to shoot. She sees empty gun and says bullets aren’t there. He hits her with a water balloon. She asks who’s there. She gets ear ache. Suraj aims gun at her and shoots other side. She says its good you have come here, someone has done this, Chakor would have done this.

Suraj asks how has dared to do this. She doesn’t hear him and asks what are you saying. He smiles. Imli comes and meets media. Reporter asks her to go there for pics. Ranvijay holds Imli. Imli thanks them for coming. Suraj gets Chakor there. Ranvijay asks Sanchi to say if she knows Suraj and Chakor. She says yes. He asks when did you meet them last time. She says I met them in puja, they were doing puja as husband and wife. He smiles and says now its proved Suraj is lying. Imli says calm down.

Suraj signs Chakor. Ranvijay says Sanchi said she has seen them doing puja. Sanchi asks did you call us for this motive. Veer says it doesn’t prove that they are husband and wife, we also did puja but we didn’t get married. Sanchi says yes, we are not husband and wife, you lied to us, I will not tolerate it. Chakor apologizes to Sanchi. They leave. Ranvijay asks Imli didn’t she hear. Suraj says she has gone deaf. Ranvijay gets hit by water balloon and shouts. He goes. Suraj and Chakor laugh. Chakor prays to Lord. She says I m very worried, Ranvijay will try to bring our truth out. Suraj says I will celebrate Holi with you, we will face any planning of Ranvijay. She says we have to find out what he is upto.

Everyone dances and celebrates Holi. Jhoom barabar jhoom….plays…. Chakor and Suraj meet and wish each other happy holi. Bhaiya ji calls out Suraj and wishes him happy Holi. Suraj and Chakor get shocked seeing him alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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