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‘What the hell??’ Yuvi screeched looking at the bag full of kunj’s old accessories.
Kunj looked at him saying,’My old clothes, enjoy!!’
‘God!! Why did you let him on this earth before me??’ Yuvi mumbled pleading to God for his mercy atleast in next life.
Younger siblings always get second handle or used, thrown things of the elder ones.
‘Bro, you can’t be this cruel!! I told you a huge  secret and you are doing this to me??’ Yuvi complained but kunj didn’t bother to react. Infact he wasn’t sure about anything right at that time.

He knew that his freedom would come to an end but he never thought that it would happen soo abruptly. Looking at his condition,Yuvi approached him trying to comfort him.

Bro….don’t worry!! Your marriage matter is still in progress,the just thought about it coz you are going to settle soon… it will take time to find a perfect girl for my handsome brother’ He winked.

Yuvi’s words had some effect on kunj, which made him let out a soft smile with a sigh. Looking at his relaxed face,Yuvi felt relieved.

Both the brothers had an amazong time together as they met eachother after a year gap.
‘I don’t think so it would be fine for me to work there….right now I am taking up job but….’ Kunj was saying something regarding his job but yuvi started yawning which didn’t go unnoticed.
‘Sleepy??’ Kunj questioned as Yuvi nodded like a little boy.
‘Okay then…’ Yuvi stood up to leave.
‘To where?’ Kunj questioned being confused.
‘My room….’ yuvi answered earning a harsh glare from kunj.
‘Oh!! Sorry bro…I totally forgot’ yuvi said jumping back on to the kunj’s bed.

It was their practice to play kick boxing whole night when they sleep coz only one of them would be sleeping on the bed, the next day morning and this is how they used to have fun even after growing up, Whoever lost should pay other for food.

‘Bro…What happens to this game if you get married?’ Yuvi questioned with a hint of sadness.
‘Hmm…still the game goes on I think…but may be my wife would kick me out of the bed!!’ Kunj  replied as both of them bursted out into laughter.
‘Still I have a way…kunj…I will come and sleep in between, What say?’ Yuvi said as kunj smacked him hard.
‘Oh… before marriage itself soo angry….Huh?’ Yuvi teased.
‘Idiot!! Shut up!! Go off the lights’ Kunj literally ordered.
‘Huh…why me?’ Yuvi complained.
‘Coz I am the elder one’ Kunj replied calmly putting on his eye mask.
Huh…. nothing changed!!!’ Yuvi shouted and switched off the lights.

The bondage two guys share as a siblings is the 2nd most amazing relationship after a parent-child relationship. But sadly, many of them become opposites due to their wives or literally  enemies due to their greed towards the money or property. Sometimes, parents may also become reason for the increasing distance between two brothers who shared everything from mother’s milk to money and property.

Will they be the same even after 10 years??
Do the girls entering their lives part them?? Will see!!!

Next day morning,
Kunj was still asleep as the cooled air of AC freezer him, he sought for this blanket….but it was out of reach. Slowly, he tried opening his eyes to find the cover but before that a huge manly figure fell on him which dragged him out of the sleepy world.
‘Damn!!!’ Kunj screamed in pain, unable to take up the weight.
‘Bro….I won!! I won!!!’ He heard yuvi screaming near his ears.

Kunj slowly opened his eyes to see himself on the floor and Yuvi who was on the bed…. was now on the floor next to him.

Kunj gave yuvi weird looks as Yuvi was on cloud nine about his victory. They both noticed their positions on the floor and there was an utter silence for a while which took no time to break out into laughter.


‘Leela,I think she should be getting married soon’ He said.
‘Why? She is still studying… she had so may dreams for her life’ leela replied.
That’s not at all a girl’s thing… what if even she also gets a guy like mahi?’ RT said sternly.
‘Twinkle is not like that’ leela said.
‘Even Mahi wasn’t like that’ He retorted.
Twinkle wants to become a singer, she loves to sing and in top of that she has a huge dreams for her research career’ leela explained.
What? Archeology? What kind is it? It’s not suitable for a girl,I don’t know why you are supporting her’ Rt said witout any expression.
‘As a mother I should support her’ she said.
Don’t forget as a parents of a girl we should reduce our responsibility by getting her married soon’ Rt said in a determined way.
‘I know what to do’ Rt cut her off.

But poor twinkle, little did she know that her father just needs a pretext to reduce his responsibilities by getting her married. Twinkle being naive, never ever was aware of it.


Sorry for the late update…..after what happened with last update I had no mood to write and I took soo much of time to boost up my motivation levels.

From now I will be regular no matter what and I have a complete faith in this story.

Since, I dint give you character sketch, all characters will be introduced along the story line……

So how is yuvi’s character?

Is RT toooo much practical?

Hope to see ur views….. him like to show your support n share ur views by commenting

Need Precap? ??

Okay…..kunj gonna meet his bride choosen by his parents

Cu all

Loads of love….

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