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The magic of love, part 10

There was pin drop silence.

Yuvraj and Sharad were sitting on Bhavna’s either sides, they were in park. Both were looking at her anxiously and she was silent.

After a while:

Bh: Yuvraj, you are sure na, I mean.

Yuv: Of course yaar, I am,

Bh: I am not doubting you, but…. You know her condition. I am very scared, if anything,

Yuv: Nothing wrong will happen to her, trust me.

Bh: I want her lead a normal life…. Shall I believe that I found the right person? Promise me that you will never hurt her.

Yuv: I promise, I will never let anything wrong happen to her, I will keep her happy, always.

Bhavna similes.

Bh: Ok, I will give you five days, if you get a positive response or sign from her, then it is ok, otherwise….

Yuv: (happily) thank you so much Bhavna, I will surely get a positive response from her.

They smile.

Sh: So how are you going to meet her?

They think for a while.

Yuv: I will call her for an official meeting, and you know,

Sh: (sarcastically) Wow, what a brilliant idea, call her officially, talk about business, have coffee and then part, but before that, give her a formal letter, stating that you would like to marry her, but the letter has to be formal. With both your addresses, subject and everything. That would be fantastic!

Bhavna was laughing like anything, Yuvraj fumed at him.

Sh: Or what, come on you want her life partner na, not business partner!

Bh: Then you say a better idea! Last time, they met accidently, how can we do that again?

Sh: Wow, now that is a good idea, we will recreate your last meeting,

Yuv & Bh: What?

Sh: Why are you both shocked? See, I am not saying about the whole day, but we can use some of the incidents of that day and,

Yuv: No,

Bh: Why, this isn’t a bad idea.

Yuv: I can’t act,

Sh: (sarcastically) so you can’t do anything for her?

Yuv: (a bit offended) Sharad!

Sh: I am sorry,

Yuv: Ok, but I can’t, I mean can’t do it properly, and I will surely get caught, moreover I don’t want to in front of her.

Sh: But business meeting how will convert it into personal,

Yuv: Somehow we will.

Bh: Hey I have an idea.


Next day:

Yuvraj calls Suhani and ask her to meet him at a restaurant, officially. He told her about an event they are conducting for orphanage kids asked her if she can be part of it. She was very happy about it agreed instantly.

Yuv: So what are going to do there? I mean, they show which I saw was about Jack and Rose and,

Suh: Of course I won’t do it there,

Yuv: Your memory game show that is a good one.

She smiles.

Suh: I will try something inspirational, let me see.

He nodes.

They discuss few things, about kids and the show.

Shavna were watching them from a distance.

Sh: What do you think is happening there?

Bh: Whatever it is, you be quite.

He sighs.

Bh: I think we should go to them.

They walk casually towards them, and Suhani spots them.

Suh: Excuse me; I will be back in a minute.

He smiles and nodes. They got up. She was a bit confused.

Suh: Um… where are you going?

Yuv: Oh, I spotted my brother, (indicating him) that’s him.

Suh: Oh I see. And that is my sister.

They went to Shavna.

Suh: Di, you here?

Bh: Meet Sharad, he was my classmate, we met accidently so,

Suh: That’s nice.

Bh: And you,

Suh: I had an official meeting with Mr. Birla.

He smile.

Suh: Ok di, you guys carry on, I am leaving,

Yuvraj started to speak,

Bh: Where? Come join us.

Suh: No di,

Bh: What will you do after going home? Stay here.

Yuv: If you are feeling that you would be disturbance for these too, I will join you.

Suh: What?

Yuv: Yeah, I mean he is my brother,

Bh: That is good.

Sh: So you had anything?

Suh: On nothing,

Sh: Then come.

They sat together.



Yuvani, Shavna have a nice time together.

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