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The Abyss- Ishqbaaz Fanfic By Aashi (chapter 28)

The Abyss- Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi


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Shivaay worriedly looked at his watch. It’s been four hours since she’s been missing. He had been beside Saahil the whole while, trying not to freak him out. Khanna had personally visited and searched Anika in all places she could have been. Saahil currently was with the nurses who would be removing the stitches that day and was trying his hardest to keep calm. Shivaay could feel the restlessness off the little guy as he held the blanket tightly in his little palms.
Shivaay felt his phone vibrate and saw the nurse sending a disapproving glance towards him. Without bothering about it, Shivaay checked the text he had received. “Sir, Anika ma’am is still to be found. A letter addressed to you was left in her house. I’m sending one of the boys with it- Khanna”. Shivaay smiled tightly at the text though he maintained a cool exterior.
Rudra stared disinterestedly at the professor, much frustrated by his non-stop jabbering. Last night was constantly playing around in his brain; driving him to extremities. It was a hard, hard task for Rudra to share his actual self with people. He was always under the secluded ‘baby’ self, trying to ignore all chaos going on around himself.
He was used to be the player boy, someone without attachments, without insecurities. He had the strange confidence of swooning girls off their feet and seducing them into his bed but Soumya made him feel strangely vulnerable and he was distorted by her simple question. The bell rang, shrill and loud, and he bolted for the door ignoring the surprised look at the professor’s face.
He thought hard as he helped the newbies through their sessions at gym. “What am I doing? Do I really love her? I really don’t know anything about her.” He ran his laps faster and faster in the deserted gym, till he was spent. His phone buzzed as he received a message from Soumya. He dabbed his forehead with a towel before heading off to the locker-room.
Jhanvi bit her fingernails in nervousness. In the last six months in the company, it was the first time she was going to head a presentation and the deal was important. Everyone had expressed their faith in her capabilities but she herself was all jittery. She gasped as she felt a hand over her shoulder but relaxed at the familiar touch.
“Relax Jhalli, you’ll me awesome” the deep voice sounded in her ears, soothingly close. She responded with a slow hum and leaned into his tall frame. He slowly cupped a side of her face and ran a thumb along her lower jaw which she found strangely relaxing. “Jhalli, agar tune achha presentation diya to mei tujhe apne haathon se kebab aur biriyani khilaaunga aur agar tu haari to”, he paused dramatically to look at her “mei teri iss hafte ki chhutti khaa jaunga. Kaho; shart manjoor?” “I’m all tensed here and you are… I hate you.”
“You can hate me later but for now do you, Jhalli Jhanvi, accept the challenge?” She let a thoughtful look pass over her face and stated in a grave tone “Tough choice but you know what I can’t resist your hand-made food. So, deal.” She put her hand to be shaken but instead he pulled her in a brief hug. “That’s the spirit, my girl” he said parting away smiling.
A knock sounded at the door and they were informed about the arrival of the members of Raichand group. They got up to join everyone in the conference room. Jhanvi tensed slightly, her heart raced until she received the slight pressure on her palm. Jai stared right in her eyes with a calm certainty and assurance and evoked in her all the confidence she needed. She got up from the seat, her head held high, serene yet poised, as she greeted everyone and proceeded to explain the presentation.
Shivaay paced around in the hospital corridor quietly. Anika had gone missing since the morning and his restlessness was growing each second. Saahil had kept a collected face but he could feel his worry. It hadn’t been long the boy had slept but there was still no sign of Anika. He noticed a distant figure coming down the semi-lit corridor and stopped on his tracks as soon as he realized it was her.
In few fast steps, he covered the distance between them and hugged her. “Anika, where were you? I looked everywhere. Why did you leave?” He asked in his usual worried manner. Anika stayed in the same position for few seconds then parted. “Shivaay, I’m not a kid to get lost. I needed to be alone so I left.” “But Anika, we were so worried. You should have told us where to find you? What if something had happened to you? Do you realize how much frightened Saahil really was?”
“Shivaay, I don’t like telling everyone where I’m going, each and every time. Stop being so dominating!!”
“I…” the words dried in his mouth as an elderly nurse came glaring at them. “Look Mr. Oberoi and Miss Anika, this is a hospital. I’d appreciate it if you sort your personal problems later AND outside. Who’ll be staying back with Saahil?”
“I’ll be staying with him” Anika replied and followed the nurse into the room, leaving behind a heart-broken Shivaay.
Jhanvi drove her car back. She felt proud and so very happy. Her first presentation was a success and all her colleagues praised her. Warm hand-shakes and hearty hugs were exchanged, greetings and conversations went on and at last everyone headed back home.
Jhanvi smiled to herself; she had everything she needed, but tonight, driving her own car, listening to some of her favorite songs and looking at the still busy and fast Mumbai traffic, she was filled with a sense of fulfillment; a peaceful contentment which was the greatest thing, she had achieved. She remembered the old white ambassador car in which she had arrived in the Oberoi Mansion for the first time.
It was Tej’s first car, a second hand one and since then she was with him. She had tried sharing his lows and seen his highs, where eventually she had lost him. She sighed, deep and heavy and exhaled. She remembered the conversation as if it was yesterday. “Jhanvi, you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I just want to be by your side from now till forever. Will you allow me?”
She gave a bitter smile; how much people change, she thought wistfully before turning into the gates of the mansion.
Shakti looked at his wife incredulously as she donned a bright red salwar and make-up around bed-time. “Pinky, you should stop seeing so many serials. It’s bed-time. Why are you wearing these clothes?” “You go to sleeps ji. Mujhe thora kaam hai, mei baad me aaungi” saying so, she left, leaving behind a bewildered Shakti. She went quickly and knocked at Priyanka’s door, who opened it almost immediately and together, they climbed downstairs. “Hello Pinky, Prinku, where are you going?” “To the ice-cream parlor” they replied in unison, putting on the most innocent looks. Jhanvi gave a little suspicious look before bidding them ‘night and went to meet Daadi and the formers made a narrow escape.
Last time they had gone to meet Ranveer he was on ‘round’ so Pinky had missed the chance. Ranveer had apologized a lot over the phone and they decided to meet as soon as his duty was over. Pinky was more than happy to meet him; she was sure there was a ‘connection’ between the two of them though Prinku kept denying it. The cab stopped outside the police-station but her heart stilled at the sight of the tall, handsome figure sauntering out of it. “Moonlight…” Priyanka called and hopped over to him, straight into his arms and he grinned as he scooped her up.
Hey everyone, so sorry for being so late. I won’t bore you with a long author’s note. Please do read and comment your feedbacks. Take care and love you all.

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